How to replace a dimmer switch? Best Dimmer Switch in 2022 How to replace a dimmer switch? Best Dimmer Switch in 2022

How to replace a dimmer switch? Best Dimmer Switch in 2022

The use of dimmer switches is increasing day by day, but the trouble is deciding the one for you that fits your needs and how to replace a dimmer switch with the best dimmer switch. Hard choices, right? No worries, we got your back.

Technology has made today’s life easier and simpler. It has shaped our lifestyle and how we experience living in the comfort of our own homes. A dimmer switch can change the ambiance of a home. By setting the intensity, you can set the mood for a romantic or a Football night.

Lighting can also affect your sleep as it can directly impact your ability to fall and stay asleep. How so?

Exposure to bright lights can 'interfere' with circadian rhythms, and the dim lights will smoothen up your journey to fall asleep. Having a dimmer switch can shape the quality of your lifestyle and sleep.

Dimmer switches have plenty to offer. However, replacing a dimmer switch may sound like a highly complicated task. We will show you how to replace a regular switch with a dimmer switch and talk about the Best dimmer switch for LEDs in 2022 in our guide.

How do Dimmer Switches Work?

As we know, not all dimmer switches are of the same kind, and they may work differently. If you are considering installing a dimmer switch but do not know how it works, we have an answer cooked for anyone to understand.

Everyone knows that we need electricity to run the lights, oven, or basically for all electrical devices. But not all electrical devices consume the same amount of energy.

The dimmer switch controls the amount of electricity flowing through the circuit into the lights. And by altering the amount of electricity through the circuit intensity of the light is controlled.

The biggest benefit of using a dimmer switch is that you can customize the brightness of the light based on your activity and lifestyle.

Moreover, it minimizes energy consumption as well as your electricity bills. The efficient use of technology is always a money saver. On the Con side, not all bulbs are suitable for the dimmer switch. So, either you must have one that is supportive beforehand or have to buy a new one. You can find out more details aboutHow does a dimmer switch work.

How to replace a regular switch with a Dimmer switch?

Whether your switch is damaged or you wish to convert it to a dimmer switch, the procedure, precautions, and tools needed to get the work done remain the same. Firstly. We will look into the tools that we will need to replace the light switch with a dimmer switch. The list is given below. 

  • A Screwdriver
  • A Needlenose plier
  • Wire stripper
  • A Voltage tester
  • The Dimmer Switch
  • Several wire Caps 

Once you have all 6 of these arranged, it's time we look into precautions.


There are basically two precautions to highlight in this case.

  • Before you start any work, make sure that the power to your light switch is turned off.
  • You might still have power due to a wire malfunction. So, even though you have turned off your switch, use a voltage tester to be double sure that the switch has no power.

Replacing a Regular switch with a Dimmer switch

Now, let us look into the procedure of replacing a regular switch with a dimmer switch.

Open the Switch's Terminal

Firstly, unscrew the 3 or 4 terminal screws on the side of the switch, and then pull it open. You will find either 3 wires or 4 wires, depending on the switch.

For a single pole switch, you expect 3 wires: a black wire(hot wire) leading back to the power source, a black/ red wire leading back to the light fixture, and a green ground wire. For a 3-way switch, you expect 4 wires- a black wire(hot wire) leading back to the power source, 2 black/ red wires leading back to the light fixture, and lastly, a green ground wire.

For safety reasons, mark the hot wire with red tape before proceeding to the next steps.

Unscrew the Terminals

Use a screwdriver to turn all the terminal screws clockwise until it becomes loose. After it is loose, unhook them.

Connect the Green Wires

The green wire of the dimmer switch and the green wire from the terminal must be merged. Bring the wires next to each other and twist them with needle-nose pliers. Lastly, put wire caps over them.

If they have screws, loop the green wire around the screw and tighten it with a screwdriver.

Connect the Hot Wires Connect

The hot wire of the dimmer switch and the green wire from the terminal must be merged. Bring the wires next to each other and twist them with needle nose pliers. Lastly, put wire caps over them.

If they have screws, loop the hot wire around the screw and tighten it with a screwdriver.

Common and Traveler Wires for a 3-way Switch

This is for a 3-way switch only. With your pliers, hook on the end of the taped wire and loop it around the black common terminal screw. Hook 1 traveler wire that is red or black onto each of the brass terminal screws. In the end, tighten all the screws with a screwdriver.

