Best HomeKit Security System With Camera In 2023 Best HomeKit Security System With Camera In 2023

Best HomeKit Security System With Camera In 2023

To keep intruders and unwelcome guests away from your property, we have listed some of the best HomeKit security systems with cameras in 2023. Read the complete post for amazing insights!

You probably appreciate cutting-edge technology, svelte design, and the potential of a variety of connections that let you manage numerous devices directly from your phone if you're an Apple customer—specifically if you use an iPhone. However, the Apple platform excels at many things, and they also reward customers who stick with their line of goods (have you ever tried syncing an iPhone to a PC? A nightmare, that. ADT and Frontpoint are the top security systems that integrate with Apple.

Even while none of these systems will be ideal for every user, different user types will need different things from each system on its own. Here are our selections for the top systems:

Each of these systems is fantastic in its own right and offers something special for Apple customers, whether it is exceptional apps or distinctive integrations. Now let's discuss what makes each of these homekit security systems unique.

Best HomeKit Security Systems

ADT HomeKit Monitoring Package

The most well-known brand in home security is ADT. Heck, they've been there for more than 140 years and have always been at the forefront of innovation (including work in the then-emerging field of telegraphy). ADT has remained relevant during that time and today provides best-in-class fully monitored home automation security systems and a variety of smart home connections.

Although ADT has some drawbacks, such as the fact that they are only available for professional installation and are not a DIY system, they have more than enough advantages to be our top recommendation for Apple customers seeking a fully monitored system. Let's examine ADT in more detail.

The 24/7 expert monitoring is the foundation of ADT's operations. Since each program calls for expert monitoring, we could not obtain a solely self-monitored system (although self-monitoring is included; more on that in a moment).

homekit security system

The good news is that ADT offers the greatest expert monitoring available; they are always on call and prepared to help should one of our sensors trigger. Their monitoring centers are staffed around the clock, 365 days a year, and they were prepared to get in touch with us immediately to send out help if needed.

With ADT, we are paying for the confidence in knowing that the business has a proven track record of dependability.

Although ADT doesn't exclusively provide self-monitored home security options, there is the opportunity to do so using the ADT Pulse app, which works incredibly well on an iPhone. One of the top regarded security apps we've come across. The app has an astounding 4.8 rating in the app store.

You can check in on security camera feeds, get prompt alerts whenever one of our sensors goes off, and arm and disarm your system directly from your phones thanks to this user-friendly software. Few systems do better for Apple users regarding professional home monitoring than ADT with ADT Pulse.

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One of the few homekit security systems providers, Vivint provides free professional installation. That meant we didn't have to perform any work when our system was initially deployed, which was convenient. Instead, we became comfortable with the iOS app and linked the system with Alexa and Google Assistant after it was set up. We felt secure at home because the homekit security system was professionally installed and connected to the monitoring team via the SkyControl Panel.

Vivint is a terrific choice whether you're a part of the Google or Amazon smart home ecosystem. We used our Echo Show 8 to ask Alexa to switch on and off our lights, arm our security system, adjust our temperature, lock our garage and front door, and display our Vivint Doorbell Camera. The same commands were supported by Google Assistant, which coordinated with our Nest Hub Max to display our footage on the bigger screen. Of course, you'll need a Nest Thermostat, a Kwikset smart lock, and smart lighting from Philips Hue to enjoy automation.

homekit security system

We could remotely arm and disarm our homekit security system, configure smart home connections, watch streaming video and cloud storage, get alerts when our alarms went off, and manage all of our IoT devices using the Vivint iOS app. Check out the ratings on the App store if you don't believe us; the app now has over 24,000 user reviews with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Even while Vivint doesn't directly integrate with Siri, there aren't many smart home security systems that do this. Despite this, we valued Vivint's iOS app's usability. It was convenient to control all of the IoT devices from various manufacturers through the Vivint app rather than using each one's third-party app. We could lock our front door if we had forgotten to do so, open and close our garage door, and switch our lights to the "away" setting to make it appear that we were home even when we weren't. Even though our iPhones are capable of many things, integrating Vivint with these smart home appliances was undoubtedly more beneficial than spending hours scrolling around TikTok.


