How does a lamp dimmer work? What's the difference? How does a lamp dimmer work? What's the difference?

How does a lamp dimmer work? What's the difference?

Lamp Dimmer Switches are becoming pretty common nowadays. It gives you the freedom and option to control the lighting in your house or office with convenience. There is a difference between a switch and a dimmer. A switch has the job of turning on/off while the dimmer controls the intensity of the light. People use it to set the mood or to conserve energy as well.

It has often happened that you find your electricity bill to be very high. The reason is that you have been using high-power bulbs that work at a certain electric range. Lamp dimmers have been introduced for some time. You have been using it as a table lamp with a dimmer, a floor lamp with a dimmer, etc.

The Evvr in-wall relay switch is not a dimmer, but it is a perfect switch for on/off purposes. It works with all sorts of lighting and is even compatible with Zigbee and z-wave. We will discuss it more later.

Difference between a dimmer switch and an Led dimmer switch

These conventional dimmer lamps use incandescent dimmers. This lamp dimmer switch focuses on dimming the light bulbs only. They don't have any concerns about how much energy it consumes. The use of an adjustable resistor in line with the wire that manages the electric voltage. It is commonly used with floor lamps with dimmer, table lamps with dimmer, etc.

A more sophisticated type of bulb dimmer switch is the LED dimmer switch. Dimming the light helps them conserve electricity. Our eyes interpret the light emanating from the LED bulbs as continuous, even though they are rapidly turning on and off. This is because the speed of the pulses is so high.

Due to their design, dimmable LED bulbs are compatible with LED dimmer switches. They are unlikely to function with halogen or incandescent bulbs. The traditional dimmer light switches that you encounter in various locations are typically compatible with halogen lamps and typically support 40 watts. On the other hand, the LED bulb is a relatively modern design that may also be used at 20 watts.

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How does a lamp dimmer work

A dimmer's job is to control the light on incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent lamps. Modern LED bulbs are an energy-efficient and advanced form of lamp dimmer switch. How does it work? Let's discuss that in detail.

The AC voltage is essentially cut in order for a light switch to operate. This limits the amount of waveform that can reach the lamp. The brightness of the bulb is determined by the amount of power delivered; therefore, the more the waveform is sliced, the darker the lamp gets. The main power source consists of an alternating current that travels over the cable in two directions at a frequency of 50 or 60 hertz.

This waveform would resemble a stretched S shape turned on its side if we were to gaze at it. The zero-crossing point is the location where a line drawn through the center crosses zero. No current is moving at the moment in either direction. A dimmer is electronically linked to turning the power ON or OFF at this point. The waveform can be chopped at the zero-crossing point to achieve smooth dimming without the bulb flickering. 

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A Triac is used as the power control component in the construction of light dimmers. These electronic components are transistor-like semiconductors. They have an electronic circuit that controls when they switch on. Once it crosses the next zero point, it stays on. The delay caused by the electronic circuit corresponds to how dim the bulb is before the control device is turned back on. The light output is smooth because the load's small capacitance filters the chopped waveform. 

There are two terminals in Triac, i.e., TE1/TE2, which are known as power in and load out. Since the current can flow in either direction, the main terminals are connected to both the p and n regions. Since a Triac can be activated by both negative and positive pulses, the gate is similarly connected. 

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Q: How does the light get dim?

Ans: There are components inside the dimmer that turn it on and off the light. Triac plays an important role in this dimming procedure.

Q: Do dimmer lights come with screws and instructions?

Ans: Yes, any standard dimmer light that you buy will have the screws and an installation instruction guide with them.

Q: Will we see the switch light flickering with frequent switching on and off of lights?

Ans: No, you will not see dim light flickering. It is so quickly done that the light level stays constant no matter how high or low you go with the dimmer switch.

Q: Is a halogen lamp affected by dimming light?

Ans: Yes, you will see an increased life of the halogen lamp with a light dimmer. It is simply because less use of energy will result in the long life of the halogen lamp.

Q: Can we get a replacement plate with a light dimmer switch?

Ans: No, the replacement plate is not included in the supply of the light dimmer switch.

Q: Does the standard dimmer switch comes in a common style?

Ans: The light dimmer switches are present in a variety of styles. Some of the common ranges of plates in dimmer switches are standard plates, screwless plates, and ultra-flat plates. The preferences can be made based on your room and personal liking.

Q: What is the meaning when it says minimum load 20 watts and 40 watts?

Ans: If you look at the standard dimmer that supports halogen, it has 40 watts. The 20-watt or low-load dimmers are designed for LEDs.

Q: What are trailing edge dimmers?

Ans: Trailing edge dimmers use insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) to modify the trailing edge of the waveform. In simple words, they are the advanced form of the dimmer light switch.

Q: What is the buzzing sound in dimmer?

Ans: The poor-quality dimmers often make a buzzing or even a sound of humming.

Q: What are leading-edge dimmers?

Ans: This is the most common and oldest form of dimmer switch around. They use triodes for alternate current (TRIAC).

Q: Are all the dimmer switches compatible with all the lights?

Ans: No, they are not. It is suggested you check the compatibility before making the purchase.


A lamp dimmer switch is slowly becoming an essential part of our everyday household. With the advancements in technology, more inventions are being made. Previously, we have been using a dimmer for floor lamps, table lamps with a dimmer, etc. Nowadays, all our household lighting is now converted to lamp dimmer switches. Whether it is our home or workplace, this provides a pleasant atmosphere that we can control according to our mood.

The Evvr in-wall relay switch is not a dimmer but a companion switch for light dimmer switches. It works with Apple HomeKit and is also compatible with Zigbee, Z-wave and HomeKit. Whether it is your home or workplace, the Evvr in-wall relay switch is a safe choice because it has been trusted with various certifications such as CE, FCC, UKCA, RoSH, and WEEE.

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Even if the wall switch is turned off, you can still control your dimmer lamp because this in-wall relay switch stays connected. It is also compatible with smart home devices such as Alexa, Homekit, and Google Assistant. Whether you are using dimmer lamps in your old house or new, the Evvr in-wall relay switch will provide a convenient connection. It is compact in size and works with all sorts of switches, such as toggle switches, momentary push buttons, or even remote buttons.

You can contact us for its complete functionality and how it is the right choice if you are using smart accessories for your home or workplace. 

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