What is Bluetooth? Everything You Need to Know! What is Bluetooth? Everything You Need to Know!

What is Bluetooth? Everything You Need to Know!

Find out everything about what is bluetooth, bluetooth frequency ande range, and extract all your required info from our exceptionally informative tech guide.

When it comes to technical synchronizers in the earliest of times, it wasn't the social apps, mailbox system, or even the internet that did the job but rather, it was Bluetooth that helped us sync our devices and transfer all the information.

You can practically relate to this as you've probably paired your phone or speakers through Bluetooth technology to either of the devices to blast some music or transfer some files. If you've done at least that, you're already familiar with what is Bluetooth.

However, Bluetooth technology has expanded much more than just connecting devices and transferring music. Now it can separate radio waves and broadcast a signal through devices that allow you to enjoy many more of its patterns and benefits, which enables a smart home

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that was solely created for short ranges. Unlike bigger networks like WiFi, Bluetooth can exchange data over short distances between your phone and fixed personal area networks known as PANs.

This technology was chiefly designed to work as an alternative method to wire connections, which would ultimately make it easier to exchange data or files to portable nearby devices. Hence, it is so easy to connect a cell phone to a headphone wirelessly. 

It is to be mentioned that even if Bluetooth smart technology enables us to connect short-range networks, there's hardly any risk of information leak as it's a bound close network that travels within the range, hence it's quite safe.

Since Bluetooth is such a vast and versatile technology, it can be compatible with almost any wireless device to exist to date. Not to mention, even a child can make use of Bluetooth technology for its convenient usage.

Even though Bluetooth smart scale sounds as familiar as WiFi and it is too to some extent, performs best when optimized for small-ranged tasks. While these complementary advantages exist, for its versatile and convenient usages it's close to impossible to adapt smart home devices without Bluetooth technology.

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Frequency, Range, and Purpose of Bluetooth

Since the inception of Bluetooth, the focus  was to make it work for short-ranged networks for increased adaptability with most devices. By employing the ISM radio bands and radio waves, it can use a good amount of frequency and can hop from one frequency to another a hundred times in a mere second. 

Now if you ask, what the frequency of Bluetooth is, it's anywhere from 240 HZ up to 248 HZ, which is great when it comes to establishing cordless devices. 

As it uses a Personal Area Network (PAN), its range can reach almost 34 feet or exactly 10 meters of wireless radius network. Not to mention, a PAN or piconet can network between almost two to eight devices, which comes in extremely handy when you want to signal your devices from one place to another.

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For example, if you want to pair your printer, you can easily do so by sitting in a corner area of your house and sending it to your office room without a cost.

What's more, is, Bluetooth's transmission and range speeds are usually less than WiFi but that only speeds the data transmission process as now it can deliver up to 24 Mbps of data with a v3.0 + HS Bluetooth technology. 

All of this only enables the true purpose of Bluetooth, which is allowing multiple devices to communicate with one another wirelessly, and this concept alone has helped the possibility of smart homes to come to life. 

What are Bluetooth Devices?

You've probably already encountered Bluetooth devices, as almost everyone's smartphones have Bluetooth technology built-in. Globally, the handset devices that are wireless and hands-free are mostly Bluetooth devices like your smartphone, wireless headphones, and even wireless Bluetooth smart speakers.

Most cars also have built-in Bluetooth technology that enables your phone or wireless headphones to pair with it easily.

If you're into the idea of establishing a cozy lifestyle with minimum supervision, you must already know that now even remote controls for television are being equipped with smart Bluetooth technology.

Smart home automation systems can control the entire mesh networks of the house and automatically connect your smart devices to their paired hubs without any supervision. 

Such is the way with the Evvr center lite control system, which is an excellent simplified home automation that lets you experience the best of Bluetooth technology by letting you be super independent. For a reliable Bluetooth device, this smart home Bluetooth device exceeds all of one's expectations.

Types of Bluetooth Smart Home Devices

Bluetooth is one of the sole technologies that go into the making of smart home devices. Since it consumes low energy, you can run devices for longer periods saving you both time and money in the long run.

Usually, Bluetooth doesn't create a mesh network of Zigbee and Z-wave in home automation networks until there are only rare ones that are capable of doing so like the Evvr center lite. This is why it's an all-in-one hub system that can truly power up your smart home. Apart from that some of the types of Bluetooth smart home devices are as follows- 

Smart Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Smart Bluetooth speakers are the classic devices when it comes to the smart home Bluetooth device saga. Even though there are normal speakers out there, speakers with Bluetooth technology always deliver better sound quality for their good frequency range.

Not to mention, any type of music, video, or audio can be selected directly on your phone or laptop/ desktop and regulated as you want. They can also be transported easily for their easygoing portability.

Smart Home Bluetooth Locks

Bluetooth Locks are a lifesaver when unlocking doors is bothersome while your hands are full with all that grocery shopping. This smart lock helps you unlock or lock your door from a close range. 

Moreover, the door passcode can also be sent over to family or friends and they can enter themselves without you getting up and unlocking the door manually. This Bluetooth technology allows you to manage the security of doors fully remotely.

Alexa Device

We're all familiar with Amazon Alexa devices. This device can be a great addition to any smart home establishment. However, even this piece of a smart device isn't complete without Bluetooth imprinted technology. Since it has Bluetooth functionality, you can easily control your choice of music, questions, audio, or podcasts with the palm of your hand from anywhere in your house.

Action Buttons Smart Bluetooth

This device allows you to connect a large amount of Bluetooth buttons to your phone or a single hub that is scattered all across the house. These buttons can be automated from anywhere in the house and control the light switches, music sync, and even connected devices.

Bluetooth Smart Light Switches

Bluetooth smart light switches are one of the bests for smart home systems as it lets you control light switches all from your phone. Be it changing color, or pattern, or turning it on or off, it can be done with this technology. A good example would be the Evvr HomeKit WiFi light switch as it not only serves its purpose but also you use voice control to regulate commands that too with no neutral wire

FAQs of Bluetooth

1. Can Bluetooth work without the internet?

Yes, Bluetooth can work without the internet as it uses radio waves to connect two different devices. Internet connection or phone networks aren't needed for Bluetooth to be connected, which means when two devices are within the desired range, they can be connected in any part of the world.

2. Does Bluetooth use a battery when not connected?

When you don't turn on the Bluetooth in your Bluetooth-equipped device, it will never connect. Hence there's no battery usage. However, if your Bluetooth is turned on for a significant amount of time, battery power is used for a lot of hours without any single need which is quite inconvenient.

3. Which is better Wi-Fi or Bluetooth?

Usually, Bluetooth is used for transferring a small amount of data within a limited range. This can be used when you want to connect two devices. However, WiFi can transfer bigger chunks of information at 54 Mbps and is usually used for connections to the internet.

Bottom Line

Bluetooth technology has put our daily struggles at ease quite inevitably. Especially when it comes to configuring a smart home, Bluetooth smart home system knows no bounds. 

In turn, if you're interested in installing Evvr center lite for establishing a smart automation home you can contact Evvr whenever you want. This home automation control system is recommended as it works perfectly with a home kit, Zigbee, z-wave, and wifi home system and helps you build an amazing eco-friendly smart lighting system. It's better to equip the latest Bluetooth-modified devices to get the best out of a smart home! 

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