Can a Smart Plug Dim Lights with Smart Plug Dimmer? Can a Smart Plug Dim Lights with Smart Plug Dimmer?

Can a Smart Plug Dim Lights with Smart Plug Dimmer?

A detailed discussion about a smart plug dimmer and smart plug along with multiple industry-best options to perfectly maintain your house’s lightning …

A smart plug is a gadget that lets you quickly turn your home's lights on and off using your phone, Alexa, or smartwatch. In addition, with a smart plug, you take a step towards home automation as it automatically turns the light off when you aren't home, keeping your energy bills low. However, many people ask, can a smart plug dim lights with a smart plug dimmer?

If you are also looking for the answer and searching for the best smart plug dimmer options, we got you covered. Let's discuss everything in detail!

Can a Smart Plug Dim Lights With a Smart Plug Dimmer?

Yes, a smart plug combined with a smart plug dimmer is ideal for controlling and adjusting the brightness of your home lights. You can change the lighting according to a particular area's requirement, which not only adds an aesthetic touch to your home but also helps you save on high utility bills. However, this isn't possible with an ordinary smart plug as it doesn't have a dimming feature and can only turn the lights off or on.

plug in dimmer switch

Smart Plug Vs. Smart Plug Dimmer

The smart plug is excellent for those who want a slight tech revolution in their homes. It allows you to control the working of your bulbs by turning them on and off utilizing smart devices like a phone, Siri, Alexa, etc., while sitting miles away. In contrast, a smart plug dimmer is a particular type of ordinary smart plug having a built-in dimmer. With the help of this dimmer, you can easily adjust the voltage of your bulbs and set them to a particular level.  

Whether you are seeking a dim light in the bedroom or want a bright and clear one in the study room, a smart plug dimmer helps in everything. Many people buy a smart plug without even considering many basic factors, and the dimmable feature is one of them. To help you in getting your hands on the best smart plug dimmer option, we have compiled a list of these light dimmer plugs and their features. So you can easily choose the most suitable one!

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Best Smart Plugs that can Dim Lights

Here are our top best smart plug dimmer options; let's discuss them!

Z-Wave Plus Smart Light Dimmer Plug

If you need something reliable and highly functional, you can't go wrong with this fantastic Z-Wave Plus Smart Plug Dimmer. The plug is easily controllable by manual or smart settings like Alexa voice control. On top of that, the Z-Wave smart plug dimmer allows you to create schedules for your lights so that they can go off and on without any manual instructions. This is great when you aren't home and want to control the lighting back home.

With a maximum watt limit of 500 W, this plug blends with all your lighting, like CFL, and LED, easily. The installation is hassle-free; you simply need to insert the smart plug in the inlet, and it'll start functioning smoothly. However, this smart plug dimmer has one downside: it doesn't work with WiFi and needs a separate hub for connectivity.

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Key Features:

  • Has a watt limit of 500 W
  • It can be controlled manually and smartly
  • It needs a Zeehub for connectivity and working
  • Not as expensive as many others in the same category

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Leviton Decora Smart Wi-Fi Plug in Dimmer

Regarding manufacturing top-notch smart plug in dimmer switches, Leviton takes the lead among all the other brands. This Leviton Smart Plug in Dimmer is another excellent product from the brand that comes at the cost of $33 only, which is pretty reasonable considering that you don't need an additional hub set up for its working. It works on WiFi; all you need to do is install the official Leviton app and control the switch through it.

In addition, this smart plug in dimmer works with only two assistants, either Alexa or Google assistants. So, before giving any command, ensure you are a user of any of these. You can use all types of dimmable bulbs except the incandescent as the watt limit of this plug is only 300 W. With it, you can create light on and off schedules and utilize the in-built light randomizer when you aren't home!

plug in dimmer switch

Key Features:

  • It works on WiFi and doesn't need a separate hub
  • Use it with the Leviton app, available for both Android and iPhones
  • Has a watt limit of 300 W
  • Works efficiently with Google Assistant and Alexa

Lutron Caséta Wireless Smart Lighting Lamp Dimmer

The Lutron Caséta Smart Plug Dimmer is one of the most expensive picks on this list, but the price is justified by looking at the features it has to offer to the user. What makes it more versatile is that you can use it with or without a hub. If you plan to benefit from this smart plug dimmer with a hub, you don't have to buy a specific hub; instead, go with the one that suits your budget, and the plug will work smoothly.

