Wireless Energy Efficient Heated Blanket - Everything You Should Know Wireless Energy Efficient Heated Blanket - Everything You Should Know

Wireless Energy Efficient Heated Blanket - Everything You Should Know

Do you need an electric heated blanket but don't know its different aspects?  Fret not because this blog covers all the bases and the best appliance controller!

Every little bit of heat helps on a chilly winter night, and it's especially vital to feel cozy and toasty in bed so you can enjoy a good night's sleep.  An electric blanket is one way to help fend off the winter chills and feel utter comfort when you snuggle into bed.  Many people discover that electric blankets provide additional warmth and relief from various medical conditions, including menstrual discomfort or indications of arthritis.  The extra warmth enables you to reduce your heating costs.

Continue reading to learn the answers to questions like how electric blankets operate.  What prices can you anticipate?  Are electric blankets safe, or are there concerns?

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What Is An Electrical Blanket?

A bed warmer or electric blanket is a tiny residential gadget that consists of a blanket with an inside electric heater.  Heat is produced by an electric blanket and is dispersed uniformly over its entire surface.  Typically, it is put on top of the sheets.  Additionally, there are electric blankets that can be stretched out beneath the bottom sheet.  Knowing your type and reading the usage guidelines are crucial because specific blankets designed to go on top of the sheets shouldn't be stretched out underneath the bottom sheet.

The primary purpose of an electric blanket is to heat its surface, either to warm a bed before you sleep in it, to warm it while you are in it, or to provide heat to a particular area of a person's or animal's body, always under the condition that the skin is covered by another textile because there is a risk of burns with direct contact.

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How Do Electrical Blankets Work?

Electric blankets are classified as household appliances even though they look and function like bedding since they plug into the wall and use your circuits for power.  Tiny, thin wires carry heat through the fabric, warming the blanket and quickly transferring it to you.  You shouldn't ever feel the cables because they are tiny enough and covered in enough material to prevent this from happening in any blanket.  The blanket shouldn't feel any different from a typical, non-electrified piece of bedding other than the heat.  Even more, blankets can be placed in the washing machine after the plastic temperature dial has been removed.  If you want to control your appliances remotely, Evvr has multiple devices to enable you to do that!

Similarly, heated blankets come in a variety of sizes.  Models with variations in fabric, size, texture, weight, number of heat settings, and dual-temperature settings for individuals sharing a bed are abundantly available on the market.  Modern electric blankets even allow you to control the heat to warm the bed before you hop in and have automatic shutoffs so you don't use electricity all night once you're curled up warmly beneath your blankets.

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Average Price of Electrical Heated Blankets

You might be concerned about spending a lot of money on an electric blanket, but happily, they're usually not prohibitively expensive.  There are several varieties to fit almost any budget, with smaller ones starting at around $20 from some sites and going up to $300 or more for fancier options.

Additionally, lowering your thermostat by a few degrees while you sleep with the cozy heated blanket can save money on your heating costs.  You only have to pay for the power that heats your body directly; you don't have to pay to heat your entire house.

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Electricity Usage of Electrical Blankets

You might be pleasantly pleased by the added energy expenditures if you use an electric blanket in addition to your bedding.  By the U.S. Department of Energy, it is one of the most affordable home appliances you can use.  According to another DOE data, using an electric blanket typically costs around $17.60 in yearly energy costs, whereas using a space heater often costs $66.

Of course, those are averages.  Because electric blankets have a variety of heat settings and consumption is based on how frequently and for how long you use them, it can be not easy to estimate precisely how much electricity an electric blanket will consume in your home.  In general, heated blankets should consume no more than 100 watts of electricity, or twice that amount if they are double-sided, and shouldn't cost you more than a few cents every night in electricity consumption.  That certainly costs less than raising your thermostat.  Although they cost a bit more upfront and don't get as warm as ordinary models, special low-voltage blankets consume even less electricity.

Pros & Cons of Electrical Blankets

A heated blanket is a reasonably common sleep item for keeping warm and cozy on a chilly night.  If you're considering purchasing a heated blanket, ensure you know all the benefits and drawbacks of using one before purchasing.

