What is a Bluetooth Light Switch? Everything You Need to Know What is a Bluetooth Light Switch? Everything You Need to Know

What is a Bluetooth Light Switch? Everything You Need to Know

Bluetooth light switches, lets you operate your house lights from anywhere you want. Learn more about its functionalities in our expert guide!

If you're a fan of minimal home decor with lights, you've certainly thought about remote controlling these lights. Especially when you want to opt for establishing a smart home, lights that can be operated remotely are only a dream come true.

This is where the Bluetooth light switch comes into being. In simple words, a smart light system that lets you operate your lights without any added convenience of manually walking and operating them. Bluetooth smart switches can bring out the best in helping you establish a smart home.

Since traditional switches don't allow you to enjoy such facilities, it's only fair if you opt for an easier lifestyle at home. It's not just the remote control option that comes with these switches but rather lets you enjoy a plethora of new experiences and added benefits along the way of your smart home designs.

Does Smart Switch have Bluetooth?

When you're furnishing your traditional home into a futuristic and smart home, it's important to design the household on a device automation approach. Which brings in the device, smart switches.

It's important because A smart switch is simply a device that allows you to move data from one device to another easily and quickly. Now, there are various smart switches for starters. For example, there are smart switches available that can be operated both through WiFi or USB.

Wireless transfers always require the use of a hub or WiFi to connect data from one device to another. Or more so, it can also be done manually by connecting a USB. However, it's not the smarter approach as it declines the purpose of smart switches.

Hence, Bluetooth smart switches come to light. Yes, fortunately, there are smart switches that are operated through Bluetooth technology. It not only eliminates the convenience, and can connect at all times but also stays true to the purpose of establishing a smart home. 

What is Bluetooth Light Switch?

There's no need to install a physical switch when you can easily control every lighting system in your house with your smartphone remotely. This is what a Bluetooth light switch is. What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth switches offer us the capability of controlling the light system from one room to another. This means if you've accidentally left your lights turned on in a room you just came out of, you can instantly turn it off with a simple click on your smartphone. 

For its Bluetooth technology, you can operate this even through voice assistants of Amazon, Google, and Apple, which brings you into the recomposition of a smart home. These small chunks of technology can drastically improve your life and give your house a more modern touch.

Even more so as the Bluetooth switch control enables us to set a specific time for the Bluetooth smart lights, which will turn on or off on their own according to your settled schedule. For morning haters, it's a dream come true to be able to set the time for lights to go off automatically. Not to mention, it also saves energy and is extremely convenient.

How Does Bluetooth Light Switch Work and Control Smart Devices?

Smart switches have quite basic and deceptive functionalities as it operates like a regular switch but is only integrated with additional smart Bluetooth technology. For the Bluetooth switch control, it's now possible to make use of most of the popular smart home apps.

The way of working with a Bluetooth light switch is quite simple. It corresponds to an app that you want to connect with after installation and directly connects itself to the designated app to enable the control of your smart home.

The connectivity technique is the one that sets it apart from other networks out there. That's because these Bluetooth light switches are fully integrated into the smart home ecosystem. As a result, it is operable both with WiFi, Z-wave, and Zigbee conductivity. The perfect example would be the Evvr smart relay switch as this home kit lets you enjoy every convenience you're looking forward to.

bluetooth light switch

That's because a Bluetooth light switch connects directly through a ZigBee or Z-wave and uses the 2.40-2.48 HZ radio frequency, which becomes a direct net and doesn't interfere with the WiFi. Even more so as it directly connects itself with a hub automatically and operates without any instruction that too fully safely.

The best part is when you have a power outage and your WiFi isn't available anymore, a smart switch with Bluetooth technology is still operable for its frequency and range availability. Unlike other devices that are entirely dependent on the internet connection, you won't have to depend on anything with a smart Bluetooth light switch. 

Common Application Scenarios of Bluetooth Light Switch

Light switch Bluetooth is designed as the direct replacement for the traditional switch system. That doesn't mean you can't use the light switches as you always did. So you can always switch it off or on with your hands but additionally also use the controls through your phone or the other designated device. However, there are other scenarios where you can make use of a Bluetooth outlet switch, such as

Control Smart Switch

You can control all the switch lighting systems of your house through another portal of Bluetooth speakers. This means you can use Apple audio, Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Samsung homepod. As a result, you can operate both the speaker and switch at the same time.

Smart Home Automation

To build a smart home, you can't go on without the use of a Bluetooth light switch. Especially if you operate through the Evvr In-Wall smart relay switch home kit, you can control the devices through the hub that Evvr offers as it also comes with a complete set of smart home automation systems. It can make any light bulb smart, control all the existing light switches, and connect automatically to its hubs too with full security.

Wake up Schedules

You can enable smart dimmers that lets you formulate a scheduled plan on when to turn on or off the lights. For example, you can set the timer of your light to turn on at 7 am if you want to wake yourself up. This way you won't even have to turn on the lights yourself to wake yourself up.

Turn off the Forgotten Switch

If you leave for work or your house and suddenly remember that you left a switch turned on, then you can immediately turn it off through your phone or the connected app. This isn't possible through the regular traditional switches and only keeps consuming power and money in exchange.

Create Scenes

You can make planned lighting scenes for designated times like when you want to watch the television or watch a movie, you can set the mood all pre-planned. Or even when the guests arrive you can host a welcome light scene to entertain them when they enter.

Motion Detector

There's an option where you can turn on the motion detector option on the app. This means when you want to grab a midnight snack and don't want to wake anybody up, the lights will turn on automatically in the kitchen when it detects your motion. As a result, nobody gets woken up.

FAQs of Bluetooth light switch

 1. Do smart switches use more electricity? 

Smart switches that are operated with WiFi technology tend to opt for more energy or watts of power. Whereas a smart switch with Bluetooth opted technology uses ZigBee or Z-wave with 0.5 watts, which is less power consumption than the smart switches with WiFi networks.

 2. Can Bluetooth smart lights save you money? 

Yes, a Bluetooth smart light uses frequencies and Zigbee or Z-wave, which is operable when you don't have internet. Since you can also turn on or off the light switches from other locations whenever you want to, the energy consumption is way lesser and saves a lot of money.

 3. How safe is a smart switch?

Smart switches use a secure connection and transfer files only when connected. Unless you connect it to a device it'll never transfer instructions or files, which is very safe. Not to mention, you can also backup through a backup server and it won't be accessible until you permit it to.


Bluetooth light switches are extremely handy when it comes to building a smart life and smart home. When you want to utilize the comfort of your home to the fullest you cannot but install Bluetooth light switches.

Especially when you use the Evvr in-wall relay switch, you'll get the maximum benefits of a smart Bluetooth light switch. To summarize, we recommend the EVVR as it works perfectly with ZigBee, home kit, and Z-wave, which lets you build the most eco-friendly smart lighting system. To use it and find the guide you can always contact us and look forward to establishing a smart home.

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