Best DIY Home Security Systems with Cameras in 2022 Best DIY Home Security Systems with Cameras in 2022

Best DIY Home Security Systems with Cameras in 2022

Many homeowners are considering DIY home security systems with cameras as a cost-effective option to increase their physical security. A DIY approach is a good choice because they're easy to install without the tremendous expense of hardwiring a retrofitted system in their house.

Inexpensive security systems for home DIY installation are possible because the technology continuously evolves, adding new features and benefits while driving down costs. This empowers consumers to tailor the best home security system that protects the occupants and contents and allows homeowners to sleep better at night.

With a properly configured system, you can interface with smart home devices and control your security internally and externally to your home locally or remotely on various mobile and stationary devices, from wherever you are on the planet, so long as you have Internet access. Remote control of the system includes all the components, including temperature sensors, breaking glass alarms, and indoor and outdoor cameras and motion detectors.

Are DIY Home Security Systems with Cameras Affordable?

The flexibility in hardware and software that advanced technology provides in today's home security market is greater than ever. Now, any homeowner can find the best DIY home security systems that fit their budget. 

There are various pricing options in the DIY home security market, and the price you pay will depend on where you live, and what promotions and specials are available when you're ready to purchase. At any given time, you can expect prices to range from a low of $179.99 to as much as $1999.99, give or take 5 to 10%.

There are a variety of factors that help you decide what is the best DIY home security system for your home. This is especially true when trying to decide what is the best DIY home security camera system. 

Homeowners who purchase DIY home security systems with cameras cite one of the primary benefits is that they're easy to uninstall and take with them to their new location whenever they move. Conversely, hardwired systems, which are expensive, must be left behind because they are integral to the home's structure.

Best DIY Home Security Systems with Cameras in 2022

Blue by ADT

You can purchase a top DIY home security system from ADT called Blue by ADT with most of the basic features you would expect in an effective product. The base price starts at $180 plus an additional $19.99 per month for around-the-clock monitoring by a professional monitoring center without the burden of a long-term contract.

Blue by ADT will help you tailor your system to your exact needs, and they give you the option to use ADT's 24/7 Monitoring Center, or you can self-monitor if you want to assume the risk.

You have a choice of three packages to get the best DIY security system for home usage up and running. The basic Build-Your-Own-System package with a hub, built-in keypad, and mobile app, starts at $180. The Blue by ADT upgraded Starter System is slightly more at $220, and their most advanced package is the Starter Plus System landing at $300.

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Each of the above packages includes:

  • A yard sign
  • Door and window sensors
  • Hub and built-in keypad
  • Mobile app access
  • Motion sensors
  • Window stickers 

For truly comprehensive DIY home security systems with cameras in your home, you can add additional equipment to each package, like indoor and outdoor security cameras and a doorbell with integrated video capability. You can purchase 60-day cloud storage for video footage from as many cameras as you want at your home for an additional $12.99 a month, or you can choose $2.99 per month per camera for the same retention period.

Abode Home Security

The Abode Home Security System is an extremely customizable starter system that could be ideal for most homeowner security needs. It's easy to install design interfaces with your Amazon Alexa, Nest, and IFTTT for local and remote voice control. You'll have plenty of options for add-on devices because they're fully compatible with smart home platforms like Hue, 

There’s no long-term contract to for you to sign and you can get professional monitoring with an optional cellular backup. You can cancel at any time. Prices range from $342-$445, depending on which features and functions you want to be included.

Add-on equipment you can purchase include Wi-Fi connected cameras, door sensors, motion detectors, and a 93-decibel siren that's plenty loud to wake up everyone in the household and half the neighborhood should someone unlawfully enters your home.

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Alder Home Security 

Elder has built its reputation through world-class monitoring services that detect carbon monoxide leaks, fires, floods, intrusions, and medical emergencies. Although it's a DIY system, you can opt for professional installation if you don't want to tackle the job yourself. However, no self-monitoring is available, and their professional monitoring service begins at $35 monthly.

With Alder, you'll get the best home security systems DIY capable, an integrated security panel, and mobile app access. The biggest drawback with their system is that it requires a 36-month initial contract that's extremely difficult to cancel. The system's only smart home compatibility is with Amazon Alexa, echo, Wi-Fi, and Z-wave.

The system is mainly a sensor-based technology for detecting the previously mentioned hazards. However, you can get DIY home security systems with cameras if you choose. And their expertise in detecting and responding to medical emergencies is world-renowned. 

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Cove Security

Cove Security offers a suite of custom security options that aren't locked into rigid preset plans. They also provide locked rates for monitoring, monthly credits that can be applied to future purchases, and a lifetime warranty.

Monitoring rates vary from $15 to $25 monthly because they don't have preexisting packages. You can choose between self-monitoring and centralized monitoring in their professional monitoring center. You also get InstaText, their mobile app that utilizes a unique communication approach to reduce false alarms while retaining quick response times during emergencies. 

The Cove system offers many accessories and add-on equipment options like a key remote, a touch alarm panel, breaking glass detectors, door sensors, emergency medical alert buttons, flood sensors, motion sensors, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, window sensor, and YI technology indoor cameras.

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Evvr Center Lite

The Evvr Center Lite Home Automation Controller gives you the ability to manage your home security environment with ease. It uses the latest technology to integrate Zigbee and Z-wave devices into your system, and the Evvr app facilitates communication via smartphone and multiple devices.

You have the option of controlling DIY home security systems with cameras locally without the need for an Internet connection. This means your personal information is stored and processed locally in real time and not transmitted to a server in the cloud. When you access the devices in your home from a remote location, you use a peer-to-peer network connection with strong data encryption.

During blackouts, you have a short-term backup battery that will record, log, and store system status data for immediate restoration when power returns. The logs can also facilitate problem resolution when troubleshooting system issues. These features add up to a local, reliable, secure, and private smart home environment.

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Overall, you should choose DIY home security systems with cameras with the essential equipment necessary for a basic system like a control panel, a keypad, and door and window sensors. From there, you can add additional pieces of equipment that may be necessary for your security needs, such as: 

  • A smart lock
  • Breaking glass sensors
  • Doorbell cameras
  • Indoor cameras
  • Outdoor cameras
  • Smoke, heat, and flood sensors
  • Tilt sensors

The best DIY home security camera system providers allow you to tailor your environment by building your system that includes whatever devices you need. Other providers have prepackaged systems with the basic components for home security. The vendor you choose is entirely dependent upon your individual circumstances. 

Armed with the proper information, you’re better able to decide what are the best DIY home security systems for your specific needs for personal protection. 

For the best in DIY home automation, consider the Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch technology for maximum benefits. Evvr can offer you a comprehensive smart home solution whether you are an integrator, professional installer, distributor, or DIYer.  Get in touch with us and become our partner today! You can also shop now through our product page directly!

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