Optimizing Pet Care with Automatic Feeders and EVVR Smart Plug Optimizing Pet Care with Automatic Feeders and EVVR Smart Plug

Optimizing Pet Care with Automatic Feeders and EVVR Smart Plug

Simplify pet care by customizing a pet automatic feeder, providing convenience, and effectively meeting your pet's …

Juggling work commitments, household tasks, and other responsibilities can sometimes leave you feeling concerned about your pet's dietary needs. Fortunately, there's nothing to worry about! An automatic feeder – an innovative device designed to simplify your life as a pet owner - has your back in this situation as it ensures your beloved companion receives the required nourishment.

Want to know more about a pet automatic feeder and the best options you can explore for your furry fellow? Continue reading!

Best Pet Feeder Options

Now, let's explore some of the best automatic pet feeder options that you can try to keep your pet nourished and pampered.

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder

The PetSafe Healthy Automatic Pet Feeder offers convenient mealtime solutions for your pets. It includes a 2-pet meal splitter, an optional privacy panel, and an extra stainless-steel bowl, ensuring your two pets have their own bowl during mealtimes. This feeder enables you to schedule up to 12 meals a day, ensuring your cats or small to medium-sized dogs are fed consistently and on time. You can easily adjust the feeder to dispense flexible portions, ranging from 1/8 to 4 cups of food per meal.

The translucent hopper lets you monitor the food level and can dispense dry and semi-moist kibble up to 1/2 inch in diameter. The pet-proof dispenser and buttons prevent your pets from accessing their food before scheduled mealtimes, and additional features like 'Feed Now,' 'Pause Feed,' and 'Slow Feed' offer added convenience. Cleaning is a breeze, as the stainless-steel bowls, bowl holder, meal splitter, privacy panel, lid, and hopper are dishwasher safe.

automatic feeder

Key Features

  • Schedule up to 12 meals daily
  • Flexible portions ranging from 1/8 to 4 cups
  • Translucent hopper for food-level visibility
  • Pet-proof dispenser and buttons
  • 'Feed Now,' 'Pause Feed,' and 'Slow Feed' options
  • Dishwasher-safe components
  • Battery-operated (4 D-cell batteries, not included)

PETLIBRO Automatic Dog Feeder

Next, we have the PETLIBRO Automatic Dog Feeder, a complete solution for worry-free pet care when you're away on business. With a user-friendly LCD screen, it allows quick setup of feeding schedules to ensure your dog eats regularly and stays healthy. You can also record a 10-second voice message, which plays when the food is dispensed, strengthening your bond with your pet and providing them with a sense of security.

This feeder is made to keep your pet's dining experience smooth. It minimizes food clogging issues with a well-considered food outlet angle, ensuring your dog eats comfortably. Moreover, it maintains food freshness with a secure lock lid and additional desiccant bags (sold separately). For power flexibility, you can use a 5V DC adapter or 3 alkaline D-cell batteries (not included) to keep the dispenser running, even during power outages, thanks to its built-in setting memory.

automatic feeder

Key Features

  • 6L capacity with LCD screen for easy scheduling
  • Customizable 10-second voice recording
  • Prevents food clogging with improved outlet angle
  • Lock lid and desiccant bags for food freshness

WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder

Lastly, we have the WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder that ensures your pet is well-fed even when you're away. You get to schedule up to 4 automated feedings per day with the built-in programmable timer, each adjustable from 2 teaspoons to 4.5 cups of dry food per serving.

This feeder operates through both wall power and three D-size batteries (not included), ensuring continuous functionality, even during power outages. Customization is at your fingertips, with the ability to set unique portion sizes for each feeding, allowing you to establish regular eating routines for your pet.

Plus, you keep your pet excited about meal times by recording a personalized message that plays during each feeding. The feeder is suitable for dry food with pellet sizes ranging from 0.2 to 0.6 inches in diameter, accommodating up to 4 daily meals. Cleaning is hassle-free with a removable hygienic feeding tray that's dishwasher safe, and the main food storage compartment accommodates up to 20 cups of food, making refilling a breeze.

automatic feeder

Key Features

  • Schedule up to 4 automatic feedings per day
  • Adjustable portion sizes (2 teaspoons to 4.5 cups)
  • Records custom messages for mealtime excitement
  • Suitable for dry food with pellet sizes 0.2-0.6 inches
  • Wall and battery-powered for uninterrupted feeding
  • Removable, dishwasher-safe feeding tray
  • Large 20-cup food storage compartment

Factors to Look For When Buying a Pet Feeder

Some of the critical factors you can't overlook when buying a dog feeder are:

  • Feeding Schedule: Choose a feeder that allows you to set multiple daily feeding times. The PetSafe Healthy Automatic Feeder is a highly-rated option that supports up to 12 meals daily.
  • Portion Control: Opt for a feeder with adjustable portion sizes. The WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder offers flexibility, dispensing anywhere from 2 teaspoons to 4.5 cups per feeding.
  • Power Source: Ensure uninterrupted feeding by selecting a feeder that has a battery backup option. The WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder can run on both wall power and batteries for reliability.
  • Food Compatibility: Consider the type of food your pet consumes. For dry kibble, the PetSafe Automatic Feeder works well, accommodating kibble sizes up to 3/4 inch in diameter.
  • Cleaning Ease: Look for a feeder with removable, dishwasher-safe components for easy cleaning. The PETLIBRO Automatic Pet Feeder offers convenience in this aspect.

Remember, the best automatic pet feeder for your furry friend may also depend on their specific dietary needs, so consult with your veterinarian for personalized recommendations.

Importance of Reliability and Safety in a Pet Feeding Device

Reliability and safety directly impact your pet's well-being and peace of mind. Reliability ensures that your scheduled feedings are carried out as planned, preventing your pet from experiencing hunger or disruptions in their routine.

