Apple Homekit 101 - Best Homekit Smart Plug in 2023 Apple Homekit 101 - Best Homekit Smart Plug in 2023

Apple Homekit 101 - Best Homekit Smart Plug in 2023

Check out some of the Best Homekit Smart Plug-in picks we have here. Get the one that meets all your requirements of Apple Homekit.

You must be seeing this article because you are using or interested in using the Apple Homekit solution. If so, you will need to buy some homekit smart plugs to set up HomeKit at your home.

But what are those homekit smart plugs anyway?

The Apple Homekit ecosystem covers the entire electronic system in a home. And the plugs that are compatible with this system and let the users control it with voice commands or through Bluetooth or WiFi connections are the homekit plugs.

This kind of smart plug homekit solution is now the trend, and you should definitely try them if you are a fan of the Apple Homekit ecosystem.

Why Should You Choose the Homekit Ecosystem?

Before we start discussing the Apple homekit smart plugs, it's better to learn a brief idea about the homekit ecosystem. Basically, it's a kind of smart home platform that lets you control different home devices that can be connected via Bluetooth or the internet.

Nowadays, different electronic brands have brought smart lights, fans, and almost all home appliances that are ready to be connected to this homekit ecosystem. So, the smart system makes a better opportunity for you to control all the devices at your home.

What Are the Relations between Homekit Ecosystem and Other Homekit Devices?

To understand the homekit system, one must clearly understand the relationship between the Homekit ecosystem and the compatible devices. Generally, the devices have a connection with the system organizing device like your smartphone. And for making the connection, the system uses Bluetooth or Wifi.

Most devices controlling switches and plugs don't have a manual function, and everything is done automatically with either voice command or remote control using the phone application. So, when you change the status of a device using your phone app, the system automatically changes the dedicated device according to your command.

homekit smart plug

What Are Homekit Smart Plugs and Benefits of Using Homekit Smart Plugs?

Generally, the Apple Homekit smart plugs are the kind of modernized plugs that requires no wire or manual switches. With the smart solution, users can control it remotely and save more time and energy.

Smart homekit plugs are now very popular for being so convenient and efficient. The fundamental benefits of using those plugs are as follows.

  • Ensure a secure power transfer and protect the device.
  • Supports scheduling options and offers lots of automations.
  • This kind of plug lets the users control it remotely.
  • The connection is great in the case of most popular brands' plugs.
  • Save your time and electricity.
  • Good to use in home and office, indoor and outdoor. 

What Things to Check While Buying a Smart Plug?

Before you choose the right smart plug for the homekit, you need to check a few functions to ensure the selection of the appropriate one. Make sure to check the following facts.

  • You must consider the size of the plug and check if it is good to set on the plug switch plate at your house.
  • If you are buying one for outdoor use, make sure to buy a waterproof homekit outdoor plug.
  • It is better to choose one with a robust power consumption monitoring function.
  • Don't forget to check the smart plug's power limits before buying.
  • If you need to use it for other platforms, ensure that the plugs are compatible. 

Best Homekit Smart Plugs in 2022

When you are well aware of your requirements, you are ready to buy the most suitable homekit smart plugs for your home. At this point, we can help you with the knowledge we gather from the vast research. We have already made a list of the 5 best homekit smart plugs. Here, you will get the listed products with brief information on each plug. Ensconce to check them out to select the appropriate one for your home.

1. Leviton D215P-2RW Decora Smart Wi-Fi Apple HomeKit Plugs

We love to start it with Leviton as it is known to be one of the leading smart switch and plug brands. The D215P plugs of this company are easy to install and work perfectly with Apple Homekit. This second-generation plug system requires a hug to connect via different connecting systems

homekit smart plug


  • Supports voice commands very smoothly
  • Minimalist designs and strong wireless connections
  • Goes well with almost all leading voice platforms
  • Lets the users control it from anywhere using the mobile app
  • Features 2.4 GHz and 15 Amp power


  • Sometimes, the app fails to figure out if the plag switch is on or off
  • Rarely show a poor cohesion with it using the WiFi connection

