What Makes the Best Smart Home Control Panel Better? What Makes the Best Smart Home Control Panel Better?

What Makes the Best Smart Home Control Panel Better?

What makes the best smart home control panel better for you? Evvr Pad S puts humans at the heart of home automation for every space.

Home automation removes the complexities of life. At the same time, it takes more than a collection of smart devices to harmonize your space and adjust a room’s temperature, lighting or media. A smart home control panel is an intuitive way to immerse the devices into life’s moments. Of course, you have choices — so which smart home control panel is right for you?

Popular advice would have you choose a control based on the smart home devices you use. However, your smart home automation ecosystem may contain layers of different products and protocols, leaving you to ponder whether to choose Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Brilliant smart home control, or others.

We think your goal of home automation should be the guiding principle for finding the best home automation controller. Perhaps automation means seamless transitions between spaces, energy efficiency, security, privacy, reliability and a user experience worthy of the word ‘smart.’

Why a smart home control panel may be better for you

We believe smart home automation control should be pleasant and intuitive. A smart home control panel that connects, monitors and controls any device — regardless of brand — is the best choice.

Your best home automation system (sometimes referred to as an ecosystem) needs a smart hub, bridge or gateway. It’s the brain behind your home automation. The controller connects any smart device, coordinates tasks and achieves a harmonious environment. A panel interface to your smart home control is an intuitive one.

Suppose you decide to set up your home automation ecosystem. In that case, you’ll soon discover there are other considerations than compatibility and price. A few of the control panel’s advantages are versatility, user experience and security.

Let’s get into the features, functions and outcomes of the best smart home control panel for you.  

smart home control panel

Smart home control panels are easy to use

If you must spend time and thought on controlling your home automation using a speaker, hub and app, consider a control panel to automate many primary home operations like your HVAC, security and power. 

It has become common to use several tools to create a home automation ecosystem. For example, say your neighbor uses her Google Home App for Android or iOS to control Google Nest devices such as smart thermostats and lights. She also uses the AI of the Google Assistant to power a Google Nest light to shine because when she asks a Nest device to perform a task, Google Assistant responds. Suppose, she adds smart devices labeled ‘Works with Google Home’ to her automation system . Her smart home environment gets complicated, but with the right control panel, she’ll be able to connect and control with little effort or worry. 

These days, smart home device brands — Google, Amazon, Apple and SmartThings — are compatible with each other. Still, oftentimes, the smart hub may need a brand-native device to automate tasks and coordinate functions simply. For example, historically, Apple HomeKit worked best with iOS devices. After many customer complaints about the challenges to pairing compatible devices, Apple has had to address it.  

Compatibility is at the core of Evvr Pad S. Our smart home control panel supports Ethernet, Bluetooth and WiFi. The Evvr Pad S also comes with a Zigbee hub for uninterrupted connectivity with other smart home brands like Philips Hue, Samsung’s SmartThings and Amazon Echo.

smart home control panel

One more thing: Evvr Pad S features a four-inch LCD screen, a smart display RGB and ambient sensors that control the screen brightness and color. It also has a Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor for motion detection that will automatically wake up with no command or tap. What kind of a home automation brain would be without voice control? Evvr Pad S has two built-in microphones. Our smart home control panel is uncomplicated and convenient to use.

The best smart home control panels are reliable and secure

The best smart home control panel provides the user experience you desire. However, for home automation to liberate us, it has to free us from worry and be able to adapt without interrupting life’s moments. Whether you use a panel (Evvr Pad S), a speaker (Echo) or an app (Apple HomeKit) to control your home automation system, it must be reliable and secure.

The best home automation system functions despite obstacles like distance and power outages. A dependable system calls for a reliable connection. Look for a smart home control panel that offers the versatility to connect using a mesh network, WiFi (cloud) or a local connection using ethernet. A local connection will be more private and secure than the internet or cloud. Mesh network automation doesn’t use the internet but connects devices directly using Bluetooth radio to create a device-to-device network that operates flawlessly.

smart home control panel

Technology exists to power in-wall panels with high-performance quad-core processors. There is a 64-bit Cortex-A55 2.0GHz processor and 2GB RAM for local data storage built into the Evvr Pad S. Our smart home control panel was designed to be reliable and secure.

Your best smart home control panel is customizable

Your lifestyle shouldn’t be bound to the limitations of a home automation control panel. It should be the other way around. Most home control panels can set scenes (e.g. Alexa Routines or HomeKit Scenes). However, coordinating smart home devices should be easy to set up and modify.

For example, when packages arrive at your door,  you may want an alert from your home security system to your mobile phone. Your best smart home control panel makes it easy to automate those tasks with common scenarios to modify. Of course, the ability to ask your home assistant (e.g. Siri) to tell a smart home hub to change the temperature is great. However, a touchscreen panel or voice control activated panel is what we want from a smart home experience.

Many people relish smart lighting because it adapts to the time of day (morning or nighttime), season (more light in the winter months) or circumstance (car pulling up to the door). A control system integrates smart home technology to wake with movement and turn off with voice control. Look for an easy-to-read (with ambient light sensor technology) smart home control panel that can orchestrate without interrupting.

The in-wall controller, Evvr Pad S, offers a smart display with great picture quality to blend into your decor and, of course, turns a conventional switch into a smart light switch effortlessly.

Optimize your smart home system

Whether you started with a home assistant smart speaker and smart locks or you went all-in with several smart home devices that aren’t performing as expected, don’t worry. We have these three takeaways for you to consider on your journey toward the best smart home system for you.

Does this smart home control panel:

  • Control devices without the internet?
  • Keep data private and secure?
  • Require specific smart devices to function properly?

Ultimately, the best smart home control panel is one that meets your needs at home, the office or any space elevated by home automation. We recommend that you look for a home automation control panel that is powerful and intuitive enough for you to simply and conveniently control your smart home system. 

Evvr provides control system solutions to build the best home automation system for your life’s moments. Harmonize your home.

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