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Convert to a smart light switch with Alexa

One of the first, most visible changes that people make when planning out their smart home is to upgrade their lighting. 

With a modern smart lighting system, users can have minimised energy consumption, mood lighting and more decorative features. To benefit most from these features, it’s wise to pair smart products with a smart light switch, like EVVR’s In-Wall Relay Switch (IRS). 

Just like the “smart” modifier implies, smart light switches allow you to control nearly every aspect of how a room is lit. Want optimal mood lighting for watching television? The smart switch will adjust the room’s lighting so that you’re comfortable watching your favorite shows. Not sure if you turned off the light before you left for work? You can use the smart light switch from your app to ensure that you left the room in great shape. Too lazy to get up and change the room’s lighting? With a few taps on the phone app, your room will be lit exactly the way that you want it.

But although a smart light wall switch can do all of this and more, they usually require some sort of tactile input to receive directions. Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn the lights on and off simply by saying a few words? You’re in luck — there is a way if you own an Amazon Alexa! 

In this article, we’ll get to the bottom of that question and see if there is, in fact, a way to add that feature to your smart home.

Can Alexa control the lights?

If you’re an owner of an Amazon Alexa, you may already be accustomed to the ease of which you can check the weather, switch through music playlists and ask for recipes with a voice command. However, did you know that the voice assistant is also very skilled at acting as a remote control for your smart light switch?

Once you’ve successfully paired your Amazon Alexa, a smart bulb and a smart light switch, you’re ready to start controlling your home’s lights simply by commanding it with your voice. Alexa can quickly adapt to all of your smart lighting needs by acting as a smart home hub.

Now, when you want to turn on your light using Alexa, simply say a command like, “Alexa, turn on [name of light]!” Alexa should be able to send your smart light switch a signal, which then changes the status of the light.

What do I need to control my smart light switch with Alexa?

If you want to get the most of your smart home lighting system, you need Alexa, your smart light switch, some smart lighting devices and the Alexa app. The Alexa app is used to pair your Alexa device with your wall switch.

Think of Alexa as a command center for your smart lighting system. While a smart light switch can already control your home’s smart bulbs, plugs and other lighting fixtures, Alexa can help bundle it all together by easily converting voice control directions to commands that a smart light switch can understand.

By using all of these smart home devices in tandem, you can turn lights on and off with Alexa in no time.

What are the benefits of controlling the smart lights with Alexa?

Besides the convenience, controlling the smart lights with Alexa can bring a number of other benefits to your smart home. Here are a few other reasons why pairing these devices can be a great idea.

  • Energy efficiency

Did you know that when you choose a smart lighting system, it uses less energy when it’s on and in standby? 

Depending on the type of smart light you buy, they can be paired with Alexa to turn off lights based on who’s in the room as well as minimise energy use when you are away. Alexa works well as a smart dimmer to make sure that you’re not wasting money and saving energy.

  • Increased light bulb lifespan and personal convenience

Sometimes when you’ve had a really long day, you just want to sit down or go to sleep without having to get up to turn a light switch off. We’ve all been there. 

By implementing voice commands with your smart home system, you can turn off the light from anywhere in your room without expending much energy at all. Not only will you increase your light bulb’s lifespan, but you’ll also be saving on electricity costs.

  • Smart dimmer and light customisation

If you’re using a smart bulb, Alexa is not only able to act as a dimmer switch, but it can also change the color of your lights, adjust the brightness and the time it stays on. 

Whether you’re throwing a party, settling down for the night or watching a movie with family and friends, you can easily tell Alexa to help you set the mood with a voice command — no matter where you are in the room.

How EVVR can assist in creating the smart home of your dreams

Are you looking for a smart switch to pair with your Alexa or Amazon Echo device? Turn all of the perks listed above into a reality with EVVR’s In-Wall Relay Switch (IRS).

Advance your smart home with the In-Wall Relay Switch, which is easy to install and even easier to set up. With no neutral wire required to work, EVVR’s In-Wall Relay Switch is compatible with most Zigbee smart home systems. Simply pair the wall switch with your Alexa device using the steps above and you can give it verbal commands in no time. 

Level up your smart home with EVVR. To find out more about EVVR and the products that we offer, visit our website or contact us today.

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