2. ConnectSense CS-SO-2 Smart Outlet² Homekit Plug

If you are looking for a dedicated smart plug for the Apple Homekit ecosystem, you can try the ConnectSense CS-SO-2 plug. This minimalist plug comes with a decent postmodern design and an easy installation system. 

homekit smart plug


  • It's a coalescence of two smart plugs in together
  • Blue LED lights beside each plug indicate if the switch is on or not
  • The inbuilt voice controlling system is powerful and smooth
  • Comes with the integration of a power consumption meter
  • An additional flexible USB port is there too


  • It doesn't support any other smartphone brands except for iPhone
  • Comparatively costly in relation to most of its competitors

3. iHome iSP6 and iSP8 SmartPlug

Some users dislike going for a different brand when the dedicated company launches its product. That's why people love to use smart plugs from iHome more than any other company. Initially, this smart plug's slim and minimalist design indemnifies a smooth voice command and all the trendy functions.

homekit smart plug


  • Supports not just the Apple Homekit ecosystem but also other home solutions
  • Lets you make remote scheduling using your smartphone
  • Excellent slim design and easy setup
  • Compatible with the fourth generation Apple TV
  • The WiFi network connection is very stable with this smart plug system


  • Requires an account to use some fundamental features
  • The location of the manual switch is hard to reach

4. Eve Energy Homekit Smart Plug

Among all the best Apple Homekit smart plugs, Eve Energy's one is very remarkable. This compact style smart plug for the homekit ecosystem usually delivers 1800 watts and 15 Amps. Also, it is suitable for any electronic devices, including ceiling fans, lights, Smart TVs, and so on. The connection via WiFi and Bluetooth is smooth for this plug too.

homekit smart plug


  • Features a rigid power consumption monitoring function
  • Lets you use it as a powerful thread border touter
  • Comes with a sleek design and smart setup function
  • It offers a lot of automations and a high voice command response rate
  • Lets you use schedule options just with your smartphone


  • Comparatively more costly
  • Doesn't support other home solution platforms except for the Apple Homekit ecosystem

5. PureGear PureSwitch Homekit Smart Plug

Lastly, we have a robust style Apple homekit smart plug, and it's from PureGear. This exceptional smart plug comes with a unique design that features a durable cover. This three-pin plug has an additional USB port and lets you remotely control it using the smartphone app. Also, it is easy to set, and it supports a scheduling option as well.

homekit smart plug


  • A 2.1 amp USB port is there with the plug
  • Good for highspeed smart device charge with maximum power
  • Pairing functions with Bluetooth and WiFi is smooth and efficient
  • A LED light indicates if the switch is on or not
  • Also, it comes with a single outlet with three pin plug


  • You may not like its unusual design
  • In relation to its functions, it is pretty much expensive
  • Doesn't support any other home solution platforms

Besides these handy Apple homekit smart plugs, we would love to recommend another product. Though it is not a plug system, you should try the Evvr Homekit light switch. We wonder if you ever find any powerful and smart switch compatible with the Apple Homekit ecosystem like this one. It doesn't require any neutral wire and simply goes well with any smart Homekit platform.

Evvr is undoubtedly a reliable electronic device brand, and its robust in-wall relay switches are good to use in your home and office. The switches look small and very minimalist in nature. Besides, it responds perfectly to your voice command. Using the dedicated Evvr app makes it more convent too.

homekit smart plug

So, if you need an Apple Homekit smart switch beside the best homekit smart plug, you can definitely try this one.

Bottom Line

There is no way you can skip attaching a few plugs in a single room of your home. So, when the technology brought the smartest solutions for it, why do you for the manual one? The Apple Homekit smart plugs truly deserve your try.

They are at the same time cost-effective, time saver, and the best way to modernize your home. You must see some of the best smart plugs work with homekit; now, you can choose one to set at your home.

Also, don't forget to check the Evvr Homekit switch in any case you need to.

Evvr can offer you a comprehensive smart home solution whether you are an integrator, professional installer, distributor, or DIYer.  Get in touch with us and book a product today!

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