Frontpoint is becoming a significant participant in the home security market, despite possibly not having the same level of brand recognition as ADT or Brinks. A large part of this success can be attributed to their customer service. For Apple customers, Frontpoint provides a wide range of security options and home connections, but their first-rate customer service stood out to us, especially over the phone.

Some professional monitoring security systems demand the assistance of professionals who must visit our home. Fortunately, we didn't need installers because Frontpoint was easy to set up on our own. Additionally, their outstanding customer service team was available to us to answer questions during setup to ensure everything was going as planned.

homekit security system

The only plan offered by Frontpoint is the $49.99 per month Ultimate plan, so the monitoring cost is relatively high. However, this plan offers all Frontpoint, including video surveillance, home automation, professional monitoring, and remote smartphone access. Although the service Frontpoint offers is undoubtedly some of the best, we recommend it to a more established homeowner who can afford the service expense.

We could arm and disarm our security system using the Frontpoint app and view comprehensive activity records of everything the sensors detected straight from our iPhones and iPads. To better understand everything happening in our home, we could also examine the video footage and live streaming from embedded cameras. Customers seem to agree, as seen by the app's current 4.5-star rating in the app store.


It makes sense that the abode would be a wonderful match for Apple's homekit security system, given their taste for basic design and security sector heritage (a former ADT executive formed them). The abode is the only smart security system on this list created to work with Apple HomeKit, making it the undisputed winner of our best overall system award. Let's quickly examine what makes a home so unique.

The iota, a stylish centerpiece with a built-in 1080p HD camera, is the abode system's central hub. It links all of our smart home's sensors and devices. In brief, the iota serves as a great central hub for any smart home security system, allowing us to remotely monitor our home by getting notifications immediately if our door was opened and gaining access to the hub's video feed to ensure nothing was amiss.

homekit security system

Because abode is compatible with Apple HomeKit, we were able to operate every aspect of our home security system by simply speaking to Siri. There are a ton of potential connections, but some of our favorites were the smart locks from Yale and Kwikset and the several Z-wave and Zigbee-enabled sensors designed to keep an eye on particular trouble spots in our house.

Brinks Home Security

If you are familiar with just one security firm in the US, it's probably ADT; if you are familiar with two, it's probably Brinks. Brinks is a global leader in homekit security systems. Like many other reputable businesses, it has spent the last two decades modifying its products to meet the needs of a shifting customer base.

This includes integrations for smart homes and automation that enable us to carry our home security on our iPhones.

Sure, the phrase "professional DIY" is absurd. But one of the features of Brinks that we liked the most was that it was a high-quality home security system that we could install on our own.

homekit security system

In addition, they provided us with free over-the-phone support from one of their experts to ensure that we were properly configuring everything and that all of our system's components were operating as intended. Brinks also provides professional installation services, but the ability to do it ourselves while still receiving expert advice was a really strong selling feature.

It is a drawback that the Brinks security system utilizes the app platform and a few other security companies. However, since is focused on the app performance, Brinks is free to concentrate on hardware and monitoring rather than splitting its attention between the two.

One of the better iPhone security apps is, which lets us check the system's status and arm and disable it directly from our phones, use two-way audio, and much more. Other users besides us believe that the app is among the finest in the industry, as evidenced by its current 4.7-star rating in the app store.

EVVR Homekit In-Wall Relay Switch - Secure HomeKit Light Switch

Let us take a detour from the best HomeKit security systems and talk about something a little trivial - a homekit smart switch precisely. EVVR is an emerging brand in the smart home space that offers its flagship EVVR HomeKit In-Wall Relay Switch!

It’s a no-neutral setup that takes only minutes to install and turn your average, “dumb” switches into smart ones. So, whether it is your fans, lights, or any other appliance around the house, you are in complete control, both on and off-site! EVVR can offer you a comprehensive smart home solution whether you are an integrator, professional installer, distributor, or DIYer.  Get in touch with us and order a product to become our business partner today!

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