Bluetooth light for Smart Home Bluetooth light for Smart Home

Bluetooth light for Smart Home

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The concept of operating your home appliances manually has long gone. Nowadays, everything from refrigerators to speakers and even door locks comes with innovative integrated technology that allows you to run them within seconds while sitting at a distance. Smart bulbs or lighting is also a gift of this technology for people who want full control over their lighting and are looking forward to making their home more welcoming. The most common example of such lighting is Bluetooth lights that don't require a separate hub or WiFi for smooth working and offer maximum convenience.

So, if you also want to automate your home but don't know what a Bluetooth light is and how you can control them, we got you covered. This article will discuss the various Bluetooth devices that allow you to control LED lights and the benefits of using bright lighting. So, let's dig further!

What is a Bluetooth Light?

Typically, a Bluetooth light refers to a smart bulb that allows you to change its color, dim, or light it wirelessly, using your smartphone or any QR app mentioned on the package. You don't need any hub or stable internet connection to run this light as it can easily be operated through your mobile phone.

Can we control smart home lights with Bluetooth wirelessly?

Yes, you can control the smart home lights with Bluetooth wirelessly if they have Bluetooth connectivity. However, the range from which you can operate these lights is smaller compared to those lights or devices that work with smart hubs and WiFi. To set up and control a smart light with Bluetooth, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Take out the smart lighting from the package and install them.
  • Turn on the light manually first and then open your device's Bluetooth.
  • Read the instructions available in the package to turn on the Bluetooth of your smart lights.
  • Once it's on, go to your mobile Bluetooth settings and find your target connection. After that, click on it to pair, and you are all set to go!

bluetooth lights

Now, your lights are connected to your smartphone Bluetooth, which means you can turn on your Bluetooth light bulbs or dim them whenever you want with a single tap on your phone. If your bulbs have a color-changing feature, you can also utilize it through the Bluetooth connection. This is very beneficial, especially when you are working somewhere and have to turn on the lights for your guests or pets.

Smart Devices to Control LED Lights with Bluetooth 

Besides bulbs, multiple other smart devices allow you to control and adjust the LED lights with Bluetooth. Let's look at a few of them to give you a better idea.

1.    Bluetooth Light Speaker

For music and LED lights lovers, a Bluetooth light speaker is nothing but a beautiful gift. It's because, with a Bluetooth speaker with lights, you can listen to your favorite music along with enjoying the vibrant and changing colors of your speaker. The main musical gadget and the LED light lens are inside the speaker, which gets controlled with wireless technology.

All you need to do is to connect the speaker to your phone's Bluetooth and change the intensity of light and songs playing on the speaker with a few taps. To give you a better idea, let's discuss one such example of this Bluetooth light speaker!

Bugani Multi-Color LED Speaker

Whether you want to have a great lighting and music session indoors or outdoors, you can't go wrong with this Bugani Multi-Color LED Speaker. It has a compact, aesthetic design and a 360-degree driver array that produces a smooth and robust rhythmic bass. Moreover, it comes with a Bluetooth 5.0 chip that enables you to adjust the sound and lighting from 30 feet away wirelessly.

The fancy LED light automatically turns on when you connect the speaker to a Bluetooth source and gives you a pulsating and classical music beat. What's the best part? You get a 4000 mAh battery with a C-port that lets the illuminating light and music of this Bluetooth light speaker live for a long time!

bluetooth led lights

2.    Bluetooth Smart Switch

As the name suggests, a Bluetooth smart speaker is a smart switch that works perfectly with Bluetooth and gives you complete control over your home lighting from feet away. All you've to do is plug in the controller, connect it to your mobile's Bluetooth, and operate it hassle-free. Here's one of the most common examples of a Bluetooth smart switch:

GE Bluetooth Smart Switch

For people who want complete control over their home lighting and appliances, then a GE Bluetooth smart switch is the best. You can also schedule the lighting system at different options that include weekly, sunrise, and sunset. Just plug the switch into the socket and connect it to the wireless technology for smooth operation.  

