Best Smart Technology for Homes in 2022 Best Smart Technology for Homes in 2022

Best Smart Technology for Homes in 2022

Smart technology for homes has made tremendous advances in the last ten years. It wasn't that long ago when George Jetson would zip home from work in his flying car

Smart technology for homes has made tremendous advances in the last ten years. It wasn't that long ago when George Jetson would zip home from work in his flying car or jet pack and meet a barrage of seemingly outlandish but very cool gadgets that made every aspect of his home life seem like, well, something out of the future!

It was 1962 when George was struttin' his stuff. And today, it's 2022, and it seems that the future is now because much of what we saw in that vintage T.V. cartoon is suddenly part of our daily lives. No, we don't have jet packs and flying cars (yet), but we do have an army of smart home technology brands that even George Jetson would envy.

And with so many products being marketed, it isn't hard to pick a smart home technology company with devices that make life easier. Therefore, this article will look at ten smart home devices you can buy today.

The Rise of Smart Technology for Homes

What is the best smart home technology you can buy? What's the benefit and risks of smart home technology? If you're considering intelligent devices for your home, smart technologies have a lot to offer. An excellent place to start may be a couple of smart light bulbs that automatically turn on and off according to your schedule.

When you're ready, you can find several smart home technology companies offering a wide range of smart devices that can transform your home from a fancy light show to the spaced-out living quarters of your dreams.

The best smart home technology systems can increase the I.Q. of your home to near genius levels. And as you install smart technology, home devices will save you money and pay for themselves. 

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Best Smart Technology for Homes in 2022

  1. Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch

The first of our smart home technology examples is the Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch that's always connected and always online, even if the wall switch is off. Always on gives you an advantage over other switches and smart light bulbs by having the ability to control your home's lighting through a smartphone app or with voice commands at all times, whether at home or a remote location.

There's no requirement for a neutral wire, which means you get the ease of smart lighting without spending a lot of money to wire devices inside walls and ceilings.

The Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch works with all standard wall switches, and none of your existing wall switches need replacing.

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Its compact size gives you additional flexibility. You can fit two Evvr switches into a single electrical box and control as many as 4-gang panel switches. Evvr's advanced smart technology for homes can raise the I.Q. of any light bulb, whether it's incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, or LED. 

Upgrade your home lighting ecosystem to a smart lighting system without replacing a single light bulb, regardless of its type. If you're interested in Evvr and hope to book a sample, feel free to contact us today!

  1. Amazon Echo Dot

This compact product has a cleverly designed LED clock superimposed on the face of the device. This minor enhancement to the Echo Dot adds much more functionality and significantly increases its utility and value.

That's because this simple but effective smart technology for homes does much more than display the time; it also displays the current temperature and operates as a timer. In addition, its ambient sensor automatically adjusts the display's brightness based on the environmental lighting conditions of its surroundings.

You can own the Amazon Echo Dot with the handy face clock feature for a small incremental upcharge, making it one of the most cost-effective enhancements in Amazon's arsenal.

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  1. Google Nest Audio 

The first thing you may notice about the Google Nest Audio when unboxing the device is how much it weighs. It seems the folks at Google made this smart technology for homes to last because it's built like a tank, weighing in at an impressive 2.6 lbs.

This device weighs so much because of its aluminum and magnesium metal chassis. Although heavy, it's stylishly covered in an attractive fabric mesh, enveloping its beveled rectangular shape for an excellent wireless audio experience playing music, your favorite podcasts, and any other audio using Wi-Fi, Google Cast, or Bluetooth.

It'll respond to the ubiquitous "Hey Google" command and easily integrates into your intelligent home system. It also features a switch at the back of the device to power the microphone off. 

Its attractive yet compact design belts out exceptional quality sound and adaptive audio. You can purchase sky blue, sage, sand, or charcoal devices to fit with any home décor. 

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  1. Vivint Home Security System

The Vivint Home Security System integrates with several innovative home platforms, like Amazon Echo, Google Home, and the Philips Hue smart lighting technology.

Vivint also offers users a wide range of the best high-end equipment, from outdoor cameras to the August Smart Lock Pro. You can use the doorbell camera to see what's happening outside your home, talk to anyone ringing your doorbell without opening it, and receive notifications if someone loiters outside your door.

The Vivint is pricey, but it's a full-service home security system that doesn't leave out any critical components. It includes professional security system maintenance and repairs and a lifetime equipment warranty. However, you can save money by purchasing a complete package instead of individual products.


