Best Smart Entry Door Locks For 2023 Best Smart Entry Door Locks For 2023

Best Smart Entry Door Locks For 2023

When it comes to the best smart entry door locks, you need to cover all the bases - in terms of security, integration, and support. Read on to know more!

A smart lock is a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled smart home device that enables users to lock and open doors with a simple voice command or finger tap, allowing them to leave their house keys at home. Even at work, you may unlock a door to let a visitor in thanks to smart locks' remote access feature.

A smart lock is a simple fix for many typical issues. You were locked out. You forgot that the cleaning crew was coming today. lost the key to your latchkey child? Always needs to remember to lock the door with the better half? When your hands are full, does it begin to pour? A smart lock resolves all of these issues and more.

Since you are here for a new smart lock for your place, let us go through some factors that play an essential role in choosing the hardware. Then, we will move on to the suggestions.

Why We Need Smart Entry Door Locks

With customizable options and capabilities built to offer you control over what happens to your house, smart locks have created a new home security experience. They are far more potent than regular locks.

Since many include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, using remote functions is more effortless. If a smart lock could only communicate over Bluetooth, you might experience connection issues if your front door is too far from your smart home hub.

Here are some critical characteristics of a smart lock to look for:

Remote Control

Most smart house locks have iOS and Android apps that let you control the safety remotely from your mobile device, keep track of arrivals and departures and receive alerts when anything unusual happens.

Real-Time Monitoring

You can check entry and exit logs in real-time thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity, so you always know when and who has entered and left your house. This tool is crucial for parents who want to be sure their children have safely returned from school.

Keyless Entry Options

By establishing a connection with your smartphone and unlocking your door as you approach, Bluetooth connectivity enables your smart lock to know you.

Numerous keyless entry options include touch or fingerprint recognition, custom code numbers for guests, proximity unlocking with your smartphone, remote unlocking with your smartphone, and unique code numbers for anyone needing to enter your home.

Multiple Entry Codes

You can set up permanent or temporary admission codes for each household member and visitor, house cleaners, dog walkers, maintenance specialists, and other services.

Limitations & Restrictions

For each entry code, establish access restrictions. Limits can include specified days of the week and times to ensure that code holders can visit your property only during authorized periods.

Integration With Smart Home

Integrate additional smart home gadgets with your connected system to turn them on when your door is unlocked. Set your bright lights, for example, to switch on when the door is opened.

Top Smart Entry Door Locks For 2023

Yale Assure Lock 2

Every smart home platform is compatible with the affordable, attractive keypad lock known as the Yale Assure Lock 2. It is my favorite pick due to its slimline (both front and back) design, broad compatibility, user-friendly software, and many unlocking options.

Four different types of the Assure Lock 2 are available, each with a touchscreen or physical keypad, or a physical keyway. The touchscreen is entirely covert, especially in the keyhole-free version, but my family had some issues with it. I advise most users to use the version with a physical keypad.

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But rather than paying for the Wi-Fi version now if you intend to utilize the Assure 2 lock with Alexa or Google Assistant, wait for Yale's Matter over Thread module to arrive later this year. That module should be a quicker, more battery-efficient method to add Alexa and Google functionality to the Yale Assure 2. Additionally, a Z-Wave module for the Yale Assure 2 will soon be available to connect SmartThings hubs, Ring Alarm hubs, and other Z-Wave hubs.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is a stylish retrofit door lock that only requires your thumb to turn. To continue using your current keys and maintain the same appearance of your door from the outside, you keep your deadbolt, key cylinder, and lock external.

It can be set to unlock automatically when you approach your door, just like the Yale Assure (both Yale and August are owned by Assa Abloy). It also has a magnetic door sensor that lets you know if it is open or closed. Although August sells a suitable Bluetooth keypad that is reduced when purchased with the lock, there is no built-in keypad. You'll need your phone or the key to unlock the door without the keypad.

