Energy Efficient Electric Stove for Your Smart Kitchen Energy Efficient Electric Stove for Your Smart Kitchen

Energy Efficient Electric Stove for Your Smart Kitchen

Discover the latest advancements in energy-saving technology and learn how to optimize your cooking experience while reducing your carbon footprint. Explore tips, recommendations, and innovative features of electric stoves to create delicious meals with minimal energy!

Are you someone who loves spending time in the kitchen, experimenting with new recipes, and creating delicious meals for your family? If so, you're probably no stranger to the importance of having the right appliances in your kitchen. In today's fast-paced world, where convenience and sustainability go hand in hand, finding energy-efficient solutions for your smart kitchen is a top priority.

That’s why we will explore the fascinating world of energy-efficient electric stoves and their immense benefits for your smart kitchen today. We will delve into the key features that make these stoves stand out, the innovative technologies behind their energy efficiency, and the positive impact they have on the environment.

Whether you're a cooking enthusiast, an eco-conscious homeowner, or someone looking to upgrade their kitchen appliances, this blog post will provide valuable insights and guidance on choosing the perfect energy-efficient electric stove for your smart kitchen.

Why Do We Need an Electric Stove?

Electric stoves have become a popular choice for homeowners due to several compelling reasons. Let's explore why having an electric stove in your kitchen is advantageous:

Increased Safety

Electric stoves eliminate the need for open flames, reducing the risk of accidental fires or gas leaks. This makes them a safer option, especially for households with children or pets.

Reduces Energy Consumption

Electric stoves are known for their energy efficiency. They convert a high percentage of the energy they consume into heat, resulting in minimal waste. This efficiency can help lower your energy bills and reduce your environmental impact.

Precise Temperature Control

Electric stoves offer precise temperature control, allowing you to achieve accurate and consistent cooking results. Whether you're simmering sauces or searing meats, electric stoves provide the necessary control for a wide range of cooking techniques.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning an electric stove is relatively simple. The smooth, flat surface of electric cooktops makes wiping away spills and splatters effortless. Additionally, electric stoves do not have burners or grates that require regular cleaning and maintenance.


Electric stoves come in various styles and designs, offering versatility to match different kitchen aesthetics. They can seamlessly blend into modern, sleek kitchens or complement traditional kitchen designs.

Upgrade your kitchen with an electric stove for a safer, more energy-efficient, and versatile cooking experience. Enjoy precise temperature control, easy maintenance, and reduced carbon footprint. Elevate your culinary prowess today!

energy efficient electric stove

Electric Stove Power Consumption - How Much Power Does An Electric Stove Use?

Electric stoves typically consume between 2,000 and 5,000 watts of power. On average, the wattage of an electric stove is around 3,000 watts. This power consumption can vary based on the specific model, size, and features of the stove. It's important to consider the power requirements of an electric stove when planning your kitchen's electrical capacity to ensure that it can handle the load without any issues.

What Kind Of Cord Does An Electric Stove Use?

An electric stove typically uses a stove power cord that matches the electrical requirements of the appliance. In most cases, an electric stove will require a cord that can handle a 240-volt power supply and a current rating of either 50 amps or 40 amps, depending on the size of the range. For a larger range, a 50-amp electric stove power cord is commonly used, while a smaller range may require a 40-amp cord. It is important to ensure that the cord is properly wired with the appropriate gauge wire, such as #6-gauge wire for a 50-amp circuit and #8-gauge wire for a 40-amp circuit, to ensure safe and efficient operation. 

Tips To Save Energy When Using An Electric Stove

Saving energy when using an electric stove is not only beneficial for the environment but can also help reduce your energy bills. Here are some tips to maximize energy efficiency while cooking:

energy efficient electric stove

Match Cookware To Burner Size

Using appropriately sized pots and pans for each burner ensures efficient heat transfer. Avoid using oversized cookware on small burners, as this leads to energy waste.

Cook with Lids On

When cooking on the stovetop, covering your pots and pans with lids helps trap heat, allowing food to cook faster and using less energy. This simple step can significantly reduce cooking time and energy consumption.

Skip Unnecessary Preheating

Unless a recipe explicitly calls for preheating, you can often skip this step. Electric stoves heat up quickly, so preheating is often unnecessary and wastes energy. Start heating the stove once you're ready to begin cooking.