  1. Philips Hue White and Color A19 Medium Lumen Smart Bulb

Philips became famous for its incandescent bulbs; now, it's also becoming famous for its intelligent bulbs. The Philips Hue Ambiance bulbs are some of the best available, featuring extensive customization options powered by an efficient, bright bulb. 

This bulb is the equivalent of a 75W-incandescent bulb, and it can blast out 1,100 lumens of bright light, making it capable of servicing any location requiring high luminosity. It comes in a white color temperature range from 2000K to 6500K, giving a warm white while winding down at night or a cool white for energizing you each morning and during the day.

The bulb can be dimmed, allowing a variety of mood settings from its 16.7 million color options. A direct Bluetooth connection is all you need to control this bulb but using Zigbee or perhaps a Hue Bridge gives you more advanced control for more extensive lighting requirements.

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  1. Arlo Essential Video Doorbell 

If security is your primary concern, then installing a smart video doorbell is an excellent introduction to the best smart technology for home use when building your system. Arlo's latest product release is a terrifically convenient upgrade for your home security infrastructure.

You can easily communicate with anyone that comes to your door using the H.D. direct-to-mobile video and two-way audio. This wireless device is a snap to install, even if you have no expertise with electrical wiring. Adding night vision with a viewing range spanning 180 degrees creates a reliable security strategy all year round.

The motion detection sensor alerts you to use the live video monitor to see who's approaching your door before they ring the bell. You can engage in two-way communication with the person, play pre-recorded messages or have visitors leave you messages if you're away.

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  1. Ecobee Smart Thermostat

For a smart technology for homes that pay for itself, you must investigate the Ecobee Smart Thermostat. It's a little pricey at $250+, but it works with almost every intelligent home system on the market, and since it saves a significant amount of money on utility bills, it's more of an investment than an expense.

The device comes with Alexa already included, and it's compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and SmartThings. The voice assistances allow you to control your thermostat through voice commands, which is perfect for couch potatoes who are vertically challenged during the Super Bowl game.

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  1. August Smart Lock and Keypad 

The August Smart Lock and Keypad increase your security and convenience by allowing you to replace your existing deadbolt with this technological marvel. Forget about wondering if you locked your doors because you can lock and unlock your home in a few clicks on your smartphone. 

It comes in handy if you lock yourself out of the house. Each family member has a personalized code, and the system keeps a digital record each time someone enters or leaves the house.

August's Smart Lock is also compatible with Phillips Hue, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.

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  1. Echo Show

When smart audio devices were introduced to home automation, they advanced the smart home industry by a quantum leap. They play music upon command, and they also answer questions when asked. They were cutting-edge smart technology for homes in their day, but, alas, the sun is setting on that era.

The intelligent device industry is poised to take another quantum leap by introducing smart displays. You can think of smart displays as smart speakers built into an interactive touch screen. They obey commands like a smart speaker, but they'll also show you the artist performing the song you requested. Ask about the weather, and you'll not only hear the forecast, but you can also glance at the screen and see the entire week's predictions in the blink of an eye. Smart displays like the Echo Show do everything smart speakers do and much more.

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  1. TP-Link Archer AXE200

TP-Link has put the "smart" in "Smart Router" with its innovative sensing feature that optimizes signal strength without manual intervention.

The way it works is the TP-Link Archer AXE200 continuously monitors real-time device utilization rates and network conditions to determine the ideal positioning of its antennas. For example, suppose you're in your living room streaming a video and decide to continue watching in the den. In that case, the AXE200 will track your movements and adaptively adjust its antennas to ensure you continue receiving the best possible signal strength in your new location. 

Some of the most notable features included are intelligent antennas that change position to maintain signal strength, next-gen 2.0 quad-core processing, a 10G data transmission port, mesh network capability, HomeShield firewall protection, parental control, and secure IoT monitoring. 

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Smart home technology and home automation are often used interchangeably to refer to intelligent devices that monitor, control, and automate your home. Smart home technology for apartments and detached residences use an internet connection and interface like a panel, laptop, or mobile device to manage the system, whereas older "simple" smart technology for homes like motorized drapes and garage door openers only requires a manual switch or hand operated remote control device. 

When compared to older, simpler home technology, smart home integration requires a higher upfront investment, but the payoff is much bigger. Today's best smart home technology systems make life simpler, safer, cheaper, and more comfortable, yet the industry is only beginning to exploit its true potential. Evvr can offer you a comprehensive smart home solution whether you are an integrator, professional installer, distributor, or DIYer.  Get in touch with us and book a sample product today!

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