Best Motion Sensor Light Switch for 2023 Best Motion Sensor Light Switch for 2023

Best Motion Sensor Light Switch for 2023

Best motion sensor light switch: 1. Lutron Maestro, 2. ECOELER, 3. Leviton, 4. Legrand Radiant, & Evvr In-Wall Light Switch can make …

How many times have you entered a room with a handful of stuff, unable to turn on lights? To be honest, we all have been in situations like these, and sometimes fumbling with light switches seems overwhelming! That's where the best motion sensor light switch helps you! It works by detecting your motion and body heat. As soon as you enter a room, this switch turns the light on and off when you exit.

They are more convenient and functional than ordinary light switches, making them a top choice for many! If you also want to buy the best motion sensor light switch, the variety available in the market may confuse you.

To help you in this regard, we have listed the top options that stand out due to their functionality and quality. So, let's delve into them!

What are the Types of Smart Sensors?

A smart sensor collects input from physical and environmental changes and puts them into digital format. Nowadays, motion sensors are being used in almost all industries to maintain and monitor various systems. According to Markets and Markets, the smart sensors market is expected to reach $104.5 billion by 2027.

1. Motion Sensor

Motion sensors usually utilize infrared rays to detect the physical movements of humans and animals in a specific space. This input is then converted into electrical signals to automate many devices. Here are a few uses of the motion sensor:

  • Ensures safety by sending real-time notifications about what part of your home or building is being used.
  • Automate lighting, doors, security cameras, etc.

2. Temperature Sensor

Temperature sensors are used to calculate and monitor the temperature of a particular place or environment. There's a metal piece inside the sensor by which electricity flows during the functioning stage of the sensor. When the air around the sensor gets hotter, the metal shows resistance. This metal resistance is expressed through the microchip that tells us the real heat value. The best usages of a temperature sensor are:

  • Used to measure temperature in boreholes and reservoirs
  • Used in smart thermostats or HVAC systems to regulate temperature accordingly

3. Air Sensor

As the name suggests, the air sensor analyzes and monitors the air quality of a surrounding area. It shares a specific score with you sharing the quantity of humidity, pollutants, harmful gases, and other toxins. If the air sensor device shows a low score, it means the air around is polluted, and you need to address this problem. Let's have a look at its uses: 

  • Part of air purifiers and other fresh air systems
  • Used in the pharmaceuticals or cosmetics industry to check air quality 

4. Light Sensor

A light sensor works together with a motion sensor, and it illuminates the lighting of a certain area, detecting some motion or presence. These sensors have photo-sensitive resistors that change the overall lighting of a specific place. Moreover, this sensor automatically adjusts the lighting when the sun is cloudy or shadowed. Let's have a look at its uses:

What are the Types of Light Switches?

Different types of light switches serve different purposes, and before you buy any for your home, it's essential to have a little knowledge about them. Here are the top types of light switches:

1. Toggle Switch

Toggle light switches have a small handle that sticks out of the switch box. You can quickly turn them on or off by moving the arc up and down. However, these switches are risky and must be covered to avoid electrical mishaps.

2. Single Pole Switch

A single pole switch has only one input and one output and is used to power electrical devices consuming up to 120 V. It's easy to install and use and very inexpensive.

3. Rocker Switch

Rocker switches resemble a lot with toggle switches. However, they are more visually appealing and less risky. Their functioning is like a seesaw motion and can easily be installed on a wide door frame.

4. Dimmer Switch

As the name shows, a dimmer switch is used to reduce the intensity of light in a room. They are also known as rotary switches, and there's a knob that helps you control the flow of current. When the current flow is low, the brightness or intensity of light decreases.

Best Motion Sensor Light Switch in 2023

Here are the best motion sensor light switch options that you should consider while selecting one for your home:

1. Lutron Maestro Motion Sensor Light Switch

The best motion sensor light switch is this Lutron motion sensor switch that has a highly sensitive XCT technology. This technology detects the smallest changes and illuminates or darkens the room accordingly. It senses ambient lighting and quickly adjusts the overall lighting of a particular space, saving energy.

