What is an IoT Platform - IOT Platform for smart home What is an IoT Platform - IOT Platform for smart home

What is an IoT Platform - IOT Platform for smart home

IOT Platforms plays a major role in establishing a smart home. However, most don't know what is IoT Platform at all. To know what it is and how it works, read on.

You might be a technological geek but still, miss out on what an IoT platform is. That's because even if people are acquainted with how data collectors work, they don't know the advanced mechanism that revolves around it.

This is exactly where the IoT platforms come in. So thus the question arises, what is an IoT platform? How does it work?

Simply put, the IoT platform works as a bridge of networks that provides insight into the data going back and forth. This also means it works as a component that remotely spreads out information securely and evenly. A device as such can bring wonders when connected to a smart home.

Since smart homes require a plethora of networks to establish automated devices or systems, IoT platforms are a game changer when installed into smart home designs.

What is IoT Platform

When it comes to IoT, most people don't recognize it as it's an obtuse industrial term that was launched fairly recently. However, the introduction of this recent technology has the potential to shape an entirely new future for its unlimited facilities.

The Internet of Things or IoT is a connector or middleware that helps operate seamless functioning remotely with ease. Whereas an IoT platform is a bridge between devices that sensors and passes data within the networks like hardware. Meaning, all the data used in the backend application isn't only provided with insights but also spreads these data into the application while letting you remotely collect the data safely.

iot device management platform

This connectivity allows developers to execute proper sensor management, collect data remotely and modify it whilst maintaining a secure connection. Since it facilitates business transformation through data collection, an uninterrupted communication flow is maintained between devices.

As a result, this cloud-based service can be used to monitor, interact and manage all types of smart systems or smart devices.

In simple words, IoT platforms receive seamless commands, transmit this data, analyze the data, make decisions for you and automatically connect to the cloud. As a result, smart devices function seamlessly and more effectively as IoT makes all data smart.

What are the Different Types of IoT Platforms

IoT platforms have a broad range and are categorized focusing on individual parts of the technology stack. Hence the different types, are-

1.   IoT Connectivity Management

IoT isn't possible without an internet connection, which is quite obvious now. What the IOT connectivity management platform does is, it creates and maintains a secure connection between your requisite blackened application or cloud infrastructure with your IoT hardware. From this, you get-

  • No reliance on third-party companies for establishing connectivity.
  • Better interface for managing device connectivity with secure networks and multiple carrier options.
  • Deploy connectivity with applications without WiFi connection in smart devices.
  • Operate smart devices through 3G/4G networks.

2.  IoT Device Management

As the IoT platform is a large cloud base, more than a million devices are always connected to the internet. Large numbers of devices can decrease the efficiency of the internet. That's where IoT device management comes into play.

All the devices are managed efficiently, monitored, configured, and maintained with the help of IoT device management platforms. For example, if connected with the Evvr center lite smart home automation, the devices will be managed all together without any recomposition as this smart home automation has a system that supports all types of smart design. 

3.  IoT Cloud Platforms

IoT Cloud platforms are prominent in providing comprehensive, industrial consumer-facing, and end-to-end services. When it comes to prototyping, these platforms can be highly scalable in creating more options.

Using these platforms decreases time limitations and instead focuses on the development of your application based on management, analytics, and connectivity.

4.  IoT Analytics Platform

The IoT Analytics platform focuses on data analysis that is received directly from the hardware. Focusing on heavy-duty analytics, these platforms are capable of harvesting and modeling data, which is the perfect power scope for a smart home system.

iot device management platform

How Does IoT Platform Work in Smart Home Systems

To build a smart home, the first and foremost thing to ensure is a range of smart devices that can be remotely controlled. However, even though the working mechanism of a smart home system is simple, IOT platforms join the game as it works by-

  • Providing automatic internet access to all the devices with a broader home network.
  • Enable you to watch your house through your smartphone.
  • Connect devices and let them communicate. The perfect example would be the Evvr center lite, as this home automation system enables the entire house connection through a single hub.
  • Unites all the smart home devices into a single network and remotely automizes.
  • A perfect example would be, IoT platforms will automatically turn on your coolers after they get a signal from your garage that your car has left, to only ensure that you come back home to a cool pleasant environment.

iot management platform

IoT Platform Advantages for Smart Home or Smart Devices

Getting a cool house coming back from work on a hot day isn't the only benefit you're going to enjoy after installing the IoT platform in your smart home. You'll get further advantages like-

Monitor and Control Remotely

IoT platforms ensure an improved way of monitoring and controlling all the processes of your smart devices in your home. That's because the IoT platform collects every data of your household processing, analyzes it, and shows you the most effective solution to ensure more comfort and zero wastage of convenience.

A perfect example would be, it going to notify you beforehand if a product is about to expire in your fridge and also alert you if you're almost out of a product so you can go shopping before running out.

Ultimate Comfort

When it comes to comfort and convenience, IOT platforms ensure every tip of the work so you enjoy the maximum comfort without a single inconvenience. Not only does it simplify all your tasks with automation but also drastically improves your life.

Even more so, your entire household will be controlled autonomously even better if paired with the Evvr center lite home automation. That's because this home automation system not only provides the perfect hub of ZigBee and Z-wave WiFi but also maintains a fully private network. Life will only keep getting comfier with the help of these devices.


Smart home devices always operate only when needed. Hence, when a device is not in use, it automatically shuts itself off and only uses itself when needed with the help of IoT platform networks. As a result, it's more cost-efficient and saves energy drainage and power consumption.

Better Security

The IoT platform ensures a greater level of security even when the smart iot devices are quite safe on their own. It allows total control of all the devices both in and out of the house. This includes smart home devices like smart locks, security cameras, motion sensors, smoke sensors, and other installed sensors.

With the help of this platform, you can keep a watch on everything going on in your house from your phone from any corner of the world.

Good Environmental Impact

As these settings save greater consumption of energy, analyzes data to your comfort, notify you, cut down bills, automate controls, and offer better security, the way of living is way better and ensures a good environmental impact overall.

FAQs of IoT Platform

  • Where is IoT data stored?

IoT data is stored in the cloud or gateway endpoint devices. An unprecedented volume of important data can be stored in these cloud bases.

  • What is IoT infrastructure?

IoT infrastructure is an emerging concept that envisions a wide environment with interconnected devices that can exchange and process data. This also means the services are collected and adapted to the environment according to the dynamic concept and facilitates a perfect internet infrastructure.

  • How do IoT sensors send data to smart devices?

By connecting the IoT gateway, the data is analyzed and sent directly to the cloud which is then collected by the devices. These smart devices are also able to communicate amongst themselves and process the data transmissions from the IoT sensors and act accordingly.

Final Thoughts

After learning all the ins and outs of the IoT platform, hopefully, you don't have any confusion about what is IoT platform. Even though smart devices are perfectly designed to ensure a smart home, with the addition of an IoT platform and smart home automation like Evvr center lite, the productivity of a smart home is increased two-fold.

iot management platform

We recommend this home automation system as it works perfectly with all kinds of ZigBee and Z-wave home systems. You can contact us to discuss smart home solutions as we provide IoT solutions for futuristic development in smart homes. 

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