Safety, on the other hand, safeguards your pet from any harm or accidents associated with the device, ensuring they cannot access excessive food or be injured in any way. For pet owners like you, a feeding device that is both reliable and safe is an indispensable tool, assuring that your furry companion is well-nourished and protected, especially when your schedule keeps you away from home.

DIY Automatic Pet Feeder Ideas

If you are wondering how to make an automatic dog feeder, some of the best DIY ideas are:

Automatic Grain Container

This is a fantastic DIY automatic grain-containing feeder idea for giving meals to your dog or cat. Start by gathering a plastic or grain container with a lid. You'll require a drill to create holes in its lower section. This feeder includes a motor, timer, auger, brackets, and electrical components for scheduled feeding. For supplies, grab a piece of plywood, brackets, and electrical wiring to create a sturdy base and streamline the feeding procedure.

Built-In Dog Bowls by Wouldn’t It Be Lovely

Create a stylish and practical built-in dog bowl station with this DIY project by Wouldn't It Be Lovely. You can craft an elegant feeding solution for your pet using basic tools like a screwdriver and jigsaw, along with materials like wood step treads and corbels. Measuring, cutting openings, attaching decorative corbels, and securing the bowls allow you to make a functional yet visually appealing feeding area.

Benefits of Making a Customized Pet Automatic Feeder

Here are the many benefits of going for a DIY pet feeder featuring safety and reliability:

  • Simplify pet care significantly by customizing a pet automatic feeder, providing convenience, and effectively meeting your pet's unique needs.
  • Another thing is that you can enhance your pet's mealtime experience by incorporating features like voice recording to call your pet to their meal or slow feeding options to improve digestion.
  • You can adjust food portions precisely to meet your pet's dietary requirements, preventing overfeeding or underfeeding.
  • Enjoy peace of mind, knowing you can eliminate the need for pet sitters or neighbors when you're away, as your customized feeder ensures your pet is fed on time.
  • You can personalize a feeding schedule that matches your pet's routine, whether they eat at set times or require flexibility due to your schedule.
  • You can ensure consistency in your pet's well-being by ensuring they receive meals consistently, even when you're not at home.

Disadvantages of Automatic Pet Feeders

Now let's have a look at the many disadvantages of automatic feeders:

Technical Failures

Automatic feeders rely on electronic components, and technical malfunctions can occur. Power outages, software glitches, or mechanical failures can disrupt feeding schedules, potentially leaving your pet hungry.

Lack of Sensors

Some automatic feeders lack sensors to detect uneaten food, so they continue to dispense preprogrammed meals even if uneaten food is left, potentially overfeeding your pet.

Limited Monitoring

Many automatic feeders do not provide real-time monitoring of your pet's eating behavior, making it challenging to track changes in appetite or detect potential health issues through their mealtime habits.

Optimize the Energy Usage of Your Automatic Feeder with EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay

If you have a smart home, you must save a lot of money on your energy bills. But why risk it all with an automatic electronic feeder that's inefficient? That's where the best smart plug option - EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay helps you!

The EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay is a versatile addition to your smart home ecosystem designed to optimize energy usage, including that of your automatic pet feeder. This smart plug effortlessly integrates with HomeKit, allowing you to transform almost any electrical appliance into an innovative, remotely controllable device. Its robust capacity of up to 16 Amps makes it suitable for various applications, including high-power appliances with 2-core and 3-core cables.

It handles resistive, inductive, and capacitive loads, adapting to voltages ranging from 85V to 245V. Safety is a top priority with the EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay. It features a tamper-proof shell design, zero-crossing switching protection, overload and over-temperature safeguards, a ground connection design, and a button lock function. All this ensures your pet stays safe when eating from the automatic feeder.

In the EVVR App, you gain access to hourly energy consumption data and real-time power usage insights, empowering you to implement effective energy management strategies through automation or remote control, ultimately saving you money. To fully enjoy HomeKit remote control and automation, you only need a HomePod, an Apple TV, or an iPad as a HomeKit bridge.

Key Features

  • Apple HomeKit Compatibility: Easily integrate with HomeKit for smart control of various appliances.
  • High Capacity: Handles a powerful current of up to 16 Amps, suitable for various devices.
  • Versatile Load Handling: Works with resistive, inductive, and capacitive loads.
  • Wide Voltage Range: Adaptable from 85V to 245V for flexibility in various settings.
  • Safety First: Equipped with tamper-proof design, zero-crossing switching protection, overload and over-temperature safeguards, ground connection, and button lock function.
  • Compact Design: Features a space-efficient design and a 90-degree extension cord, suitable for narrow spaces.
  • Multi-Plug Compatibility: Allows multiple plugs on one switch without blocking each other.

How Does the EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay Help You in Monitoring Your Pets?

You must connect your router to the EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay to ensure continuous monitoring of your pets. This intelligent plug keeps a vigilant eye on your internet connection around the clock. Even if your Wi-Fi encounters disruptions during your absence, the EVVR smart plug will automatically restart following a set number of timeouts. Bid farewell to the frustration of unexpected Wi-Fi outages, ensuring that your smart home, including pet monitoring systems, remains consistently connected for your peace of mind.


An automatic feeder makes pet ownership more convenient by ensuring your furry friends are fed on schedule, even when you're not around. These devices help maintain your pet's routine, provide portion control, and offer peace of mind. However, you can double this convenience by going with an EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay that gives you safety, 24/7 pet monitoring, and smart control. EVVR also provides many other smart home products like EVVR Hub, EVVR In-Wall Relay, EVVR Center Lite, and more. So, get in touch and take your pet care and home automation to the next level!

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