Best HomeKit Motion Sensor In 2023 Best HomeKit Motion Sensor In 2023

Best HomeKit Motion Sensor In 2023

When you already have Apple HomeKit setup at home, it makes sense to look for motion sensors that can readily pair up with them. This guide will look at the best HomeKit motion sensors in 2023!

As they can detect motion and turn on lights, set off alarms, and notify you of intruders when necessary, motion sensors are crucial for smart home installations. Although there are many motion sensors on the market, it cannot be easy to choose the best one for your HomeKit-based smart home.

We've compiled a list of the top HomeKit compatible motion sensors, so you can easily find one for your home security. Let's get going.

What Is Apple HomeKit?

HomeKit is Apple's smart home framework, enabling you to operate various internet-connected home appliances with Apple devices, including thermostats, plugs, window coverings, light bulbs, and more.

You may have heard the term "Internet of Things" because many products are now internet-connected. The Internet of Things is a bewildering collection of "smart" objects connected to the internet and may be operated by various platforms, including Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, and Amazon's Alexa.

HomeKit is Apple's "Internet of Things" solution, which links smart gadgets that support HomeKit so you may control them with your Apple products.

Best HomeKit Motion Sensors

Phillips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor

Outdoor HomeKit motion sensors from Philips are battery-operated and weather-resistant. Three sensors are included in the HomeKit motion sensor to detect motion, temperature, and ambient light. Besides the app's sensitivity settings, this outdoor Homekit motion sensor is compatible with Apple HomeKit. It offers precise on-the-go real-time feedback and is simple to tune.

This can be a wise addition if you already own a set of Philips Hue lighting accessories for your home. It may simultaneously turn on up to three groups of lights. When motion is detected, you may adjust the illumination you desire. You can also decide what scene they should return to when the action has ceased and for how long.

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Aqara Motion Sensor

Compact and reasonably priced, the Aqara Motion Sensor is a HomeKit compatible motion sensor. Since it is a wireless motion sensor, batteries are required. This battery has a two-year lifespan. A motion-tracking light is also included with the HomeKit motion sensor, which has a range of around seven meters. Two sensors are located on the front; one detects motion, and the other detects ambient light.

The Aqara Motion Sensor can connect ethernet or Wi-Fi to the Aqara Hub or hubs supporting Zigbee. The HomeKit motion sensor could function as a security tool with the Aqara Hub. The Hub will send an alarm and a notification to your phone as soon as it is turned on and motion is detected. It allows you to move 360 degrees around it by offering a pivot and a lean angle.

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ONVIS Smart Motion Sensor

The ONVIS HomeKit Motion Sensor is a lightweight device that only weighs 2.11 ounces. The gadget has two sensors inside for humidity and temperature. There is no need for a Hub with the ONVIS HomeKit Sensor. You may also get the Onvis app and use Bluetooth to control the gadget.

A reasonably priced motion sensor is the ONVIS Smart Motion Sensor. It's similar to one of those items that, although it may not look as wonderful as one might like, once it is plugged in and left to work, one need not worry about it doing its job.

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Ecobee SmartSensor

In numerous aspects, the Ecobee SmartSensor is exceptional. It first functions in tandem with its Ecobee smart thermostat sister. It also considers the room sensors and creates a more tranquil manner to watch over your house. Along with Ecobee's Haven Home Monitoring service, it will also detect motion and who, when, and where is in the room. They all work together to keep your house secure and prevent any jim-jams for you.

A motion sensor is included with the Ecobee SmartSensor. Additional sensors that cover locations far from your home are also included. It's unnecessary to mount this HomeKit compatible motion sensor to a window or door sensor.

The subscription service for Haven Home Monitoring is included with all Ecobee devices. For limitless entry detection and support for using a smart camera to record videos, this service starts at $5 per month. Through Apple's HomeKit, the sensors also update users on their status. Additionally, Siri might be used for rapid status checks.

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Eve Motion Sensor

Both the Eve app and HomeKit can be used to control the Eve HomeKit Motion Sensor. You may manage the automation on the screen, whether at home or away, by using the Home app on your iPhone. In the "Leave home" setting, you can instruct the app to notify you whenever there is movement while you are away.

You can view several information, including the battery level, the readiness of the sensors, allocated room, connected automation, notification status, and more. Your HomeKit devices can be automated using Eve Motion as a trigger.

Using this combination, you may program the HomeKit light to turn on whenever motion is sensed at night. When motion is no longer detected, the HomeKit does not turn the light off. You may view a real-time graphic representation of movements detected by the sensor in the Eve app.

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Aqara Vibration Sensor

Aqara has provided us with another vibration sensor. The HomeKit vibration sensor picks up internal movement and alerts you to the events. It is required to mount the vibration sensor on a stable base. This is so that the Aqara Vibration Sensor may report vibrations and not, for example, human motions or occupancy.

The Aqara Vibration Sensor can detect tilts when an object moves over it. The sensor can be hidden and fitted into small locations because of its compact form. It functions admirably with table drawers, doors, windows, and more.

On the Home app, the Aqara Vibration Sensor functions as a straightforward motion sensor. This will be evident from all three, including vibration, drop, and tilt. Apple's Home app does not have a time limit because the trigger notification will be delivered for the first time, even if the trigger length in the app can be set anywhere from one minute to 23 hours and 59 seconds. The sensor's tile will then reset.

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Fibaro Motion Sensor

By making a sensor appear so sophisticated, Fibaro has established a class of its own. This eye-shaped sensor has a striking design. With a stand that keeps the eye still and prevents rolling, the HomeKit motion sensor for smart homes may be installed wherever you wish. It's also functional without the stand.

The Fibaro HomeKit Motion Sensor functions effectively both during the day and at night. It has an accelerometer, temperature, and light intensity sensor. The second one reveals the status of the temperature by the color of the eye, whereas the first one relies on movement and light that are present.

Along with your home thermostat, it functions. They all operate in unison to maintain the temperature that you have set. It is also portable and might be utilized to cause a scene elsewhere. The accelerometer on the third one only indicates when it is in an intruder's hands.

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Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch - Your HomeKit-Enabled Superpower

Spoiler Alert! Evvr Homekit light switch is not a motion sensor, but it can stop the motion of electrons from the power supply of your place to your appliances. Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch brings complete control and efficiency with multiple control options. It is compatible with multiple smart home software, including HomeKit.

Evvr can offer you a comprehensive smart home solution whether you are an integrator, professional installer, distributor, or DIYer.  Get in touch with us and become our partner today! You can also shop now through our product page directly!

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What are the differences between motion sensors and occupancy sensors?

In contrast to motion sensors, occupancy sensors don't require much movement to function. They are not meant to detect movement but rather the presence of people, even if they are not moving around. Numerous occupancy sensors will combine sensors and different technologies.

Can motion sensors work through walls?

Tomographic motion detectors may penetrate walls since they employ radio waves. These detectors can cover wide areas and conceal themselves behind objects or inside walls.

Do LED lights work with motion sensors?

Yes, it is the answer. With the proper setups, LED lights may cooperate with motion sensors. Motion sensors linked to LEDs are a common feature of modern lighting solutions. These lights keep an eye out for movement in a specific region and turn on when movement is seen.

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