Best Remote Control Smart Lamps For 2023 Best Remote Control Smart Lamps For 2023

Best Remote Control Smart Lamps For 2023

Want to get the best remote control smart lamps for your home in 2023? This blog will cover all the aspects of smart bulbs, and tips to turn your lamps to smart lamps.

An internet-connected LED light bulb that can be modified, scheduled, and remotely controlled is known as a smart bulb. Among the items in the expanding area of home automation and IoT products, smart lights are among the most quickly successful ones.

Smart bulbs can be controlled using a mobile app or a home/building automation hub with the integration of WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, or a custom connection for a home automation system, and individual lights can be programmed to change output in a specific way.

Evvr has created a smart ecosystem where all your devices are controlled through innovative software and hardware. From smart home hubs and controllers to relays and energy monitoring devices, you can get your hands on all the essentials to make your living smarter!

Smart Bulbs Vs. Smart Switches

Smart bulbs are generally superior, but they are also more expensive. For several reasons, smart lights are preferable. For starters, you must upgrade the bulbs to use the extra colors they offer. Although selecting warm rather than cool whites has a minor improvement and allows you to sync lights to music or movies, this step may seem superficial. However, smart light bulbs start to look fantastic when considering these factors. Considering how simple they are to install and how much money you could save over time, the somewhat higher cost of smart lights is hardly noticeable.

Still, smart switches, like the Evvr Energy Monitoring Smart Plug, let you control your lights while getting real-time insights on energy consumption. It comes with safety features that can keep your loved ones safe.

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Smart Bulbs Energy Consumption

Smart bulbs belong to the category of gadgets known as vampire devices that consume electricity while on standby. This implies that smart bulbs still utilize electricity when not in use. You might wonder, "How does that happen if the bulb is off?" The bulb must still be linked to the internet or Bluetooth to be turned on using your phone or another device. A tiny quantity of power must constantly be available so the limited but consistent connection may turn on the lights. But it doesn't consume much.

According to experts, when in standby mode, the typical smart bulb only consumes a few cents each month. You may notice it on your electric bill if you only had a single or a few smart bulbs. However, if you had a lot of them—say, 20 or 30 bulbs scattered throughout your house—those fees would start up to money.

Are Smart Bulbs Safe?

The report claims that because your smart bulbs are linked to your WiFi network at home, hackers may use them to breach your system and collect personal data.

Furthermore, linked smart bulbs represent an even greater risk than those connected to a smart home hub. Additionally, researchers point out that if you have infrared-capable bulbs, hackers may be able to access your digital network and any data saved on your laptop or computer utilizing that invisible wave spectrum, also known as the light you cannot even see.

Using Smart Bulbs Safely

Pick a secure password. Smart bulbs are connected to an app on your phone, and if you don't generate a strong password for your account when you first open the app, you risk hacking. Ensuring you have a strong password (one you don't use elsewhere) is the best thing you can do.

Experts also advise linking your smart bulbs to a hub for smart homes. Doing this will make your home less vulnerable to hackers because your bulbs will connect with your other devices through the hub rather than directly over your WiFi network.

Evvr Center and Evvr Center Lite are excellent choices for your smart home to connect a vast range of smart devices, including smart bulbs. They operate through a localized mesh network for added security and peace of mind!

Best Places To Install Smart Bulbs

If you have many light bulbs connected to a single switch, smart light switches can help you save a lot of money. Thanks to smart controls, your voice commands and automation will still function even when the lights are off. You don't need to be concerned about always leaving a switch on.

Let's look at several rooms and settings to determine the best options.


The kitchen will be the first area we examine. Considering how many light bulbs are often in the kitchen, a smart light switch would be perfect. Utilizing a smart light switch will result in significant cost savings. Smart light switches could be as expensive or less expensive as smart bulbs. Installing many smart bulbs could get very expensive if you have a lot of lightbulbs. Adding some light strips to the top or bottom of your cabinets could make more sense if you want to bring a little color to your kitchen.