The programmable time-out automatically turns off the light after 1, 5, 15, and 30 minutes. Not only this, but it has a classy design with 25 finishes that perfectly blend with your overall decor. Let's look at its top features:

motion sensor light switches

Key Features

  • Has a programmable timer of over 30 minutes
  • Only features occupancy type
  • Can detect small motions like writing or typing on a desk
  • Has a wall-mounted style and a push-button actuator 

2. Best Smart Light Switch that Can Integrate with Motion Sensor - Evvr In-Wall Light Switch

If you want an added layer of safety, security, and accessibility with convenience, then consider integrating motion sensor with a smart light switch. Evvr In-Wall Relay switch — the best smart light switch — wraps a handful of features to make everything easier. The most prominent features of this light switch are the following:

  • It works with all wall switches, such as toggle, momentary push, and smart remote buttons. You don't need to change any of your existing switches to achieve automation.
  • Available in three different versions: Homekit, ZigBee, and Z-Wave. So, whether you are an Apple user or have an android, you can easily manage everything with a few taps.
  • Offers you high safety and security when combined with motion sensors and keeps all criminals away.
  • The overall size is very small and allows you to insert two switches in one box easily.
  • There's no neutral wire required to install this switch, making it a top choice for old homeowners.

3. ECOELER Motion Sensor Light Switch

If you are looking for an affordable motion sensor light switch, there's nothing better than ECOELER! It comes in a set of four and is a perfect option for those who want to install motion-sensitive light switches in different areas of their home.

However, before installing this switch, ensure you have a neutral wire available in your home. There are also manual and automatic operation options that make it versatile. The best part about the best motion sensor light switch is that it offers both occupancy and vacancy types of light switches. Here are the key features:

motion sensor light switches

Key Features:

  • Has an in-wall style and a PIR motion-sensor actuator
  • Time-out options vary from 15 to 30 minutes
  • Features both occupancy and vacancy light switches

4. Leviton Motion Sensor Switch

The Leviton light sensor switch combines both vacancy and occupancy types and has a timeless design. These energy-efficient sensors are designed to control current, CFL, LED, electronic, magnetic, and low-voltage loads.

What sets this switch apart from other products of the same category is that it features screw terminals. Hence, there's no need for a neutral wire for installation. Overall, the switch design is pretty much similar to a single-pole light switch. Below are the prominent features of this best motion sensor light switch:

motion sensor light switches

Key Features

  • Has a time delay option that varies from 30 seconds to 30 minutes
  • Compatible with incandescent, LED, and CFL motor loads
  • Doesn't require a neutral wire for installation 

5. Legrand Radiant Motion Sensor Light Switch

Last but not least, one of the best motion sensor light switch options is Legrand. It has an excellent time delay option that starts from as low as 30 seconds and as high as 30 minutes.

There are three different operational settings that are automatic, manual, and auto/manual. In addition, there are interchangeable face plates that not only look aesthetic but also fit with your overall decor. Here are the significant features:

motion sensor light switches

Key Features

  • Has an in-wall switch style and an automatic on-and-off actuator
  • Supports over 600 W of light bulbs
  • Features time-out options varying from 30 seconds to 30 minutes

Benefits of Using a Motion Sensor Light Switch

Undoubtedly, the best motion sensor light switch brings a handful of advantages given below:

Improved Security

Thieves or criminals tend to target properties where the lights are off, showing residents are either asleep or away. But when you install motion sensor light switches inside and outside your home, the theft risk greatly reduces. As soon as someone enters your home, all lights get turned on, alarming everyone about suspicious activity.

Extra Convenience

As mentioned earlier, coming home with a handful of stuff only to fumble with the light switch is very frustrating. However, with the best motion sensor light switch, you are free from this unnecessary burden. Your lights will automatically get turned on when you open the door, helping you pave the way into your home safely.

Energy Efficiency

A motion sensor light switch comes with a time-out or time-delay option that automatically turns off the light when no motion is detected. So, your lights are only used when they are needed, reducing overall energy bills.


    The best motion sensor light switch makes life more convenient and safe. You can select any from the above-discussed options. However, integrating a motion sensor with an Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch is excellent as it offers a handful of unique features that aren't available in a typical motion sensor light switch.

    In addition, if you want more gadgets to automate everything in your home, Evvr remains the top choice! We offer different devices like Evvr Pad S, Evvr Hub, Evvr In-Wall Relay Switch, etc., that pave the way for a smart home. So, don't wait and contact us to get your favorite products!

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