IoT Devices Lists - What Are Examples Of IoT Devices IoT Devices Lists - What Are Examples Of IoT Devices

IoT Devices Lists - What Are Examples Of IoT Devices

Find out what is IoT devices, IoT devices examples available in the market, do they benefit healthcare. What the internet of things does is, make these boring devices smart and adds more functionality to them.

What are the IoT devices, you may ask? Well, there are plenty. IoT devices are of different types and sizes which makes it easy to achieve the interconnectedness that IoT technology offers.

Internet of Things (IoT) is the idea that transforms a range of devices that are usually considered dumb devices into smart ones. For example, a light switch on the wall. You use it to simply turn on or off a device that is connected to it. It is a boring and simple device that does what it is made to do.

What the internet of things does is, make these boring devices smart and adds more functionality to them. For example, the previously mentioned simple switch can be turned into a smart switch that can do things automatically or you can control them remotely. As civilization advances in technology, we come up with more innovations to make life easier.

Category of IoT Devices

Previously we have used a simple wall switch as an IoT device example but it is not limited only to light switches.

IoT devices can be many things like Fitness trackers, Fridge, Smart Security systems, smartwatches, and door locks. IoT devices cover a wide area of usage in life. For IoT devices example let's see a popular list of IoT devices categories.

Smart Switch

Internet of things takes a good old simple and boring wall switch and turns it into a smart one.

Like other smart devices, smart switches can communicate with a hub or IoT device management System/platform and inform the user about its status and let him control the switch.

A smart switch also works automatically or based on instructions set by the admin. You should be aware of too good to be true smart switches as they promise too much but deliver nowhere ner they advertise.

It's best to stick with known brands like EVVR In-Wall Smart Switch which always deliver what it promises. Also, In-wall smart switches are more convenient as it sits inside the wall and you can use your existing switches or choose your own design.


Smartwatches are the latest trend. People used to wear watches to keep track of time, then they also became fashion items, and now it's a smart assistant who is always with you.

You can receive social networking and email notifications. You can also answer and make calls using your smartwatch.

Some have the ability to monitor your health like sleep tracking, step counter, heart rate measurement applications, and so on. These smartwatches can also be thought of as medical IoT devices. These are small yet highly capable devices.

iot devices examples

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is another highly popular IoT device you can find out there. They are a fun and very useful device to have as they’re able to perform an array of different activities such as telling a joke, playing your favorite music, and controlling other IoT devices in the house.

Nowadays many modern families have a Virtual Assistant in their home. Among the Virtual assistants, Amazon Alexa is the most popular one. A virtual assistant is a lifesaver.

iot devices examples

Manage Callender

Managing your schedule, both business and personal is one of the most difficult tasks for an entrepreneur. Virtual assistants can help you with everything from reminding of appointment scheduling, can coordinate and planning calls, confirming appointments, reminding people about calls and appointments, and notifying others about schedule changes. In a nutshell, it's an assistant but a virtual one that you don't have to pay for.

Managing Communication

If you're drowning in emails or if you need someone to update your contact list. A skilled automated virtual assistant may save you hours of time by deleting, forwarding, responding to, or flagging emails for your attention according to your preset.

When you have a conversation, meeting, or other sorts of interaction with a new individual, the virtual assistant can add that person's information to your contacts.

One of the primary reasons that small businesses do not use their customer relationship management software is the time required to enter data. Virtual assistants may help you improve and manage your customer relationship management system.

Sometimes a contact's phone number or other information is not immediately available; it can take the information from the email signature.

Lighting the Mood Up

Apart from this serious task, it can also offer you entertainment, it can tell you jokes, play music, play fun games, answer questions, assist while cooking, and many more. When you are bored you can have fun with your virtual assistant.

Controlling Other IoT Devices

Virtual Assistant also has the ability to maintain a smart home through compatible IoT Devices for example if you have an Amazon Alexa you can use EVVR Smart In-Wall Switch with it to control the switch with Alexa.The EVVR In-Wall Smart Switch not only can turn on and off things it can also dim the light and turn n and off connected devices based on time and using automation.

Fitness Band

Fitness bands are narrowed-down versions of smartwatches focusing on physical wellbeing. In size, it is much smaller only band-sized width hence the name fitness band. It has a compact display that shows information like, how many steps you have taken, how long you have been sleeping heart rate etc hence it is considered one of the IoT healthcare devices.

Smart Water Bottle

Imagine a water bottle is nudging you to drink more. By lighting up its RGB light or notifying your smartphone, the bottle attracts your attention to remind you to drink more.

This is what an IoT device is all about, it takes the simple and boring daily life device and makes it smart.  These bottles come with a battery that keeps the bottle running in and monitor how much liquid you have drunk. and if it's low it will remind you so you don't forget to drink water.

Some bottle tracks the consumption of your water intake through their built-in water level sensor. The amount of liquid you're drinking from smart water bottles will be synced to your phone through a Bluetooth connection and an app provided by the smart water bottle company will inform you of how much water you have drank and will need to drink for that day. Often, you may decide on your own hydration target or use the app to help.

The app usually asks you for your age, sex, height, and weight to calculate how much water you need a day and monitor the intake so it can calculate how much you have drunk and will need to drink. So also supports the temperature of the water so if you need cold water you can add ice to it.

Smart Fridge

Many of us sticky notes, calendars, and events to fridges as a reminder. It's big and noticeable in the room which is why it works kind of like a notice board. What if you can do it better and more? That is where the smart Fridges come from. Smart fridges have an interactive screen where it can show calendar event notes the same old function now in digital format.

A conventional refrigerator that has a screen and is connected to the cloud is a smart refrigerator. You may write and receive messages and calendar entries that will display on the refrigerator's screen, you can use your smartphone to view what's inside, and even receive warnings if the refrigerator's door is left open, depending on the type and capabilities integrated into the specific model.

When it comes to Samsung's Family Hub Fridge has a wide range of features including watching tv on the fridge, playing games, playing music looking up recipes, and many more.

In a Nutshell

IoT devices are everywhere. With passing time it will increase more, according to statistics in the near future every household will have at least one smart device in their home.

No matter what category of IoT device you choose it will make your life a lot easier, you can have a smart assistant which will help you to organize in your day-to-day life, a smart band will help you to keep you in shape, and a smart bottle will keep you hydrated and a smart switch will relieve you from walking towards a switch every time you want to turn it on or off. These are all little things but will help you in the long run.

If you decide to smartify your home please contact our support team, they are eager to help you out in your journey toward a smarter, convenient lifestyle.

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