Use Smart Hospital Technology to Create Hospital Automation System Use Smart Hospital Technology to Create Hospital Automation System

Use Smart Hospital Technology to Create Hospital Automation System

A smart hospital enhances the productivity & efficiency of healthcare professionals. Improper healthcare facilities are among the leading causes of deaths …

The population of the world is continuously increasing, putting immense pressure on the healthcare department. Especially during COVID, hospitals had to deal with hundreds and thousands of patients, resulting in high healthcare service demands. Hence, dealing with huge workloads and spending hours finding the right medical equipment becomes challenging. Looking at this situation, many traditional hospitals are transforming into smart hospitals.

A smart hospital enhances the productivity and efficiency of healthcare professionals. In addition, it facilitates easy management of equipment and patients. So, if you also want to create a smart hospital but don't know the procedure and its benefits, we have you covered. Let's discuss everything in detail!

What is a Smart Hospital?

Typically, a smart hospital comprises all the smart or wireless equipment and devices that have IoT protocols and maximize the productivity of healthcare professionals by helping them in their tasks. You can imagine a smart hospital as a place where different sensors or devices are installed on different floors. These devices communicate with each other through a hub or any other wireless connection and automate many medical as well as other hospital procedures or duties.

Just meet specific parameters, like providing the wireless device connection, like a hub or WiFi, to ensure everything goes smoothly. This gives devices the authority to perform tasks that do not require human interaction, allowing the medical team to focus on other critical tasks. What's the best part? A smart hospital provides patients with smooth and quick care. Hence, it's perfect for everyone who doesn't want to compromise their health and the needed services.

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Smart Hospital Benefits

The smart hospital market is quickly growing, and according to a study, It is anticipated to achieve a value of USD 147.5 billion by 2029. This rapid growth is due to smart hospitals' endless benefits to healthcare departments and patients. So, let's have a look at a few of the best benefits of smart hospitals:

1. Better Patient Care and Experience

All patients want to get treated at a hospital that is efficient in patient care, and most hospitals lack this essential. According to a study, improper care and medical errors have become the third leading cause of death in the US, with over 250,000 every year, which is alarming. So, to ensure your hospital doesn't fall into this category, you can transform it into a smart hospital and pave the way toward excellent patient care. The doctors get real-time information about a patient's condition that helps them achieve better results and maintain a high success ratio.

Moreover, smart medical devices like a smart hospital bed, a drug infuser, a pulse rate monitor, etc., are installed in a smart hospital room, allowing healthcare professionals to make informed decisions. You can also install mobile applications on the bedside tablet that give the patient complete control over their room's lighting, temperature, etc.

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2. Office Work Automation

Besides offering excellent services to patients, hospitals must also ensure that they perform office tasks efficiently. But healthcare departments struggle a lot while managing these tasks because there are often no resources, and they fail to utilize their staff optimally. Also, handing these tasks to humans means adding up more cost, which makes healthcare a luxury.

However, technology has made things very easy, as there are tools and software that automate office tasks smoothly. For instance, the finance and management tools remove billing errors, and the interconnection of smart devices allows providers to stay in touch. Hence, the chances of claims, duplicate tests, etc., are significantly reduced.

3. Efficient Use of Time

In this fast-paced world, patients feel it overwhelming and time-consuming to visit a doctor. It's because a lot of time is spent in the early stages involving the exchange of information, the identification of disease, and treatment. Over the years, this procedure has become very monotonous, and patients want better interaction with their doctors. It's because they want maximum time to discuss their health and plan better care strategies with the healthcare professional.

All this was quite impossible until technology intervened in a traditional hospital system and provided both patients and doctors with smart tools and gadgets that allowed a better exchange of information. For example, nowadays, patients can discuss everything with the doctor using a smart assistant such as Siri or Alexa. So, the doctor makes the final prescription with proper knowledge given by the patient and not from a computerized system. This way, less time is spent, and patients feel more connected throughout the treatment.

The benefits of an innovative hospital aren't limited to this. Instead, you also get to enjoy advantages like better security, improved communication, and providing care in remote areas.

Ways to Create a Smart Hospital

Now that you know what a smart hospital is and its benefits, it's time to discuss different devices or ways to help you establish a smart hospital.

