BEST Z-Wave Controller Reviews and buying guides BEST Z-Wave Controller Reviews and buying guides

BEST Z-Wave Controller Reviews and buying guides

Z-Wave is a wireless protocol that makes communication with smart home devices. The connectivity is also possible with WI-FI or Bluetooth, but if you are looking for something more advanced and efficient, then the z wave controller is for you.

When you decide to use your home appliances smartly, one of the hurdles you face is weaker connectivity. Even upgrading your WI-FI isn't a plausible solution because the range could be stronger. The Z-Wave controller allows strong connectivity with smart devices so that they can control and exchange data with each other. 

What is the Z-Wave controller? Can I control Z-Wave devices from my phone?

A Z-Wave controller offers mesh networking, two-way communication, and message acknowledgment. Internet of things (IoT) devices and a primary controller, commonly called a smart home hub, comprise a Z-Wave network. The primary controller is the only device in a Z-Wave network typically linked to the internet. A Z-Wave hub distributes commands received from smart home applications running on a user's smartphone, tablet, or computer across networks to their intended device. Z-Wave provides throughput speeds of 9.6 kbps, 40 kbps, or 100 kbps for transferring tiny data packets. Z-Wave technology is backward compatible. 

The Z-Wave controller is compatible with any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Once have accessed it, you can now control it from any part of the world. For better use of the z wave device, you should use EVVR Center Lite. This is a simplified home automation system that is compatible with Z-Wave devices. 


Easily create drivers for Zigbee 3.0, Z-Wave devices in EVVR Console with a user-friendly interface, activate your home automation system and effortlessly troubleshoot issues on a big screen or app for freedom and ease in any space. With a local network, multiple smart devices can communicate without an internet connection. 
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All your private data is processed and stored in real-time and locally. Dependable peer-to-peer network connection and data encryption are in place when accessing electronic devices remotely. When the power is out, record logs and data are stored locally and your controller runs on a backup battery.


Several companies are offering Z-Wave controllers, so let's look at the few and see which is the right option for you.  

Best Z-Wave controller reviews in 2023 and buying guide

With lots of options available, it is very likely for you to need clarification. The common things to look for are compatibility, range, and functions. We will review some commonly used Z-Wave controllers and why you should or shouldn't consider them.  

Aeotec Z-stick Gen5 Z-wave Plus

When talking about Z-devices, Aeotec pops up first because it is one of the famous brands. The reason they are famous is because of their high performance. Aeotec Z-stick Gen5 Z-wave Plus is the most high-performance device of the company as it offers a wide range of 492 feet which offers very strong and reliable connectivity. It also comes with a 3-year warranty. 

If you are tight on budget, then you might have to look out for other options as this one is rather expensive compared to the other given options. It offers a lot of reliability which is one of the main factors of the z wave controller.  

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Zooz 700 series Z-Wave ZEN34 Controller

Whenever someone is mentioned Zooz, they seem to need to be more knowledgeable. The reason is that it is not one of the big brands, but in reality, it offers a great z wave controller that is compact. The 700 series chip means a greater z-wave coverage as it can go as high as 250 feet. This is a battery-powered device that is very easy to install. They offer simple wireless controls to turn on and off all of their indoor connected gadgets. It does not support Z Plus devices, only Z Wave devices. 

It comes with remote control buttons, and Zooz is offering a lifetime of tech support services with this. Though this device works well if you are looking for a higher range, this is not for you, as you can go as far as 250 feet.  

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Enbrighten z-wave plus scene controller

If you are looking for z-wave fan control, then the Enbrighten z-wave plus scene controller is a good option to look at. You can switch it on or off or set the speed level within its range. The installation procedure is fairly simple, and it also gives you the option to control it either from your smartphone, tablet, or even z-wave-enabled remotes. 

Using Z-Wave technology, this controller will manage the home's fan. It is a flexible choice that works with Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus gadgets. Additionally, it boasts a respectable range of up to 150 feet for convenient voice control of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to plan and manage the fan. 

Enbrighten offers a 2-year warranty with a Z-wave plus scene controller if you find any manufacturing defects. This device is a little bit expensive, but if you are looking for something flexible and works with smart devices, including z-wave-enabled remotes, then this is for you.  

EVA LOGIK ZW39 Z-Wave Smart Plug

The EVA LOGIK ZW39 Z-Wave Smart Plug comes with the option to control the lighting of your house from anywhere. This smart plug device's dimming capabilities work with CFL dimming bulbs, Incandescent dimming bulbs, and dimming LED light bulbs, allowing you to change the brightness level of the light from 10 to 100 percent manually or wirelessly using an app. 

Some of the things that work for EVA LOGIK ZW39 Z-Wave Smart Plug are that it offers plug-and-play and its dimming function is a plus. One of the things that can be counted as its limitations is that it can only be used indoors. Though that is not an issue, you need to be aware of this. 

FIBARO RGBW Controller 2 Z-Wave Plus

This is compatible with Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus devices. With 164 meters, it offers a very impressive range which makes controlling your Z-wave lighting without any trouble. The 2-year warranty is impressive and gives the user peace of mind because of its reliability. Though it works with Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus, that is it, and you cannot use it with other Z-Wave devices. 

These are the top 5 that have shown the most versatile and positive results this year. There are other options available as well that you can explore, which have also been doing good.  

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FAQ of Z-Wave Controller

Q: What is exactly Z-Wave technology?

Ans: Z-Wave technology is found in smart home technology. This is a wireless technology but does not interfere with your current WI-FI. It operates on low power. Difference between Z-wave and Zigbee.

Q: For which product is Z-Wave used?

Ans: Z Wave controller is used for everyday products such as locks, lights, fans, doors, etc. 

Q: What are the benefits of using Z-Wave technology?

Ans: Z-Wave gives you the freedom and control of your home whether you are present there or not. You can even receive alerts like a water leak, fire alarm, or even a break-in. Also, you can save in terms of energy as you will have the liberty to switch off unnecessary lighting, fans, and other things with convenience. 

Q: What type of Z-Wave products are available?

Ans: There are smart door locks, lighting for indoors and outdoors, smart window covering smart garage doors, and much more. Best z-wave devices and buying guides

Q: Does Z-Wave interfere with the WI-FI network?

Ans: No, Z-Wave utilizes a wireless frequency that is distinct from Wi-Fi. Even though your smart hub will plug into your Wi-Fi router, there won't be any interference because the hub talks with other smart devices on a different frequency. 


Z Wave Controller has proven to be quite useful for home devices without disrupting your WI-FI. Systems. There are different Z-Wave Devices available, and they offer different functionality. They can be different in terms of range or even in their functionality. 

For more convenient usage, you need EVVR Center Lite, which is a simplified home automation control system and is also compatible with Z-Wave devices. It offers one hub with multi protocols. You can either go with WI-FI, Zigbee 3.0, or Z-Wave protocol. It is quite secure because it offers real-time class-data encryption that processes and stores data. You can even extend the smart home control range with EVVR Center Lite. 

EVVR can offer you a comprehensive smart home solution whether you are an integrator, professional installer, distributor, or DIYer.  Get in touch with us and become our partner today!  

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