In-Wall Relay Switch

EVVR In-wall smart relay switch1

Say 'NO' to limitations!

In-Wall Relay Switch (IRS) is a Zigbee remote switch that turns your regular light switch into a wireless controlled light switch. IRS is engineered without the limitations of smart relay switches: no size limitations, no neutral wire required, and no minimum load requirements.

Scene_In-wall smart relay switch

Unique split design

IRS is a Zigbee on-off switch designed with two parts: Smart Relay and Smart Switch Sub-Assembly. The Smart Relay adds Zigbee 3.0 connectivity to your lights, and the Smart Switch is an optional add-on that connects the Smart Relay and your light switches for expanded functionality. The patent-pending design offers uncompromising performance and eliminates many limitations and safety issues with other home smart switches. 

EVVR_The Smart Switch_In-Wall Smart Relay Switch

Smart Relay

EVVR_The Smart Relay_In-Wall Smart Relay Switch

Smart Switch Sub-Assembly

World smallest switch

Thanks to its unique design, the Smart Switch part of IRS is 50% smaller than popular smart switches in the world. With its compact size, it fits in any electrical boxes in the world. It also works with three types of light switch panels: rocker, rebound, and smart remote buttons.

smallest smart switch in the world

IRS (switch)

Other smart switches in the world

Other switches

*The switch size is based on our own research

No neutral, no problem

Unlike other home smart light switches, IRS is a no neutral wire smart switch. Without requiring a neutral wire, a vast number of people around the world can enjoy the convenience of smart lights, without spending a fortune to re-wire the electrical wires inside walls and ceilings.

High compatibility

Integrate IRS with your favorite smart home hubs, including smartthings, Amazon Echo (with built-in Zigbee), and other third-party Zigbee hubs. 

*Only Amazon Echo Plus (2nd) has been tested, other Zigbee-enabled Echo devices may not work

No minimum load limitations

Build an eco-friendly smart lighting system with IRS to preserve the environment and save on your electrical bills. IRS works with the most energy-efficient light bulbs and eliminates safety issues such as electrical leakage and light flickering.