Utility bills can mount as you add new appliances and devices to your smart home.  However, adding a nifty device in your home, such as the Evvr Energy Monitoring Smart Plug, can lead to a better and safer experience with money-saving.

Pros of Electrical Blankets

Energy Saving

The fact that heated blankets use less energy is one of their advantages.  In the winter, they can keep you warm without raising the thermostat.

While they may not heat the entire space, they consume enough energy to keep you comfortable at night.  By purchasing thicker, higher-quality blankets, you can further reduce your costs.  These blankets warm up more quickly and maintain their warmth for a long time after being turned off.

Many blankets also include an auto-off feature, so you won't have to worry about warming after you sleep or keeping it on all night.

Mood Elation

Because warmth naturally relaxes your body and mind, sleeping with a heated blanket can improve your mood.

On chilly evenings, you could experience worry or anxiety because your body expends a lot of energy trying to stay warm.  The body's energy needs to maintain a constant temperature is reduced by using heated blankets.

Pain Relief

Applying heat is a well-known treatment for aches and pains.  A heated blanket's warmth can aid in easing muscle tension and preventing cramps.

Although heated blankets are not intended to relieve severe pain, they can increase blood flow, which helps ease specific mild aches, pains, and cramps.

Better Sleep

A heated blanket is also recommended because it might improve the quality of your sleep.  Temperature fluctuations can disturb sleep, make you feel ill, and keep you up all night.

Additionally, waking from a deep sleep might cause headaches, grogginess, and exhaustion.  Your sleep cycle won't be disturbed because the temperature is maintained steadily using a heated blanket.

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Cons of Electrical Heated Blankets

Not Washable

Every night, people spend six to eight hours sleeping in their beds.  Every one to two weeks, the bedding will need to be washed.

One of its drawbacks is that heated blankets cannot be washed.  If submerged in water, the wiring can become damaged, or a wash cycle might render the blanket worthless.

To get around this issue, you can purchase a removable cover for the blanket, allowing you to wash the body independently from the internal wiring.

Not Quite Pet-Friendly

However, you should be aware that heated blankets offer some risk to your furry friends if they claw, scratch, or chew on the blanket while it is on.  Many pets will crave to bundle up with the warmth of a heated electrical blanket, and using one can help settle restless or excited animals.

Types of Electrical Blankets

The market's most popular and well-known electric blanket is an under-blanket, commonly called a heated mattress pad.  There are two types of under blankets: fitted and non-fitting.

Fitted Electrical Blankets

Fitted electric blankets function similarly to fitted sheets, except this one is placed beneath the regular sheet and the mattress protector (if you have one).  The included option is excellent for those who sleep on their stomachs because it keeps the heating pad in the proper place.

Because the mattress measurements determine the blanket size, you'll always have optimum heat dispersion when using a fitted sheet.  Additionally, it stops the pad from folding over or creasing.

Non-Fitted Electrical Blankets

Non-fitting electric blankets have a cord that you must tie around the bed to lessen shifting as you sleep, in contrast to the snug fit of fitted coverings.  Ensure the cables are firmly secured to avoid the blanket folding over on itself and concentrating too much heat in one area.

If your companion doesn't like a toasty bum, you can choose a smaller option with non-fitted electric blankets.  If you have a double or larger mattress (such as a queen or king), you can get a twin size rather than spending money on a fitted heating pad where one side is always off.

Depending on your preferences, you can pick either one, which will serve you exceptionally well!

Evvr Energy Monitoring Smart Plug Provides Usage Insights For Smarter Living

If you are concerned about electrical usage and the safety behind using a heated blanket, Evvr Energy Monitoring Smart Plug is the trusted partner you need.  It has a built-in mechanism to calculate the energy consumption of the connected appliance - an electric heated blanket, in this case - and keeps you and your loved ones from safety hazards.  All you need to do is plug and play and then control it using the smartphone application.

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So, what’s the delay?

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