Preparing Energy Efficient Smart Ceiling Fan for the Upcoming Summer 2023 Preparing Energy Efficient Smart Ceiling Fan for the Upcoming Summer 2023

Preparing Energy Efficient Smart Ceiling Fan for the Upcoming Summer 2023

One of the significant benefits of a smart ceiling fan is its convenience. It lets you control the fan's speed, direction, and light using your smartphone …

Technology is changing how we live by turning all appliances into smart ones, and ceiling fans are no exception. Smart and energy-efficient ceiling fans aren't limited to just cooling your home and are quickly changing the way we interact with our homes and the environment. Unlike traditional fans, these fans offer energy efficiency, reduce carbon footprint, maximize comfort, and make life easier. Due to these exciting features, the smart ceiling fans market is rapidly growing.

According to Market Watch, the global smart ceiling fans market is expected to reach $775 million by 2028. So, if you are planning to get a smart ceiling fan and want to know more about this device, along with the top options, we have you covered. Let's dive into the details!

Difference Between Smart Fan and Normal Fan

Typically, regular ceiling fans are the ones that are operated using a pull chain or a switch. You can adjust the fan's speed using the pull chain connected to the fan. However, a regular or remote control ceiling fan doesn't provide any additional features other than providing cool air and improving the overall air circulation in your room. In contrast, a smart fan has wireless connectivity, and you can easily control it using any smart device.

You can also command your smart ceiling fan via compatible voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. With an intelligent ceiling fan, you enjoy features like automatically turning it on and off and adjusting speed based on room temperature or humidity.

smart ceiling fan

What Does a Smart Ceiling Fan Do?

A smart ceiling fan significantly changes your everyday life and offers multiple benefits. Here's what a smart ceiling fan can do for you:

1. Monitor Energy Usage

Smart ceiling fans typically have energy monitoring features that allow you to monitor their overall energy usage. This means you can see how much energy your fan uses and adjust the settings accordingly. Resultantly, you'll save energy and see a reduction in your energy bills.

2. Increases Home Value

Installing a smart ceiling fan or any other smart technology in your home significantly increases its value. It's because innovative home technology is becoming increasingly popular, and homebuyers are investing in homes with smart features. When you install a smart ceiling fan in your home, you make it more attractive to potential buyers. This means you can sell it for a higher price and save more on your property.

3. Maximum Comfort and Convenience

One of the significant benefits of a smart ceiling fan is its convenience. It lets you control the fan's speed, direction, and light using your smartphone or voice commands. This means you can easily manage your fan without leaving your comfort space.

Additionally, some smart ceiling fans can be programmed to turn on or off automatically based on your preferences, offering great convenience. For example, you can set the fan to turn on and off when the room reaches a specific temperature to get a comfortable sleep.

How Much Electricity Does a Ceiling Fan Use?

Typically, how much energy does a ceiling fan use depends upon several factors, and these include:

  • Size of the fan
  • Duration of fan usage
  • Air delivery rate
  • Brand of your fan

On average, an electrical ceiling fan uses around 75 watts of energy. However, a fan with a 36 inches blade uses around 55 watts while a 48 inches blade fan consumes approximately 75 watts.

Best Smart Ceiling Fans for 2023

Now that you are aware of the many benefits of a smart ceiling fan, you must be looking for some exciting picks. Here are the best smart ceiling options to try in 2023:

1. Hunter Symphony Smart Ceiling Fan

When it comes to an aesthetically pleasing look at an affordable price, there's nothing better than the Hunter Symphony Smart Ceiling Fan. This fan not only works with HomeKit but also with Amazon Alexa for easy voice control. With its sleek design, featuring three plastic blades and a large WhisperWind motor, the Symphony fan runs quietly and efficiently.

Additionally, it provides you with optimal air movement with its 13-degree blade pitch. Two 9.8 Watt integrated light bulbs offer light and comfort in one stylish package. It has three colors, so you can choose matte black, white, or nickel finishes to suit your style.

smart ceiling fan

Key Features:

  • Integrated two 9.8 Watt light bulbs
  • Sleek design with matte black, white, or nickel finishes available
  • Compatible with Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa
  • Three plastic blades with a 13-degree pitch for optimal air movement
  • WhisperWind motor supports both clockwise and counterclockwise movements

2. SMAAIR Smart Daisy Fan

This fantastic smart fan is designed to look like a daisy and is a perfect gift for girls. With strong ABS blades and a sleek white finish, this fan can be controlled through an app on your phone. Therefore, you can adjust the lighting (white, warm, or yellow) and wind speeds (up to 10 levels) and set a sleep timer for up to 8 hours remotely. You can also control the fan and illumination separately.