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Your eyes and brain are relatively light-sensitive. Our sleep cycles are greatly influenced by light. When it's dark, you start to relax, and if your body functions normally, your brain will tell you that you should go to bed since you're exhausted. When the sun rises in the morning and the light gradually returns, our brain detects this and alerts us that it is time to wake up.

A pleasant, gentle sunrise can be simulated by smart lighting to help you get out of bed in the early morning if your schedule doesn't allow for sunset and sunrise. This can help you circumvent your body's natural circadian rhythm. It helps me sleep better if I turn the smart lights in my bedroom down to a low setting and instruct them to fade out gradually over 20 minutes.

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Installing bright lighting in this space can seem strange as the light switch is typically right where you enter the bathroom. Has it ever been necessary for you to get up in the night? There is one location where you are going. Why not simplify your life by installing smart lights so you don't have to trudge through the dark to the restroom?

Additionally, this would be an excellent location to integrate lighting with a motion sensor. There are numerous occasions when someone in the house forgets to turn out the lights, wholly awake or sleep-walking.

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Controlling A Conventional Bulb Through a Smartphone Application

The differences and applications of smart bulbs and smart switches can be overwhelming for average homeowners. As experts in smart lighting, we want to chip in our opinion. Instead of getting a smart bulb, you can have a better experience with a smart switch.

Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch and Evvr Energy Monitoring Smart Plugs are excellent choices. They are operated through the Evvr smartphone application, allowing users to turn off or dim the lights according to their needs and occasion.

Also, smart bulbs are costlier compared to our lines of relays and plugs when we consider longevity and application. So, please place your order today and become our partners!

Best Smart Bulbs For 2023

Look at some of the expert's picks for the best smart bulbs in 2023.

Philips Hue

The Philips Hue comes with either two or four dimmable colored lights and a hub. Both options are offered. It is effortless to set up, straightforward operation, and dependable. You can also sync your lights with music, videos, or games on your computer by using the Hue Sync application.

Lifx Mini

The Lifx Mini is an excellent option for smaller fixtures; however, this is not solely because it is more space-efficient than its rivals. The Lifx app comes with a fantastic collection of functions and effects, such as a candle flicker and a strobe, and it can synchronize itself to the music you are playing or to any other sounds occurring nearby. There is no need for a hub when using LIFX's smart bulbs because they connect directly to WiFi.

Wyze Bulb

The Wyze Bulb is an affordable alternative to other innovative lighting options, which can be pricey. You can command it and any other Wyze items you own directly from the Wyze app, allowing you to build time-sensitive schedules. The Wyze Vacation mode causes the Wyze Bulb to turn on and off at erratic intervals.

Sengled Smart

Another reasonably priced alternative is the Sengled Smart WiFi LED light, which can be purchased for as little as $12. Another advantageous feature is that the company's light bulbs link directly to your WiFi router, eliminating the need for a hub in most situations. There is a soft white bulb available for purchase for $12, a daylight bulb available for sale for $15, and a multicolor bulb available for purchase for $25. Additionally, the company offers a hub that might relieve some of the burdens on the network in your house.

TP-Link Kasa

Lights of the filament or "Edison" style emit a warm, nostalgic glow that works wonderfully for establishing the desired ambiance. The TP-Link Kasa Filament WiFi Light Bulb (KL50) is a smart light bulb with the appearance of a filament that connects directly to your WiFi network and can be controlled using the Kasa app developed by TP-Link. This bulb comes in at a slightly higher price point of $15 a piece, but it is still considered pretty cheap for this market.

Evvr Energy Monitoring Smart Plug - Top Appliance Controller In The Market

Users crave the best products in the market but want to control and safety more than anything else. Evvr has personified both in the Evvr Energy Monitoring Smart Plug. It is a simple device that you can plug into any device and then control remotely through your smartphone application. The best trick up its sleeve is the real-time energy consumption mechanism that lets you know and manage your usage.

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So, become our partner today and enjoy smarter living!

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