Best IoT Platform for 2022 Best IoT Platform for 2022

Best IoT Platform for 2022

IoT platforms are taking the game of smart home one step higher. It's one of the greatest tools to have but what is the best IoT platform for 2022? To know, read on.

If you ought to create the best smart home or even use a connector in the manufacturing processes of your business, there's no better middleman than an IoT Platform.

That's because the IoT platform works as a bridge, connecting networks privately, which can also be monitored remotely. Hence, when it comes to smart home or industrial optimization, IoT platforms have come top of the list for their smart capabilities.

However, there are many options out there to choose from. Thus, it can be overwhelming to find out the best IoT platform. To make it easier for you, we've formulated a list of the best in the industry that won't disappoint you in any way.

What is an IoT Platform?

The Internet of Things or the IoT platform is a compilation or creation of a network that is distributed to broader networks and consists of numerous software objects with connectivity and sensor options. In short, it's a central platform that creates a network where data is shared through the internet.

That means, you get comfortable access to protocols from anywhere in the world and transmit or monitor data as much as you like remotely. That is why smart technologies are optimized to the highest when combined with an IoT platform.  

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Are There IoT Platforms for Smart Buildings or Smart Home

If you're familiar with the term 'smart home', you've heard of smart buildings too. Smart buildings consist of the exact inept capabilities of a smart home except, it's the entire building.

How these smart buildings function is, they are operated using internet-enabled devices, which allows recipients to monitor all the aspects of the building whilst maintaining safety and comfort. This whole system is based on the IoT platform. Without the platform, a smart building wouldn't be as safe or efficient.

So yes, there are IoT platforms for smart buildings that also partake in creating a smart home or office. For example, there are smart residences that utilize IoT in creating a BAS, which allows you to control all the security and system from your smartphone.

With built-in sensors, IoT scans the environment and optimizes temperature, energy circuits, power supplies, lighting, sound systems, and security cameras. Then it connects them to take data on your level of usage and automatically gives commands to optimize your surroundings.

This entire process of a smart home or smart building won't be possible in full-fledged security without an IoT platform. Without IoT, you can quickly throw your data into danger and risk getting involved with hackers or malicious software intents.

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Best IoT Platform for 2022

Whilst you can't survive efficiently without an IoT platform in your smart home, it's equally as essential to get your hands on the right one. For your understanding here's a comparison of the best IoT platform in the market today-

1. Google Cloud Platform

Google cloud platform is best for secure multi-layered infrastructure. It specializes in maintaining efficiency, formulating maintenance for predictive equipment, asset tracking, and providing solutions for creating a smart city.

In short, if you want your business to boom effectively and efficiently, this IoT platform will do wonders for you. As long as you have a smooth operation running worldwide that you can monitor from anywhere, there's no chance of a security breach with the Google cloud platform.

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  • Automated location intelligence
  • In-depth IoT machine learning capacities.
  • Massage routing and data ingestion for in-depth data processing
  • Secure data analytics in real-time.
  • Smart AI capabilities
  • Full support on a vast area of operating systems.
  • Boosts device productivity
  • Easy documentation process


  • Per month it'll cost you about $1758.

2. OpenRemote

Open Remote is completely open-source based and is proficient in creating a large range of operations. Professional IoT applications like crowd management and energy management are handled by this platform.

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  • TCP, HTTP, WebSocket, or MQTT-based protocols supported by IoT.
  • Build your desired missing vendor with a specific API.
  • Build dashboards formulating automatic control, provision, and monitoring of all applications to create specific projects remotely.
  • Supports in iOS and Android including push notifications and geofencing.
  • Connect instances for gateway solutions.
  • Create multi functions realms.


  • It's fully free as it's open source.

3. Particle

For smart home systems, Particle delivers the best service as it provides solutions for connectivity, hardware, apps, and even device clouds.

Connectivity is very versatile as it provides WiFi, Mesh, and even cellular. Even more so, it can be connected with iOS, or rules engine, device cloud, and smart home software. Connect it to the ZigBee Z-wave supporting Evvr center lite home automation system, and you get a fully optimized smart home device combo with maximized connectivity output as it also supports this IoT platform quite well.

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  • Supportive and reliable infrastructure.
  • No need for expertise, help, and openness for all types of usage.
  • Works well even with data If there's no WiFi.
  • Using REST API, it can be integrated with anything for data.
  • Fully firewall-protected cloud.
  • Solutions for software, hardware, and connectivity with zero requirements of time investment in integration.


  • WiFi: starts at $25
  • Mesh: starts at $15
  • Cellular: starts at $49

4. Amazon AWS IoT Core

For perfect connection of devices to the cloud, Amazon AWS IoT Core will do the best job. That's because it's a cloud-based management service. It'll also provide support and let these devices interconnect with one another whilst allowing communication for HTTP, MQTP, and lightweight communication protocol.

For processing huge amounts of messages or data, this IoT platform can be your best bet.

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  • Allows full secure access to all the connected devices
  • Allows active communication between networks and devices maintaining privacy and security.
  • Able to process a large number of messages
  • Routing messages to AWS endpoints and devices, it's quite reliable, robust, and secure.
  • When devices are not connected, applications will still be recorded and kept a track of whilst letting them communicate for smart control.
  • Other services like Amazon Kinesis, Amazon QuickSight, and AWS lambda, etc can be used.


  • Prices vary according to packages. However, there's a free trial for up to one year after sign-up

5. Oracle IoT

For a full analysis of raw data from each device and performing integration of web services or applications, it doesn't get better than the Oracle IoT. With this IoT integration platform, you can directly connect your devices to the cloud and perform an integration.

This feature enables integration twice as much when paired with a smart home automation system. Like, with the combination of the Evvr center lite and this platform, you can integrate every data to the fullest with each device as this home automation system supports both ZigBee and Z-wave systems. Using applications is much more efficient and effective when you pair the oracle with smart home automation like the Evvr

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  • Create a private IoT network and connect with Android, iOS, javascript, and C POSIX through devices.
  • Integration is possible with both Oracle and non-Oracle Devices.
  • Improved work efficiency.
  • Provide you with customer experience applications with extended supply chains.
  • Data enrichment and stream processing are possible for data analysis.
  • Enables fast messaging
  • Connect to efficient endpoint management.


  • At OCPU hourly the price starts at $2.251, which increases for non-metered services at $2500.

FAQs of IoT Platforms

  • Are smart home devices IoT?

When it comes to smart homes, they're operated in a way that they'll consume user data, analyze it, share it among the devices, and automate signals. The similar goes on with the commands of IoT, however, it allows more modes of communication with broader networks, capabilities, and more security and privacy. List of IoT devices and examples

  • What is IoT in smart homes and cities?

To improve cities, infrastructure, models, materialization, maintenance, and public utilities, IoT platforms are used. That's because these platforms collect data, and connect with various aspects like lights, switches, meters, sensors, maps, etc automatically.

  • How IoT is implemented in smart devices?

IOT-infused devices collect the IoT gateway, share data of the sensors, and analyze the data sent to the cloud. These devices communicate with each other and take action on the data they collect.

Final Thoughts

Figuring out the best IoT platform can be hard when there are all those wide ranges of platforms available, especially if you're a beginner. With the increased demand for IoT platforms in daily sectors, new devices and platforms keep coming into the making.

Hence, if you want to fully optimize your house to a smart home, we recommend the Evvr center lite smart home automation system as it's compatible with all types of IoT platforms for having ZigBee and Z-wave systems. For knowing more you can contact us as Evvr will keep developing smart home IoT solutions in the future.

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