Best HomeKit Smart Lock in 2023 Best HomeKit Smart Lock in 2023

Best HomeKit Smart Lock in 2023

The Apple HomeKit door lock can make your home more convenient and safer when properly installed and used. You can lock and unlock your home locally or remotely with a few taps on your mobile device or with Siri voice commands, the article introduce the best homekit smart lock for you

Numerous designs on the market pave the way to greater automation with keyless entry that gives you the level of security freedom you seek without the hassle of a complicated and overly engineered system.

The Apple HomeKit Door Lock and Solution

Adding a smart lock to your home is one of the easiest ways to upgrade the intelligence of your household. Apple HomeKit has functional and stylish solutions and can be operated in various ways, like keypads, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers. You can manage your Apple Homekit devices manually or use voice commands to control your home's security profile.

They can be hard-wired or wireless with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, whichever you prefer. In today's market, there's a solution waiting to make your life easier, and those solutions are available no matter the size of your budget. 

Can't Remember? Forget About It!

How many times have you lost your keys or locked yourself out of your house? How often have you forgotten whether you locked the front door when you left the house or went to bed and had to check? With a HomeKit compatible door lock, those days are over. 

Program your doors to lock minutes after you leave home or to unlock minutes before you arrive without giving it a second thought. Still have doubts? Then check on the status of your door locks through the convenient HomeKit app and know for sure that your automated system is doing its job of keeping your property and home occupants safe. 

Impress Your Guests 

HomeKit compatible door locks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some can't be distinguished between a Apple door locks and a regular door lock, like the Kwikset Kevo. Other locks attach themselves to your existing lock, allowing you to operate them programmatically and remotely while functioning normally with a physical key, like the Sesame Lock, Kwikset Covert, August Smart Lock Pro, and August Smart Lock work. 

It all boils down to your personal preference, the style requirements of your entryway, and how subtle of a security profile you want your home to present to the public. 

Roll Out the Virtual Red Carpet

There are many legitimate reasons why you may want to grant someone access to your home while you're away. For example, you own a vacation rental and need to let in the cleaning service, or you're on a business trip and the dog-walking services to get into your home, or if friends or family drop in and you're not there. Installing an HomeKit smart lock can make your life much easier in those situations.

You'll never have to worry about spare keys floating around or getting lost and not knowing who currently has access to your home. Just give authorized persons a digital key, and you'll know who and when someone enters your home. You can also restrict their access down to the day and time for an added layer of security.

Secure Your Home

The security of your home is paramount in these troubling times. That means protecting your property, your family, and your well-being. Hiding a key under your doormat or potted plant is a sure way to invite a home invasion. Remote, keyless access eliminates all those worries. 

That doesn't say that wireless systems aren't without risks. You'll need to ensure that your apps are continually updated, you're using strong, secure passwords, and a PIN to access a voice assistant. Nevertheless, centralized control over access to your home is more secure than anonymous keys floating through the ether, waiting to be discovered by a nefarious individual. 

Best HomeKit Smart Lock in 2023

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

If your Apple door lock is a single-cylinder deadbolt design, meaning the deadbolt is separated from the doorknob, then the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect may be the ideal solution for your automated home smart lock needs. It's a complete kit that includes everything you need for quick, easy installation and immediate use.

One helpful feature of the August smart technology is the DoorSense add-on module. With this clever piece of equipment, you can notify yourself via an iPhone or Apple Watch ping that a door was left open after leaving the house.

The same dashboard app also controls the Doorbell Cam Pro as the Smart Lock Pro. When someone comes to the door, you tap an icon or two and unlock the door after viewing them through the doorbell camera. It's a device built for the true couch potato, so you never have to get on your feet and interrupt whatever programming you were enjoying on the television.

best homekit smart lock

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt 

Schlage Sense is well-known as an eye-catching and intelligently designed HomeKit smart lock that integrates nicely with the aesthetics of your home. The engineers at Schlage realized that regardless of how well a product works, no one will buy it if it's not visually appealing to consumers.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it has plenty of valuable features. For example, an easy-to-remember access code gains entry to your home instead of frantically searching high and low for a set of keys. You can synchronize the HomeKit smart lock with a smartphone via Bluetooth for local and remote entry. Features included that make this product a must-buy are:

  • 24/7 Activity Log
  • Activity Alerts
  • Automatic Lock and Unlock Feature
  • Battery-Powered
  • Door Attack Sensor
  • HomeKit-enabled
  • iPhone Compatibility
  • Third-party Integration

The product works seamlessly with Siri and costs a little more than competitors. However, users report that the device performs well over time and offers excellent value for the money spent. 

best homekit smart lock

Yale Assure Lock SL

The slim, sleek design of the Yale Assure Lock SL gives you keyless entry through a stylish keypad hosting an intuitive touchscreen. It can be paired with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for 24/7 wireless entry, monitoring, and remote access.

This advanced device will lock or unlock your door based on proximity to your home. You can remotely monitor who approaches your home and manually lock and unlock doors from anywhere in the world where you have internet access, a capability that comes in handy when granting friends and family access to your residence while you're away. 

The touchscreen keypad is backlit, so there's no fumbling around in the dark trying to use the system. And since it's an easy-to-install, keyless entry design, there're no keys to lose or have stolen. Everything is controlled through the Yale Access App with Wi-Fi Connect as a standard feature, enabling you to use the keypad or your Smartphone to enter your home. 

best homekit smart lock

Reagle Smart Lock

This HomeKit-enabled device has the installation instructions printed right on one side of the box, and the back side of the box is imprinted with the following product features 

  • Convenient automatic door locking and unlocking
  • Customized access for friends and family
  • Keyless entry
  • Remote access through the internet
  • Smart Home Integration
  • Voice-enabled

These are the basic features and functions of the Reagle HomeKit Smart Lock. However, you should be aware that the Siri voice-enabled command function will lock doors if your iPhone is closed, but to unlock your home, your iPhone must be turned on and unlocked for security reasons.

best homekit smart lock

EVVR Home Automation integrate with HomeKit System

If you are using Homekit to control your smart home, we highly recommend EVVR's products. EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and In-Wall Relay Switch will bring a smoother experience to your Apple Home. When the EVVR In-Wall Relay Switch is integrated into your HomeKit system, it can be used in integration with your door locks. You can create home automation to comfort your life, such as lights automatically turning off when the door lock is closed and lights automatically turning on when the door lock is opened.

EVVR has a range of smart home products that provide a complete and comfortable home experience. Introducing the EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug – currently crowdfunding with an exclusive invitation for you to explore its features. Limited-Time Pre-Sale Alert! Get smart with EVVR Smart Plug at 15% to 35% off discounts!

Since you can turn almost any bulb into a smart bulb, the EVVR makes far more economic sense than purchasing individual smart devices. It gives you maximum flexibility and the biggest bang for the buck after considering the versatility of the equipment. 

The switch can be installed with standard household tools and some basic understanding of electrical wiring no neutral, without affecting the decoration of the room, and any reasonably skilled DIY person can do the job. 


Automatic door locking technology can bring you peace of mind, enhanced security, and greater convenience. Eliminate cumbersome keys that can be lost or stolen, and add digital tracking of everyone who enters or leaves your home with minimal disruption to your lifestyle and lasting benefits. 

EVVR can offer you a comprehensive smart home solution whether you are an integrator, professional installer, distributor, or DIYer. Get in touch with us and become our partner today! You can also shop now through our product page directly!  

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