1.  Introduce Robotic Surgery Systems

As mentioned earlier, improper knowledge or slight negligence can result in the loss of precious lives. However, smart hospitals have made this easier for patients and healthcare professionals by introducing robotic surgeons. These surgeons carry out hundreds of error-free surgeries quickly and enhance the productivity of your healthcare team. The Da Vinci surgical system is best in this regard, as it offers advanced tools and uncompromised assistance to the doctor during surgery. However, you can also explore other options!

2.  Add Chatbots

Chatbots are typically known as software that utilizes machine learning to keep a good communication flow between doctors and patients. Moreover, Chatbots also enable you to optimize care center routing and provide uninterrupted 24/7 medical assistance to patients. Adding Chatbots transforms your traditional hospital into a smart one and makes it more productive.

3.  Interconnected Medical Devices

The primary step you take to make your hospital smart is to add IoT devices everywhere. These wireless IoT devices, such as smart healthcare wearables, GPS inhalers, etc., collect data like a patient's input and send it to the concerned healthcare professionals. This allows them to monitor the patient's health regularly and offer 24/7 care and consultation.

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4.  Install Smart Switches

Next and the most crucial thing is the installation of smart wall switches and smart in-wall relay switches. Installation of these gives the patient full control over their room's lighting to HVAC systems and other connected devices. This is an excellent step towards hospital automation, giving patients the comfort they were looking for.

With these devices, the healthcare professional can also manage things like scheduling the lighting, medicine alarms, etc. Although multiple smart switch options are available in the market, they are either expensive or don't offer a handful of features. However, Evvr differs from traditional smart and in-wall relay switches and shows you the best hospital automation experience. Let's discuss the most crucial Evvr devices that make your hospital smart and convenient.

Best Smart Devices to Automate Hospital

Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch

Many people assume that they must reconstruct many parts of the hospital to access smart technology. However, this isn't true for the Evvr in-wall relay switch. This switch is specifically designed for hospitals that were built in the 90s and didn't want to change their interiors and the hospital design. It has three different versions: Homekit, ZigBee, and Z-Wave, so you can choose the option that best fits your budget and device availability. Unlike other smart switches, you don't need a neutral switch for its installation.

Just fit it into any of your existing switch sockets, connect it with the required wireless connection, depending upon the version you've bought, and control everything from smart devices. It works with all types of switches and is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, which means you can even give voice commands. Moreover, with this Evvr in-wall relay switch, you can schedule lighting for patients' rooms by making all your bulbs smart. You can also adjust different things, like the HVAC system, emergency alarm, smart hospital beds, etc., to get real-time notifications on your device.

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Evvr Hub

There's nothing better than controlling all the smart devices from one place, and Evvr Hub has turned this dream into reality. It works great with your healthcare department's WiFi and connects with almost all smart devices. Moreover, running on the Evvr OS, this Hub enables systems and different device protocols to work in synchronization, irrespective of the manufacturer.

This Evvr Hub comes with a user-friendly interface and allows you to control all devices from one place. Everything stored in it is secured, keeping your hospital's network safe from cyber attacks. So, don't wait and get this Evvr Hub now to automate your healthcare department, along with offering a comfortable and secure treatment place to your patients.

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With a continuously growing population, a smart hospital is crucial for a region or area. It's because a smart hospital gives you complete control over almost all healthcare tasks and automates office work. There are little to no chances of errors, and patients also feel secure in a smart environment. You can easily make your hospital smart by adding robotic surgery systems, IoT devices, Chatbots, innovative management and billing systems, smart switches and hubs, etc.

So, to make your hospital automation journey smooth, Evvr has the best devices. We have an Evvr in-wall relay switch, Evvr Hub, Evvr Center Lite, Evvr Pad S, etc., that are affordable and compatible with almost all smart gadgets. Evvr Hub is the most noticeable in this regard, as it serves as a home to all the smart hospital devices, such as smart hospital beds, temperature sensors, emergency bells, etc., by connecting and controlling them through different tech gadgets. So, don't put it off any longer, and get the best hospital automation product from Evvr now and be a step ahead of your competitors!

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