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The August lock costs a lot for a retrofit lock, but its all-metal construction gives it a premium feel. Because of its small size and elegant appearance, it doesn't protrude too much inside your door.

Since the August has built-in Wi-Fi and is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Home, it does not require a separate hub or bridge like the August Smart Lock Pro. Even though it is more extensive and expensive, that model is compatible with Z-Wave systems.

Wyze Lock Bolt

The Wyze Lock Bolt is excellent if you don't care about a smart home connection or would prefer a lock without it. It's just a large piece of black plastic; it's neither svelte nor fashionable. It doesn't interface with any smart home systems or connect to Wi-Fi (not even with Wyze's own devices). It does, however, contain a quick fingerprint reader and an easy-to-use backlit keypad. If desired, it can also auto-lock, costing half as much as the Yale Assure Lock 2.

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The Wyze Lock Bolt also has a keypad and a fingerprint reader, and it also uses Bluetooth, which has an excellent range. Using the Wyze app, I could lock the door from my bedroom opposite the house. This is significant because there is no method to close the door automatically. It only works with innovative home platforms like Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Still, if you don't need voice control for your lock or don't want to include it in any routines, you won't miss those capabilities. On 4 AAs, it has a battery life of up to a year.

SwitchBot Lock

Anyone who can't or doesn't want to tamper with their current door lock in any way, shape, or form should use this quirky-looking retrofit smart lock. The $99 SwitchBot lock, essentially a little robot hand that unlocks your door, fits over a deadbolt's existing thumb turn and is attached to the door with super-strong double-sided tape. Then, you may utilize the existing key or lock or unlock it through Bluetooth using a phone or Apple Watch. Although it is not a particularly elegant solution, it does the job and is the most straightforward smart lock you would ever put up, taking less than five minutes.

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To connect with smart home systems like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, a $40 SwitchBot Hub adds Wi-Fi (no Apple Home). Additionally, it includes the ability to activate the lock remotely when you're away from home and voice lock and unlock functionality that requires a pin code. Additionally, it provides notifications that let you know if the door has been left ajar or unlocked (the lock comes with a door sensor).

Level Lock

Do you desire a smart lock that does not resemble a smart lock? Level incorporates all available technologies, including a CR123 battery with a battery life of up to a year inside the deadbolt.

The available choices are the Level Bolt, Level Lock Touch, and Level Lock Plus. The Level Bolt is undetectable. You may keep the current interior and external hardware because it completely fits inside the existing deadbolt.

Although they replace the entire deadbolt, the Level Lock, Lock Touch, and Lock Plus still resemble conventional door locks with keyholes. This is the only smart lock that won't have a small advertisement on my front door because there is no branding.

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Evvr Center Lite - Brain of Your Smart Home

Every smart home requires a brain to connect with all the other devices and allow users the control they seek. Evvr Center Lite is an innovative solution that can help you transform your home into a smart place for efficient and comfortable living. It can communicate through multiple protocols allowing you the freedom to choose new gadgets and appliances.

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Feeling intrigued? Become our partner today and say goodbye to hassle and discomfort!

FAQs of smart entry door locks

Can a hacker enter my house via the smart lock's Wi-Fi connection?

By configuring your Wi-Fi system according to security best practices, you can prevent hackers and electronic tampering from accessing your connected smart home devices. For instance, make your Wi-Fi password-protected and always use strong passwords. A secure Wi-Fi configuration is essential since your smart lock and other linked smart home gadgets connect to the internet using the same Wi-Fi network as your laptops, smartphones, tablets, and TV streaming services.

What are the prices of smart locks?

A Wi-Fi-equipped smart lock can range in price from $100 to $300, depending on the brand, model, and features.

How can I enter my home if the electricity or internet goes out?

A classic key port is also included in many intelligent lock models, allowing you to utilize it as a standard lock if necessary. Additionally, when you are within range of the phone and lock to connect, Bluetooth connectivity will still function with your smartphone. These kinds of problems are known to smart lock makers, and many of them have their fixes.

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