Reattach the Switch & Turn ON the Power

Now, push back the wires into the electric box and position the switch accordingly. Make sure ON is located at the top. Secure the mounting screws back on the switch. Please find more details in How to wire a dimmer switch.

Best Dimmer Switch for LED in 2022

So far, you have learned about the dimmer switch, how the dimmer switch works, and how to change the light switch to a dimmer switch. Now, we will look into the 3 best dimmer switches for LEDs in 2022.

Lutron Ariadni/Toggler LED+ Dimmer

This is the overall best dimmer switch on our list. Lutron Ariadni Dimmer comes with a separate switch and a dimmer that is compatible with a single-pole dimmer and a 3-way dimmer. The "separated" feature allows you to preset the brightness level before switching ON the light.

Moreover, you can add up to 17bulbs(150-watt bulbs) at once with this switch, making it the ideal gadget for recessed lighting. There is an adjuster under the plate cover to fine-tune the dimmer's range.

replace dimmer switch


  • The switch is very easy to install and use.
  • It contains up to 250 lighting levels
  • Supports up to 17 lights (150-watt bulbs)
  • Customizable dimness


  • Wall plate is not included, and you have to buy it separately
  • The switch works only with a 3-way circuit

TREAT LIFE Smart Dimmer Switch

Second on our list is our best upgrade pick you can go for. You can connect it with Alexa or Google Assistant, and then everything within the power of the TREAT LIFE Smart Dimmer Switch can be controlled with a voice command. The switch contains push-button panel features that allow you to control dimming even in the dark. Further, the LED indicator light makes it easier to find in the dark.

The switch can support up to 150 watts for LEDs and CFLs and 400 watts for incandescent bulbs. Due to its wireless feature, you can control your lighting even when you are not at home.

replace dimmer switch


  • Compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Comes with Touch-button controls with LED light for enhanced visibility.
  • Depending on the bulb, the switch ranges from 150-400 watt capacity, providing a broad range of watts to choose from.
  • The dimmer can also be used to control ceiling fans.


  • Unlike other advanced smart switches, a neutral wire is required during installation for this switch.
  • The switch is only compatible with single-pole switches.
  • It may become useless when 5G becomes mainstream as the switch is not compatible with it.

TanTan Smart Dimmer Switch

TanTan Smart Dimmer is one of the most advanced Dimmer switches on our list. Whether you are controlling it manually or through a wireless connection, TanTan always makes it convenient.

TanTan comes as a four-pack of Wi-Fi smart dimmer, and they function as a group to create different scenes for different activities. For LED light bulbs, each dimmer switch has a capacity of 150W, and for Incandescent bulbs, each dimmer switch has a capacity of 400W.


  • Being compatible with WiFi, Alexa, and even Google Home, it offers maximum connectivity options.
  • You can control lights with only voice commands, via a smartphone app, or even manually.
  • Added remote control for convenient wireless connectivity.


  • Does not support high wattage.
  • Works only with LED or incandescent bulbs, not with other types of bulb-like fluorescent.
  • You must have a neutral wire for the switches to work.

FAQs of replacing a dimmer switch

Can I change a dimmer switch myself?

Most dimmers are designed to fit a standard wall box opening, which makes it easy to replace the switch for any incandescent or halogen light with a dimmer.

Why does my dimmer switch have 2 black wires?

The two black wires connect to the black lead to the switch supply power to the switch/dimmer. The blue wire from the switch connected to the other black wire is the switched-hot going to the light.

What happens if you don't ground a dimmer switch?

When you don’t ground a dimmer switch, you put your body at risk of completing a circuit holding lethal electrical charges.

Are red and black wires interchangeable?

Yes, red and black wires positions are interchangeable.

How can you tell if a light switch is grounded?

If you place the neutral probe on the screw on the front of the faceplate or into the third-prong on a three-prong outlet, a properly grounded outlet will still light up the tester. If the grounding test does not produce light in the tester, the outlet is not properly grounded.

Bottom Line

Dimmer switches are incredible add ons to your house. You can control the intensity of lights, better the sleep quality and cut your electric bill down to a certain degree.

We’ve talked about some of the Best Dimmer Switches for LED in 2022, which can help you achieve the benefits mentioned above.

What are you waiting for? Get the Best Dimmer Switches for LED in 2022 and transform your smart home system right away! Evvr can offer you a comprehensive smart home solution whether you are an integrator, professional installer, distributor, or DIYer.  Get in touch with us and become our partner today!

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