Adjust Burner Settings

Use the appropriate heat setting for your cooking needs. Once the desired temperature is reached, consider lowering the heat. Many dishes can continue cooking on lower heat settings, reducing energy usage without compromising the final result.

Time Your Cooking Wisely

Be mindful of your cooking time and avoid overcooking. Turning off the stove a few minutes before the recommended cooking time ends allows residual heat to finish the cooking process efficiently.

Keep The Stovetop Clean

A clean stovetop promotes better heat distribution. Regularly clean up spills and food debris to ensure maximum contact between the cookware and the heating elements, improving energy efficiency.

Minimize Oven Door Openings

Opening the oven door during cooking releases a significant amount of heat, causing the oven to work harder to maintain the desired temperature. Check on your food through the oven window or use a timer to reduce the need for frequent door openings.

Unplug Or Switch Off When Not In Use

When you're done using the electric stove, consider unplugging it or turning off the power at the circuit breaker. Even in standby mode, appliances can consume energy, so taking this extra step helps eliminate any wasted power.

If you can incorporate these realistic energy-saving tips into your cooking routine, you can make a noticeable difference in reducing energy consumption while still enjoying the convenience and benefits of your electric stove.

EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug&Relay - Transform Your Stove To Energy Efficient Smart Stove

If you’re a traditional stove owner and want to experience some of the benefits of smart stoves, you can bring in the EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug. Let’s find out how it will help you:

Controlling Your Stove Remotely

With the smart plug and relay, stove owners can gain remote control over their appliances. Whether you're in another room or outside the house, you can easily turn the stove on or off using the EVVR App. This feature brings convenience and peace of mind, allowing you to ensure that the stove is not left unattended or to preheat it before you arrive home.

Monitoring Energy Consumption

One of the biggest issues with electric stoves is the amount of energy they consume. Energy Monitoring Smart Plug’s energy monitoring capabilities enable stove owners to track the hourly energy consumption of their appliance with high accuracy. Using the EVVR App, you can view real-time power data and monitor how much energy your stove is consuming. This information empowers you to make informed decisions about energy usage and potentially reduce electricity costs.

Safety Features

Another crucial factor while using electric stoves is safety factors. You should be extra careful when you’re connecting any sort of electric component with your electric stove. That’s why Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay is designed with safety in mind.

It provides overload and thermal protection, reducing the risk of electrical fires. It can carry currents up to 16 amps, making it compatible with high-power stoves. The Magnetic Retention Relay ensures stability, preventing switch state changes during upgrades. These safety features provide stove owners with peace of mind while using their appliance.

Integration with Smart Home Systems

The Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay is compatible with Apple HomeKit. This integration allows you to control your stove through voice commands using Siri or the Home App. By incorporating the stove into your smart home system, you can create automation scenes and seamlessly control multiple devices simultaneously.

energy monitoring smart plug

Convenient Set-Up Process

The product offers a plug-and-play setup, making it accessible even for individuals without electrical know-how.  Here is how the process looks like:

  1. Plug the Energy Monitoring Smart Plug into a nearby power outlet.
  2. Connect the stove's power cable to the Energy Monitoring Smart Relay.
  3. Control the stove's power using:
  • HomeKit integration through the HomeKit app or voice commands with Siri.
  • The EVVR App on your smartphone or tablet for remote control.
  • The built-in button on the smart plug and relay for manual control.
  • Monitor the stove's energy consumption in real-time and view hourly energy data through the EVVR App or a compatible monitoring interface.

This straightforward installation process ensures that you can quickly start enjoying the benefits of a smart stove without any complicated wiring or setup procedures.

Final thoughts

Choosing an energy-efficient electric stove for your smart kitchen offers numerous benefits. It reduces your carbon footprint, provides greater control and convenience, and enhances safety. With advanced technology and smart features, these stoves optimize energy consumption and fit seamlessly into modern kitchens. And if you don’t want to invest in a new smart stove, you can just plug up your traditional one with the Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and turn it into a smart stove.

If you're ready to upgrade your kitchen with an energy-efficient electric stove, contact us today. Our team of experts will help you out right away!

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