Best Z-Wave Devices Reviews & Buying Guide Best Z-Wave Devices Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Z-Wave Devices Reviews & Buying Guide

This buying guide will review all the z-wave devices available in the market, from smart locks to relay switches. Keep on reading to know all about the z-wave technology and its applications!

Innovations are continually being made to improve connectivity as the smart home gets smarter. Nobody wants to spend money on a device that won't function because it is too far from the router. Mesh networks, where each device passes data to the following device in your system until it enters the hub, are becoming more popular among innovators.

Smart Z-Wave uses wireless technology to transmit data between various devices. It transmits information via low-energy radio waves. It can be used to operate a wide range of devices, including thermostats, doors that open and close, and security systems. You can use Z-Wave controllers like cellphones, key fobs, or gateways.

Z-Wave Alliance

Z-Wave was created in 2001 as a technology that controlled lights by the Danish business Zensys. In 2013, Z-Wave Plus was developed, providing an increased range, more memory, and longer battery life. In 2005, the Z-Wave Alliance was established to advance the technology. Smart Z-Wave networks can support over 200 devices, and there must be at least 30 meters between each unit. Walls and other obstacles make the distance shorter. Smart Z-Wave devices can avoid interference from your home WiFi because they operate on the 908.42MHz frequency.

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Popular Devices Employing Z-Wave Technology

Regardless of brand, all smart devices that enable Z-wave must be Z-Wave Alliance certified and are interoperable with one another. Thermostats, locks, switches, and other intelligent devices are among them.

The following items can be found on lists of Z-Wave-compatible devices:

  • Zooz Z-Wave Power Plus Switch
  • Minoston Z-Wave Dimmer Switch
  • Kwikset Convert Z-Wave Plus Lock
  • FIBARO Double Switch 2 Z-Wave Plus Smart
  • First Alert Z-Wave Smoke Detector
  • Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch - Best Friends With Z-Wave

Benefits of Using Z-Wave-Enabled Devices

Ease of Installation

Most individuals study guides on setting up technological gadgets instead of hiring professionals to do it for them. Z-SmartStart Wave's feature simplifies device installation. SmartStart refers to the pre-configuration of every device before distribution to retailers. A new device can be powered on and installed with equal ease. The network gateway will instantly recognize the device, establishing a connection with it.

You can notify your gateway that you have added a new device, identify it, and connect to it by scanning the QR code on the device. If not, you will be given instructions on how to connect the device.


Smart Z-wave devices are, by design, interoperable across all brands, models, and manufacturers. In 2019, there were 2,600 certified Z-wave products, up from 1,700 in 2017. Thanks to this interoperability aspect, you no longer have to worry about compatibility when using numerous devices. A Z-wave device will function with other Z-wave devices as long as it is certified.

Currently, nearly 1000 Z-wave items can communicate with one another. All Z-Wave products are easily accessible and interchangeable.

Power Efficiency

Some smart home appliances use both power and batteries. The majority of these gadgets are sensors, such as window sensors, which only operate sometimes throughout the day. A smart device's main function is convenience. Thus it can be extremely inconvenient when the power occasionally runs out. For this, low power consumption is essential.

Z-Wave technology aids in energy conservation in various ways, including the automatic on and off switching of lights and appliances. Z-wave technology enables home automation, remote access, increased connectivity, and energy efficiency.

Wireless Through & Through

Smart Z-wave enables common household appliances and items like thermostats, door locks, and lighting to be intelligent. These items can communicate wirelessly and be controlled by a PC, tablet, or phone when connected to Z-wave.

There are already approximately 1,000 Z-wave compatible items available, so you may pick the one that best suits your needs.

Best Z-Wave Devices You Can Buy Today

Zooz Z-Wave Power Plus Switch

On our list of favorites today, Zooz is bringing a distinctive Z wave-compatible smart device. You may connect any external device to this power switch for energy monitoring and other smart features.

We have an excellent Z wave gadget for individuals who require a safe and secure connectivity solution for large machines like air conditioners, refrigerators, microwaves, water heaters, and many others. Using the powerful Zooz Z-Wave Plus Power Switch, you can monitor and operate large electrical appliances that aren't automatically smart. It delivers Z wave-based smart features on each device and supports up to 110 volts of electronic devices. The 45-degree angled form makes it simple to fit two switches on a single board.

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It provides a safe and controlled connection to the devices and basic Z wave repeater functionality. Additionally, it incorporates AES signal encryption, which keeps your signal safe and secure.