What's the best part? This smart ceiling fan is voice-activated and can be controlled through Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri. Plus, with a 75% energy-efficient DC motor, you can enjoy powerful airflow without worrying about high electricity bills. The reversible motor allows for year-round use, while the quiet performance ensures you can relax and enjoy your sleep without any unwanted noise.

smart ceiling fan

Key features:

  • Sleep timer for up to 8 hours and separate control of fan and illumination
  • Daisy-shaped design with strong ABS blades and white finish
  • Energy-efficient DC motor with 75% energy savings compared to traditional AC motors
  • Super bright LED kit with 1800 lumens and adjustable color temperature (2700K-4000K)

3. Atomi Smart Ceiling Fan

Looking to take your home's air care to the next level? The Atomi Smart WiFi 52" Ceiling Fan is the perfect solution! Designed for large rooms up to 20 feet, this fan will create a comfortable atmosphere in your master bedroom, living room, or den. Featuring a 3-speed, whisper-quiet motor and built-in LED lights, this fan will keep your home comfortable and illuminated. It has WiFi connectivity, which makes controlling it a breeze.

Just download the free and award-winning Atomi Smart app and operate it with your smartphone. You can also use voice commands with your Google Assistant or Alexa to control your fan. Additionally, its brushed aluminum black steel finish and high-gloss powder gray wooden blades are sure to complement any decor!

smart ceiling fan

Key Features:

  • Atomi Smart WiFi 52" Ceiling Fan is perfect for large rooms up to 20 feet
  • Can be installed and used in covered outdoor areas
  • 3-speed, whisper-quiet motor for optimal comfort
  • Built-in LED lights for added convenience
  • WiFi connection for easy control with the free Atomi Smart app
  • Compatible with Google Assistant or Alexa's voice commands 

4. SMAFAN Smart Ceiling Fan

SMAFAN smart fan is among the best energy-efficient ceiling fans that are 52 inches in size. Its sleek black wood finish and elegant gold metal connectors give your space a unique and aesthetic touch. Made with high-quality materials, its ultra-light plywood fan blades are built to last and withstand tough conditions.

You can control this fan from anywhere using Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri Shortcuts, or the Carrohome App. Additionally, it lets you experience powerful yet silent airflow with the advanced 10-speed DC motor. So, you can switch between downdraft and updraft modes for all-season comfort!

smart ceiling fan

Key Features:

  • Elegant gold-and-black design with high-quality materials
  • Ultra-light and durable plywood fan blades
  • Convenient 3-way control via voice, remote, or smartphone app
  • Advanced 10-speed reversible DC motor for powerful yet whisper-quiet airflow
  • Energy-efficient LED light kit with warm and cool light options

Can I Turn a Regular Fan into a Smart One?

You can easily turn your traditional fan into a smart one using a smart plug. Smart plugs are the devices that make all your connected appliances smart and offer excellent automation. The best smart plug in this regard is the EVVR Smart Energy Monitor Plug and Relay. It offers exciting features and takes your home automation to the next level!

EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay

EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay is an incredible option for anyone who wants to make their regular fans smart. This innovative device seamlessly connects all your devices, old and new. At the same time, its Apple Homekit compatibility makes it easy to manage and control remotely from anywhere, at any time. It has a simple design and a small size that easily fits into your existing electrical box.

Additionally, this Smart Energy Monitor Plug and Relay regularly update your hourly usage, allowing you to keep track of your energy consumption and save money on your bills. Plus, it's a real energy saver itself, consuming a mere 10% of the energy of other devices in its category.

smart ceiling fan

Key Features:

  • Can carry current up to 16 amps
  • Compatible with Homekit for seamless device connectivity
  • Remote management and control from anywhere, anytime
  • Easy-to-install design compatible with 2-core or 3-core cables
  • Hourly usage updates to help save on energy bills
  • Consumes 90% less energy than other devices in the category
  • Sleek split-type design with hidden switches
  • Thermal and overload protection for safety against electrical shocks.


A smart ceiling fan can take your home automation experience to a new level. It offers features like comfort, increasing home value, integration with other smart devices, and more. However, if you find a smart ceiling fan expensive and want a more affordable alternative, the EVVR Smart Energy Monitor Plug and Relay is the best choice. This plug turns your regular fan into a smart one, offering advanced features and excellent energy saving.

Additionally, there are other products, such as EVVR Hub, EVVR Center Lite, etc., that offer you maximum convenience. So, visit our website now and get your hands on the latest tech innovations!

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