As it features a modern Bluetooth mesh chipset, the connectivity range of this switch is much more than any other typical Bluetooth switch. Last but not least, you can control all your simple and Bluetooth lights with it through mobile or Alexa.

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3.    Bluetooth Light Strips 

Bluetooth light strips are for those who want someone flexible and fancy to install at different locations in their home and want beautiful lighting along with making their home automated. Typically, a Bluetooth light strip is a flexible circuit board that has multiple small LED lights mounted on it and can be operated from anywhere wirelessly. Here's the most commonly used Bluetooth light strip:

ALED Bluetooth Light Strips

The ALED Bluetooth strips are the most commonly used Bluetooth strips in homes. The package includes five strips with 30 LED Bluetooth lights placed together to make a dense structure. Around 150 LED lights have 12V each, which you can install anywhere in your home to bring a vibrant look to your place.

You need to install the app through the QR present on the package and open your Bluetooth to get started. After that, control and adjust these Bluetooth light strips from wherever you want in your home.

Benefits of Control Lights with Bluetooth

There are many benefits of controlling lights with Bluetooth, and some of them are discussed below:

Wireless and Two-Way Communication

Bluethroat allows you to control your lights wirelessly from a distance and frees you from the stress of manual operation. Moreover, it's a two-way communication which means the data is transferred from two nodes. If one cord is damaged or faces any malfunctioning, the other will keep on working, and data transmission doesn't discontinue, resulting in your lights working smoothly.

Make a Group Control

As mentioned earlier, the lights controlled by Bluetooth mesh technology are more convenient so that you can install a Bluetooth fixture anywhere, and all devices will communicate with it. This allows the lighting system to work in sync without any disruption.

Less Installation Cost

Many people go for Bluetooth-controlled devices because it's one of the most reliable and cheap ways to do home automation. No wires or electrical installation is required to set up a Bluetooth fixture.  So, you just need to install it on a wall and operate everything with a few taps through your smart Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Low Energy Consumption

Another Benefit of controlling Bluetooth light with wireless Bluetooth mesh is low energy cost. As the Bluetooth mesh is capable of working according to different schedules, you can set the light requirements accordingly for different times. Moreover, it communicates directly to all the other devices, so it consumes less energy than WiFi.


Undoubtedly, Bluetooth technology is excellent for controlling your simple or Bluetooth lights and appliances. It saves your energy and provides a better data transmission process. However, one downside of this technology is that it is limited to a specific range. Utilizing a Bluetooth connection to adjust your home lighting from a distance above 30 feet becomes very difficult, making people furious sometimes. That's where a smart in-wall relay switch helps you.

With a smart in-wall relay switch, you can easily control all your home lighting without worrying about any specific distance range. Although there are multiple in-wall relay switches available in the market, Evvr in-wall relay switch is the best. It works with a ZigBee and Z-Wave hub and also gets controlled by Homekit, Alexa, and Google Assistant. This variety of controlling options makes this Evvr in-wall relay switch an ultimate choice of many.

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Moreover, it doesn't require neutral wires for set-up, so whether your home is old or new, this switch will work perfectly fine. So, if you want something other than a typical Bluetooth light switch small range, this Evvr in-wall relay switch from Evvr should be your priority!

FAQs of Bluetooth lights

Is Bluetooth Light Better than WiFi?

Yes, many things make a Bluetooth light better than WiFi, and these include the low energy consumption of Bluetooth and two-way connection features.

Do You Need to Plug-in Bluetooth LED lights?

Not all lights require a plug-in; if your lights are wireless LED lights, then you don't have to go with the typical plug-in procedure. Just install the lights and operate them with your phone.

How Does a Bluetooth Light Speaker Work?

A Bluetooth light speaker operates on the same principle as a car radio. The speaker directly connects with the sound source through Bluetooth connectivity instead of needing wires.

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