How to install Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch How to install Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch

How to install
Evvr In-Wall
Relay Switch

This article will show you how to easily install the Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch to control a single light bulb or a group of lights using this existing one-gang wall switch. Here we go.

Introduction of Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch

Evvr smart In-Wall Relay Switch is an exceptional no-neutral wire smart relay switch that works perfectly with old and new residential or commercial buildings. You don't need to upgrade your home's existing components to install it.

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Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch contains Smart Relay and Smart Switch Sub-Assembly. The Smart Relay is recommended to install near the lamp, and it supports any light bulb, incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and LED bulbs with no minimum load required, and is 100% flicker free. The Smart Switch is installed behind the wall switches, and no neutral wire is required. In addition, the size of the Smart Switch is exceptionally compact. 2 Smart Switches can fit in most electrical boxes to support up to 4-gang wall switches.

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Also, despite being a two-part device, you don't really have to install the sub-assembly if you don't need to use mechanical switches to control it. Still, we recommend it, since this way, the WiFi connection is not interrupted after you've turned off the lights from the mechanical switch, and you can continue to control the lights through network commands. And I know that this is a common occurrence with smart bulbs. 

Evvr has designed a hardwired solution. This means the connection is not interrupted, you can continue to turn the light on/off from the mechanical wall switches when the internet is gone.

Open the package of the Smart Relay, you will see a double-sided foam pad, an instruction manual, and the Smart Relay device. Next, open the box of the Smart Switch Sub-Assembly, you will see two Panel Connector Wires, the Smart Switch Instruction Manual, and the Smart Switch device. We have HomeKit, Zigbee, and Z-Wave versions. 

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Here we need a single switch kit that contains one Smart Switch Sub-Assembly and one Smart Relay and we use the HomeKit version for the installation. 

Preparations before installations

First of all, a word of caution, please be careful that all installations of these devices should be performed by a qualified or licensed electrician. And please follow your local guidelines and legislation for electrical installation.

Before installing the In-Wall Relay Switch, we need to make sure the power is off at the breaker or electrical service panel. 

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And we'd better prepare these tools:

  • voltage tester
  • cable cutter
  • screwdriver

how to install smart light switch

How to install Smart Switch

Once you verify that the power is off, we can set about the installation. There's no standard installation sequence between the two components. But here, we will install the Smart Switch Sub-Assembly (Smart Switch part) first. 

Remove the face plate from the wall switch. As you can see, we've got the Europe standard wiring.

The live wire is brown, the load wire is black, and the ground wire is green. But the standard color code varies from region to region. 

For safety or if you are not sure about the wire color, turn on the power and verify it via a voltage tester. It is the Live wire if there is always a current through whether you turn on or off the switch. No current passes through the other wires when the switch is off.

Then turn off the power to proceed.

relay switch

Now we can connect the live wire to the L connector at the top and connect the load wire to the "L1" connector at the top. 

relay switch

And then, we can take one¬†of the panel connector wires, insert it into the SW1 external switch control¬†for the load¬†and connect the¬†white/red wire to "L1‚ÄĚ and the black wire to "L"¬†terminals on the wall switch¬†we took out the wall¬†respectively.

relay switch

Now we complete the smart switch installation and put it back in the box. 

How to install Evvr Smart Relay

Next, we can start the installation of the Smart Relay. We recommend installing the Smart Relay near the lamp.You can find the well-illustrated wiring diagrams in the Smart Relay Instruction Manual.

We can start by removing the cover of the light fixture.

Detach the two wires that go to the light bulb.  Connect the live wire to the L terminal at the top and the neutral wire to the first N terminal. Fasten the screw.  And then connect the live wire from the light to the OUT terminal and the neutral wire from the light to the remaining/second N port. 

relay switch

Now, we can turn ON the electrical power and check if the wires are connected correctly. If wires are properly connected, turn on the wall switch, and the indicator light will come on while the lights connected to the switch will be turned on. 

Now we've finished the installation. Scan the QR code to set up the Smart Relays to the network. Please follow your own Zigbee 3.0 or Z-Wave gateways' instructions for adding the In-Wall Relay Switch Zigbee or Z-Wave models in the network.

Now you can control the light with your phone and from the original mechanical wall switch at the same time. And as mentioned at the beginning of the article, even if you have turned the wall switch off, you would still be able to control the light from your phone, through the network command.

Last, you can use the included double-sided tape or screw to fix the Smart Relay and then put your light fixture back.

Next, we will take a further step and show you how to install the Smart Relay parts to a light group connected to one mechanical wall switch.

There are two ways to install the Smart Relays which lead to two different controlling experiences.

  • You can connect only one Smart Relay at the¬†parallel connection spot¬†of the light group, in this way, you can turn all the lights at the light group on and off at the same time with the App, via voice control or with the mechanical wall switch.
  • Or you can connect one Smart Relay to each light at the light group. In this way, you will be able to control each light separately with the App or via voice control, meanwhile, you can turn the whole light group on and off together from the original¬†mechanical wall switch.¬†¬†We will use this¬†recessed light group¬†as an example to demonstrate how to install the Smart Relays and how you will be able to control the lights in this scenario.

relay switch

We will install the Smart Relays at these 3 spotlights. We have already shown you earlier how to install the Smart Relay on a single light bulb. We need to repeat the same installation for each light.

Now, we can turn ON the electrical power and check if the wires are connected correctly. If wires are properly connected, turn on the wall switch, the indicator light will come on while the lights connected to the switch will be turned on. 

Now we've finished the installation of all Smart Relays and have added them to the network.

You can now control any single light at the light group on or wirelessly as you want. Or turn the whole light group on and off together from the original mechanical wall switch.

Now, start to enjoy your Evvr smart relay switch in your life!

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