How to Control Lights with Alexa - Alexa Smart Lights Guide How to Control Lights with Alexa - Alexa Smart Lights Guide

How to Control Lights with Alexa - Alexa Smart Lights Guide

Want to learn how to control lights with Alexa in your smart home? This guide covers it all! Get EVVR Center Lite to streamline smart devices and appliances across your home.

Alexa is a virtual assistant that may be summoned or commanded through a user's voice. To keep you informed, entertained, safe, connected, and organized, she can play music, manage your smart home, respond to inquiries, and activate your preferred services. She is not just your shopper but also an Amazon product.

With its cloud-based platform, Alexa may be accessible via an increasing number of smart speakers and other devices that support her.

The best thing about Alexa is that it can incorporated with a smart hub like EVVR Center Lite to control all the connected appliances and devices in your home. Whether it is a light or a security camera, you can access it by merely commanding the voice assistant to do what you want to!

The Meanings Behind The Name - Alexa

Science fiction served as Alexa's inspiration. According to David Limp, senior vice president at Amazon who directed the project, the goal of Alexa's developers was to recreate the Starship Enterprise's talking computer. 2014 saw the release of both her and the Echo smart speaker.

Alexa's name is intended to suggest Egypt's Ancient Library of Alexandria and be phonetically appropriate.

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Impact of Alexa On Smart Living

The next big thing in technology, after smartphones, is expected to be digital assistants. Being the first major player in the market, Alexa continues to have an advantage over competitors like Google (with Google Assistant), Apple (with Siri), Microsoft (with Cortana), and Samsung (with Bixby).

Thanks to the quick uptake of digital assistants, over 7% of American homes already have a smart speaker. Analysts predicted that in 2020, or in only two years, that number would have increased tenfold. Alexa holds a market share of more than 70% in the interim.

And her influence is spreading worldwide: Amazon revealed in December 2020 that Echo devices will be available in 80 additional countries as part of a significant global expansion. After the 2022 Christmas season, millions of Echo family devices with Alexa built-in were sold by Amazon.

What Can Alexa Do?

Like your smartphone's software, Alexa is powered by "skills" rather than apps. Like your smartphone, Alexa comes pre-installed with several skills, while you may choose which ones to use. Over 25,000 talents are now available on Amazon, many of which are from companies you regularly use. Every day, that collection expands.

Among Alexa's most well-liked skills are the following:

  • Play some tunes.
  • Publish the news
  • Check the temperature and provide sports news.
  • Put podcasts on
  • Listen to the radio live.
  • Manage your smart house.
  • Organize your calendars and lists.
  • Phones and further Alexa-enabled gadgets
  • Set alarms and timers.
  • Put on audiobooks.
  • Locate local company details.
  • Respond to inquiries
  • Perform math.
  • Tell tales.
  • Manage the games
  • Make jokes
  • Call in a ride
  • Purchase dinner.
  • Look up recipes
  • Give history classes.
  • Purchase items on Amazon

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How To Set Up Alexa In Your Smart Home

You must have an Alexa-enabled device in order to use Alexa as your digital assistant. Currently, the majority of customers use smart speakers, such as the Echo lineup from Amazon.

The companion app in the Apple, Google Play, and Amazon app stores allows you to set up, customize, and control Alexa. The web app can be accessed at

In addition to many other administrative duties, the software lets you:

  • Connect devices that Alexa controls to Alexa.
  • Establish your favorite music-streaming and calendar services as defaults, and connect related accounts.
  • Examine and control your timers, alarms, reminders, and lists.
  • See your abilities and make new ones possible.
  • Smart home gadgets for bulk control and group speakers for multi-room audio
  • Put together a quick overview.

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Operating Smart Lights Through Alexa

Alexa uses a smart device to connect and perform your voice requests. You will need an Amazon Echo, a smart lightbulb, and a strong Wi-Fi connection even to operate lighting. To control lighting, Alexa sends your orders over a Wi-Fi network.

The best part about this is that using multiple brands of smart lighting products doesn't require different apps. Alexa allows you to turn on all of the smart lights in your house simultaneously or one at a time. All you have to do is configure them flawlessly on the Alexa app.

Capabilities of Smart Lights

You can accomplish several things with smart lights, such as turning them on or off with a smartphone app or voice control via Alexa. In addition to dimming the light, you can also alter their color.

You may also use smart lights to set timers for your lights. Your lights will, therefore, turn on and off at the appropriate times. Another option is to put up a group of lights that are Alexa-enabled and can function collectively by using the same commands. It also enables the connection of a motion sensor for the lights.

Options For Smart Lighting

You must consider several criteria while selecting from the various varieties of smart lighting. It may be based on the functionality or the price. It's also important to consider Alexa compatibility and determine whether installation is simple. Now, we'll talk about each of these concerning the product.

Smart Bulbs

Using smart bulbs will be a simple solution. One excellent approach to having a smart home device is with smart bulbs, which are simple to operate. Its reasonable price is yet another fantastic feature. Because they may be used for many reasons, smart bulbs come with a lot of functionality. It enables you to utilize it for ambient mood lighting and brightness. You can customize the brightness with the integrated dim feature. It does, however, have certain disadvantages. You must maintain the power to have it respond to your commands. You can turn the smart control back on by flipping the switch. Once more, it won't be appropriate for houses where children might tamper with the light switches.

Smart Switches - EVVR In-Wall Relay Switch

The same physical labor is needed to operate a smart switch as a conventional light switch. However, when you connect it to light, it offers digital control. A smart light is not necessary when using a smart switch. Alexa will control the switch, such as the EVVR In-Wall Relay Switch, during a command, not the lightbulb. You can use smart switches straight from your phone or other smart speakers, and they're fantastic for shutting off wall switches. Not only does it not need to be reset, but it may also fix problems like flickering lights. Installing smart switches takes little time or effort, especially with our user-friendly setup.

Smart Bulb Hubs

Multiple bulbs in your house can be controlled using smart bulb hubs. Getting a wireless hub is all that is required to connect the lights. It functions similarly to a smart bulb router. Sometimes, you might not even need a hub.

Smart Plugs

Additionally, smart plugs function exactly like regular plugs when placed into smart adapters. Certain types of lighting can benefit greatly from this, as it maintains network connectivity without requiring resets. In addition, smart plugs are more affordable for all users, however, they are limited to analog appliances. This won't work well for ceiling lights, though, as you'll need to turn the device on in order to manage the power.

Integrate EVVR Center Lite With Alexa For Innovative Lighting Solutions

Smart appliances and devices need a brain or command center to operate collectively. When you have Amazon Alexa, you can do many things but need more control over your smart home. This is where EVVR Center Lite comes into the picture. With a solid connection and data security through local storage and processing, you have peace of mind while at lightning speed to dispatch and execute your commands. So, what are you waiting for?

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