However, you can also use it immediately without a hub by plugging it into the wall and utilizing its two outlets to manage the brightness of your lamps or bulbs. Working efficiently with Google assistant, Alexa, and Apple's Siri, this smart plug dimmer is way ahead of its competitors and provides the user with the most hassle-free operation. Last but not least, it also connects to WiFi, and if your home internet system goes down, the functioning of the plug will not be affected. Isn't it great?

dimmer switch with plug

Key Features:

  • Works with or without WiFi and hub
  • Two main outlets of the plug help with brightness control
  • Uses Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant for commands and voice control
  • Bit expensive compared to many others on the list

Wteske Outdoor Dimmer Smart Plug

This smart plug in switch or dimmer is different from all the others discussed until now. It's because the Wteske Outdoor Dimmer Smart Plug is the only smart plug that is designed mainly to work outdoors too. Compatible with the Google Assistant voice control and the SmartLife App, this smart plug dimmer allows you to enjoy outdoor lighting and adjust it to your favorite brightness level.

As it works outside, you can create a schedule on it to lit all the gate lights at night when you aren't home to keep your home safe from potential thieves. Moreover, you can also use it to control your energy bills by managing how long the lights in your balcony, gate, and patio will turn on. This Wteske smart plug dimmer switch works with all the high-wattage bulbs and has a watt capacity of 350 W. But do you know what the best part is? Even if it's raining outside, this plug will work smoothly as it's rainproof!

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Key Features:

  • Compatible with Google Assistant and SmartLife App
  • It can work with bulbs of a maximum of 350 W
  • Made up of waterproof material
  • It helps in controlling outside lighting and lower energy bills

Honeywell UltraPro Z-Wave Plus Smart Light Dimmer Switch

The last on the list of best smart plug dimmers is this Honeywell UltraPro Z-Wave plug which not only dims the ordinary lighting of your home but also works with dimmable bulbs. Featuring two polarised outlets and a small on and off button, this best smart plug dimmer helps you control the dimming manually.

Besides, you can utilize smart functions like voice or touch control by connecting it to the Z-Wave hub, so you can control the lights effortlessly when you aren't home. However, you need to buy a hub and Alexa voice assistant separately as they aren't sold with the product.

Key Features:

  • Works with or without hub and Alexa
  • Use the polarised outlets for manual operation
  • It has a watt limit ranging from 100 W to 300 W
  • Enables you to control the brightness from 0% to 100%


Having the best smart plug dimmer can ease up many things for you and allows you to adjust the brightness in your home as per your needs. Besides a smart plug dimmer, an in-wall relay switch is also a great option if you only want something to automate your home without having the dimming feature. The EVVR In-Wall Relay Switch compatible with Zigbee, Z-wave and Homekit is an excellent choice in this regard featuring all the smart technology like voice control and Z-Wave hub.

plug in dimmer switch

Whether you are an iOS owner or have an Android, you can control the functioning of this switch easily as it's compatible with Homekit, Siri, Alexa, and the EVVR App. In addition, the EVVR In-Wall Relay Switch works with all types of switches and doesn't require a neutral wire, so you don't have to replace any of your existing switches. If you are looking for something eco-friendly, there's nothing better than this EVVR In-Wall Relay Switch. So, don't wait and grab yours from us now!

FAQs of smart plug dimmer

Can You Dim LED lights with a Smart Plug Dimmer?

Yes, you can dim all types of lights, including LED ones with a smart plug if it works as a dimmer, and the bulb also has dimming capabilities.

How to Make My Lamp Dimmable?

Once you've turned your lamp on, you can quickly dim it using any smart plug in dimmer. First, plug the dimmer into the outlet and then insert the lamp's power cord into the receptacle side of the plug in dimmer. After that, you can quickly dim or brighten the light of your lamp.

Does a Smart Plug Work with a Touch Lamp?

Yes, smart plugs work with touch lamps because the plugs' function is to adjust the lighting of the lamp only, and it doesn't interfere with the already built-in features of the lamp.

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