Best Apple HomeKit Light Bulbs in 2023 Best Apple HomeKit Light Bulbs in 2023

Best Apple HomeKit Light Bulbs in 2023

The Apple HomeKit differs from other smart home command centers like Alexa and Google Home because it's optimized for smartphone users and Siri for voice control instead of smart speakers strategically located around your home for voice commands.

Although there aren't as many compatible devices for Apple HomeKit as there are for other systems, Siri-enabled device integration is typically tighter and more dependable than competitor platforms.

In addition, it's possible to control intelligent devices simultaneously with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit. Just add each device to HomeKit and then add the same devices to Alexa and control them using either Siri or Alexa voice commands for greater flexibility in managing your smart home based on your preferences for whichever gateway technology to use.

Do Smart Bulbs Work with HomeKit?

The simple answer to the question of whether smart bulbs work with HomeKit is an emphatic, "Yes!" But a deeper understanding of how impactful smart technology has on the lives of its users is that once you start using a system as simple as smart lighting, for example, it's very difficult to return to flipping switches whenever you enter a room or forcing yourself to remember which lights to turn off and which ones to leave on when you travel. 

Adopting a smart lighting system controlled by advanced technology like the Apple HomeKit can, and will, change the way you view comfortable living in your environment in ways you can't experiences without one. HomeKit-enabled lighting easily integrates with apps powered by your iPhone and seemingly makes your home come alive to cater to your every need and whimsical mood. Whether controlling one light or every light in your home, it's one more mundane hassle that's removed from your life. Just plug in your lights, program your Apple TV, HomePod, iPad, or iPhone, and go!

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Best HomeKit Light Bulbs

LIFX Smart Light Bulbs 

LIFX smart HomeKit light bulbs are popular because they are fully dimmable and can show the full spectrum of light colors throughout your home without needing a hub like other smart lighting systems. You'll pay more for LIFX bulbs, but that extra cost is mitigated by not having to purchase a hub. These Apple Homekit light bulbs have proven themselves as dependable and easily integrated into the Apple HomeKit to create a high-quality lighting system that will last.

LIFX HomeKit light bulbs run off your home Wi-Fi to deliver fast responses to commands and are easy to set up. Installation is as simple as screwing the bulb into a fixture and being careful to follow the app instructions. You can buy as few as one homekit light bulb or as many as your home needs, all at once or over time as your budget permits. Since you don't have to buy a HomeKit hub, you can purchase more lights and increase the intelligence of more areas of your home upfront. Not requiring a hub gives you maximum control over your budget and allows you to add to your lighting system at your own pace incrementally.

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Phillips Hue Starter Kit

Phillips has been famous for its lighting solutions for decades, and now it's becoming more famous for its smart lighting. After plugging the Phillips hub into your router, you can count on reliable execution of your automation scripts and manual commands for many years.

Configure the hub with your HomeKit light bulbs through the easy-to-use Phillips Hue app, and you'll get flawless responses to your commands. This kind of reliability is a primary reason why Phillips Hue smart lighting is by far the most sought-after lighting solution on the market that is HomeKit-capable. They're simple to install, easy to use, have an excellent iPhone app, and offer seamless integration with HomeKit.

The HomeKit light bulb kit includes everything needed to kick off your smart home journey. You can even dim the lights and choose any one of 16 million color shades to suit your every mood. If you want to only work with the best equipment and software, then the Phillips Hue Starter Kit is the right package.

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Phillips Hue White Light Bulbs

The Phillips Hue white light bulbs are controlled by the same iPhone and Siri app as the multi-color bulbs that Phillips Hue offers, except, instead of commanding 16 million color shades, you only get white. However, the same reliability and functionality you've come to expect with Phillips Hue are still there in this quality product, but at a much lower cost.

In practice, most consumers choose all-white bulbs anyway because they simply don't need the full spectrum of colors that the multi-color bulbs offer. They see the extra expense for color bulbs as frivolous and unnecessary. Therefore, unless you want your home to look like a discotheque, you'll most likely tire of the flashy lights pretty quickly and settle for a calmer, more serene effect after an exhausting day at work.

And the Phillips Hue white light bulbs seamlessly integrate into the Apple HomeKit and have an unblemished reputation for reliability and ease of use. When used with the optional remote control from Phillips, you can deploy them in various situations and solve any lighting control problem in your home. 

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Meross MSL120 Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb

The Meross MSL120 Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb works seamlessly with the Apple HomeKit. It works with practically every intelligent device service provider without the expense and complexity of purchasing a hub. You can switch devices on and off at will, like security cameras, smart plugs, water sensors, and many others.

Effortlessly control every device in your home through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri voice command platforms. Meross is a basic device without much in the way of special effects, but it's more than adequate for daily use in the average home at a very attractive price point.

Starting at a low $18.99 per color bulb with built-in HomeKit compatibility, it's one of the least expensive options available. For even better value, you can pick up a two-bulb pack for only $28.99 off the shelf.

And if those prices are low enough, look for one of several promotions that continually run all year long by ordering through Amazon with a coupon. Meross also offers $3.00 off for a single bulb purchase and $5.00 off of a pack of two bulbs.

EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug

EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug and Relay HomeKit-enabled, can control your appliances on/off via HomeKit, EVVR App or the built-in button. This smart plug connects both older and newer home gadgets, and gives outdated appliances new and smart life, and helps you monitor real-time power data and hourly energy consumption.

It connects directly to your lamp, or your light strips, making your lights compatible with the HomeKit system without the need to purchase HomeKit Light bulbs separately!

Introducing the EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug – currently crowdfunding with an exclusive invitation for you to explore its features. Limited-Time Pre-Sale Alert! Get smart with EVVR Smart Plug at 15% to 35% off discounts!

EVVR HomeKit In-Wall Relay Switch

Control lights and any other plug-in device like heating and cooling systems, ceiling fans, curtains, and door locks with the EVVR Homekit Switch locally or remotely through the EVVR App, without needing to rewire your home with neutral wiring.

Adopting a unique split-type design of smart relay and smart switch, With the EVVR In-wall Relay Switch, you have the power to build a smart-home environment that brings you greater comfort, security, and peace of mind, inexpensively and quickly while still retaining maximum flexibility in your available equipment options. Approach your smart-home needs more wholistically instead of piecemeal with EVVR technology.

Common tools found in a typical homeowner's garage or basement are all that's needed to install the switch, and it's the perfect DIY project for an amateur handyman.



Automated lighting control, whether with a local hand-held remote device or an iPhone connected to the internet from wherever you are on the planet, is well within the grasp and budget of most homeowners. Enjoy unprecedented comfort and enhance security by programming lights to turn on and off based on your individual lifestyle needs.

Lights can come on before you awake each morning and turn off shortly after going to bed each night. Or turn them off after leaving for work and on just before arriving home each evening. Imagine not having to fumble in the dark for misplaced keys or hunting for elusive light switches when you're tired or half asleep.

All these benefits and features can be yours with EVVR In-Wall Relay Switch technology to make any light bulbs as smart as Apple HomeKit light bulbs. EVVR can offer you a comprehensive smart home solution whether you are an integrator, professional installer, distributor, or DIYer. Get in touch with us and become our partner today!

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