It features a very robust design with a high-quality construction that can withstand operating temperatures between 14° and 104°F, even for the external characteristics. Additionally, it has ETL certification, ensuring that your connected devices will be secure from power surges and other electrical issues. For energy monitoring equipment, the one-year warranty is a relatively excellent deal.

Minoston Z-Wave Dimmer Switch

Another Z wave-compatible smart device from Minoston has made it onto our top Z wave gadgets list. This premium smart switch also has a lot of respectable features.

This option is for you if you've already installed a lot of popular Z wave gadgets in your home and want to use the Z wave network to control the built-in devices. If a neutral wire is on your switchboards, you can install the Minoston Z-Wave Dimmer Switch. With basic switches, a 3-way installation is typically not accessible. Additionally, there is built-in support for Wink, Vera, Honeywell, Samsung SmartThings, and other well-known Z wave controllers. Additionally, voice access possibilities are available through Google Home or Alexa systems.

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The Minoston Z-Wave Dimmer Switch offers additional functionality, such as dimming LEDs, CFLs, and other light sources, in addition to the standard ON/OFF option. To save energy, you can use this switch to dim the lights when not needed. All conventional lights and LEDs fall within the 120 VAC range, the switch's maximum supported voltage. The smartphone app may also wirelessly operate the dimmer switch. You may also create a schedule for daily automated performance if you don't want to keep opening the app.

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Kwikset Convert Z-Wave Plus Lock

We are adding another Z wave-compatible smart lock from Kwikset to our list because the company creates a variety of Z wave-compatible smart locks. This is a good option for a smart door lock with remote access.

Don't worry if you still need to discover the ideal Z wave-supported smart lock for your home. The Kwikset 99140-103 Convert smart lock will undoubtedly appeal to you. It can convert your current deadbolt system into a smart lock and is a relatively small device. You can access your home without a key using your smartphone. It enables remote management of your lock system from any location. Consequently, you won't ever have to question if you locked your door again.

Various deadbolts by Kwikset, Weiser, Baldwin, or Schlage are compatible with the Kwikset 99140-103 Convert. If you currently own a lock made by one of these companies, the Kwikset 99140-103 Convert will work with it. You can also activate the auto-lock function, which locks the door after each unlocks for 30 seconds. However, if your smartphone is not with you, this might lock you out of the house. The guarantee for the Kwikset 99140-103 Convert is one year.

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FIBARO Double Switch 2 Z-Wave Plus Smart

It's time to install a remote relay for energy monitoring if you have already set up most of the required Z wave devices in your home. And from FIBARO, we are bringing a fantastic Z wave remote relay.

The FIBARO Double Switch 2 has been saved for last on our list of the top Z wave gadgets. It is a clever remote relay switch that can control two devices simultaneously. To make your existing wall switch box or outlet compatible with the Z wave system, install the FIBARO Double Switch 2 remote relay switch. Additionally, it functions with various switches and gives you desirable outcomes. The FIBARO Double Switch 2 can track energy use, which you may control via a smartphone application.

You can trust that FIBARO Double Switch 2 will work with your system because it has received Z wave technology certification. But remember that HomeKit, a widely used Z wave system, is incompatible. The FIBARO Double Switch 2 comes with a one-year guarantee.

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Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch - Best Friends With Z-Wave

When you have the whole z-wave setup going on around the place, Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch can sneak in and adjust without fuss. It is a no-neutral smart relay switch compatible perfectly with Z-Wave, Zigbee and HomeKit, that can turn any light into smart light - from a flick of a switch!

Evvr can offer you a comprehensive smart home solution whether you are an integrator, professional installer, distributor, or DIYer.  Get in touch with us and become our partner today!

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    1. Which is better - Z-wave or WiFi?

Compared to WiFi, the z-wave requires a lot less power. This means that battery-powered Z-wave devices can be used without worrying about changing the batteries frequently. Since Z-wave is a more closed system and can provide additional layers of security, it is also more secure.

    1. Do I need a hub to operate z-wave devices?

Yes, a Z-Wave Certified hub is necessary to make schedules and manage remotely outside the home, something a portable Z-Wave controller cannot accomplish to get the most out of your Z-Wave device.

    1. Will z-wave work with iPhone?

Mesh network technology is used by Z-Wave technology to connect with devices that are close to one another. It works with iOS and Android devices, and Apple Homekit supports Z-Wave technology.

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